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  • 1 Rules marinating pork
  • 2 most simple ways marinating
    • 2.1 How to marinate skewers of pork in vinegar
    • 2.2 Marinade for shish kebab of pork with mayonnaise
  • 3 Dietary marinades
    • 3.1 Marinade for barbecue pork on mineral water
    • 3.2 Marinade for barbecue pork on kefir

pork kebabs - amazing dish.Do not believe me?How else!Firstly, it is possible to almost always and almost all (except, perhaps, a grilling over an open fire).Secondly, during cooking it loses a significant part harmful fat and getting on the table stores only treats and all utility.Thirdly, it is perfectly juicy, since the number of Zhirkov in pig meat more than beef, and especially chicken.

Rules marinating pork

It is only important to know how to marinate skewers of pork, and then all must come out.And this will come to the aid of our advice.

  1. Vinegar can be used! Pork is probably the only types of meat, that can easily be marinate with vinegar.In this case, you do not risk getti
    ng hard fiber because they have a special structure.Marinade with vinegar for a shish kebab of pork most simple to prepare.In some cases, reduce the time of preparation.For example, a quick marinade for barbecue pork on the basis of vinegar and sugar, mixed with water, while allowing insisting at room temperature, use the carcass in 3 hours.
  2. not need to add oil. Mumps - has enough fat product, so use extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil is not necessary.Their task - "seal pieces," to create and maintain a crust inside juice.In our case, the pieces should be to get rid of part of Zhirkov during their stay on the grill, so it is not desirable to use vegetable oil.
  3. marinating time - 12 hours. To qualitatively marinated meat on skewers, you need to give it enough time to saturate the marinade ingredients.For pork is not less than 12 hours, during which it must be refrigerated.There are no quick ways marinating shish kebab of pork will not give the same result.

most simple ways marinating

Prepare the marinade for the pork barbecue can literally improvised.The most popular ingredients - vinegar and mayonnaise.Tell us more about each recipe.

How to marinate skewers of pork in vinegar

you will need:

  • vinegar 9% - 4 tbsp.spoon (to 1.2-1.5 kg of meat);
  • sugar - a teaspoon;
  • onions - 2-3 large heads;
  • water - 8 of Art.spoons;
  • pepper and salt.


  1. strip the meat from the films, divide into portions pieces of medium size (with a child's fist).
  2. Rub the pieces with salt and pepper, mix well.
  3. Peel the onions, chop thick rings, pour the meat.
  4. dilute vinegar with chilled water, add sugar, stir, pour into a bowl with a kebab.
  5. Stir the contents, cover and oppression, clean in the refrigerator.

Marinade for shish kebab of pork with mayonnaise

lovely recipe that has one caveat - do not want to harm the health, refuse purchased sauce.Some components in the finished compositions when heated emit harmful substances.So prepare mayonnaise at home using egg yolk, a spoonful of mustard, vinegar and a drop of vegetable oil.To shake up the wonderful sauce, you will need no more than 5 minutes.Using it, you'll know exactly how delicious marinate skewers of pork without damage to health!

you will need:

  • mayonnaise - 300 ml (per 1 kg of pig flesh);
  • onions - 4 large head;
  • pepper and salt.


  1. Divide meat kebab pieces evenly with salt and pepper.Leave to stand for 15 minutes to impregnate the pieces of salt.
  2. Gradually add the mayonnaise, stirring by hand and smearing each slice.No need to pour a lot of sauce.Its scope should not cover meat, but simply present it well enveloping pieces.
  3. Peel and chop the onion rings.Some of them mix in a bowl with the meat, and the other part lay on top, push the lid.
  4. Put in the fridge.

Dietary marinades

Recipes marinade for a shish kebab of pork with mayonnaise may seem too bold, and vinegar - too sharp.We offer you the easy options dressings with dietary ingredients.

Marinade for barbecue pork on mineral water

you will need:

  • mineral water - 0.5 liters (2 kg or osheyka clippings);
  • onions - 3 large head;
  • cilantro (grains), a mixture of paprika and dried tomatoes;
  • black pepper, salt.


  1. meat slice, put in a container.Add to it peeled and coarsely chopped onion.
  2. Good pepper, put the grain cilantro, a mixture of paprika and tomato.Add salt and mix well.Few remember - let the bow let the juice, then evenly distribute the spices in pieces of shish kebab.
  3. Pour mineral water until it lightly covered meat.Put in the fridge.

Marinade for barbecue pork on kefir

you will need:

  • fat kefir 3,2% - 500 ml (per 1.5 kg of meat);
  • sugar - a teaspoon;
  • onions - 4 large head;
  • pepper and salt.


  1. Onions clean, 2 heads grate, chop the other 2 large washers.
  2. Grated onion Transfer to the meat, cut into slices.Add salt and pepper, mix well.
  3. Gradually pour the yogurt, stirring constantly meat.Number of yogurt should be such as to lightly coat skewers.
  4. Add the sugar and stir.
  5. top with onion rings, cover, and best press pickle plate with a load.Put in the fridge.

Armed with our recipes, you can confidently go on a picnic or to cook flavorful, tender kebab house!

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