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  • 1 Features sushi
  • 2 How to fold rolls
    • 2.1 Hosomahi
    • 2.2 Futomaki
    • 2.3 Uramaki
  • 3 Sushi Recipes
    • 3.1 Homemade rolls with salmon
    • 3.2 sushi at home with shrimp
  • 4 Video: how to cook sushi and rolls

sushi - most popular Japanese dish in the world.It massively captured the imagination of chefs of all countries in the 80s, marking the exchange of cultural traditions of the country of the Rising sun.Recipes sushi and rolls are so diverse that to understand them, it seems impossible.However, to learn how to cook, you should understand a few basic niceties.And then twisting rolls did not seem like complicated cooking with garlic croutons.

Features sushi

  • There are 13 species Sushi: Futomaki, tirasidzusi, inaridzusi reprimand ... easy!But we have gained popularity makidzusi the simplest cooking technique that involves the use of Makis mat for rolling components in a roll.Each roll is cut into 6 or 8 pieces, which are called rolls.Also popular tec
    hnique uramaki - inside out rolls.
  • sushi and rolls home for technology makidzusi require the mandatory use of a bamboo mat Makis, flat sheets of dried nori seaweed, rice vinegar dressing and toppings to choose from.
  • Sushi and rolls at home can be a few sizes:
    • thin or hosomahi .Their width is 2.5 cm Usually they include one-component filling.;
    • thick or Futomaki .Their diameter must not exceed 5 cm Inner filling rolls more diverse.;
    • uramaki -. Wide rolls inside and , up to 5 cm in which rice is formed on the outside, made out of sesame seeds or caviar.
  • variety of products can be used for filling in sushi and rolls recipes at home.Unchanged are the rice and nori seaweed, but with other products you can experiment using seafood, eggs as an omelette and even red meat. the more traditional sushi ocean valuable varieties of fish: tuna, salmon, mackerel, eel.Their necessarily buy raw, gutted and prepared already just before roll forming.Because vegetables are preferred pickled daikon, cucumbers, asparagus, fermented soy, avocado, pickled plums and corn.
  • If we prepare sushi and rolls at home, remember traditional Japanese condiment: rice vinegar, which is mixed with salt and sugar is added to the rice. Also popular soy sauce and horseradish is very sharp view - wasabi, which, in the opinion of the Japanese completely destroys parasites in raw fish. also applies pickled ginger, called in Japanese cooking fumes.

How to fold rolls

Before you learn how to make sushi at home, you should master the technique of forming rolls.


  1. sheet of nori cut into equal pieces lengthwise, lay on a mat shiny side.
  2. Put rice to 7 mm.
  3. finger, apply a strip of wasabi in the direction from the center.On it lay the stuffing.
  4. Mold roll, rolling up the mat from the proximal edge and holding the fingers stuffing.Roll the mat firmly, but without effort, expand it.
  5. Correct ends and cut the roll into pieces.


  1. nori sheet lay shiny side down.Handful of rice spread on the surface, leave 2 cm at the top and bottom.
  2. Apply wasabi, put the stuffing.
  3. roll down, bending into the free edge of the nori.
  4. Squeeze the roll, giving it the desired shape: round, rectangular or another.Cut into pieces.


  1. When we make sushi and rolls home uramaki work out harder.But they can be overcome, if the mat lay a cling film, put on top of the nori, rice with a thin layer of compacted it.
  2. Nori turn to rice was on the plastic wrap.Central part of the nori with wasabi and promazhte lay on her stuffing.
  3. Sformuyte roll, leaving 2.5 cm from the free edge.
  4. Remove foil, sprinkle with sesame roll or lay eggs.Divide into pieces.

Sushi Recipes

Now we offer the most simple and delicious recipes for the home rolls.

Homemade rolls with salmon

you will need:

  • 4 nori sheet (size 14 × 20 cm);
  • rice - 200 g;
  • wasabi;
  • mixture of rice vinegar, salt and sugar;
  • salmon or trout salted;
  • avocado - 2 fruit.


  1. Fill boiled rice vinegar mixture.
  2. Cut thin slices of fish, avocado - cubes.
  3. wet hands Put the rice on the nori, the center apply and rub wasabi, lay strips of fish and avocado.
  4. Sformuyte Futomaki.When cutting wet the knife.

sushi at home with shrimp

you will need:

  • nori - 1 sheet;
  • rice - 100 g;
  • shrimp - 150 g;
  • cucumber - 1 small;
  • avocado - 1 medium fruit ripening;
  • soy sauce;
  • vinegar dressing of rice vinegar, sugar and salt.


  1. Boiled rice sprinkle with vinegar dressing.
  2. Peeled shrimp boil a few minutes in water with lemon juice.
  3. On a sheet of nori rice lay evenly, sprinkle with soy sauce.
  4. Put shrimp, long wedges and cucumber slices of avocado.
  5. Sformuyte Futomaki and cut rolls.

Making sushi at home with their own hands, you can come up with your own recipes.All the more so for this dish it is only important to understand the correct combination of filling flavors.Now you know how to make sushi and rolls home.And you certainly have mastered the art presented in the kitchen!

Video: how to cook sushi and rolls