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  • 1 Five subtleties of cooking - simple to the complex
  • 2 Classic porridge recipe
  • 3 simplified version - preparing in multivarka

lived in the time of Alexander I, one graph, who also was Minister of Finance.His name was Dmitry Alexandrovich Guryev.He also had different merits before Fatherland.Many of them have already forgotten, but I remember the porridge.Of course, not the minister came up with this dish, and a skilled chef.In one version of his name Zahar Kuzmin.Once, at a dinner at a friend's Guryev tasted unusual dessert and was delighted.Without thinking, Earl bought a serf cook, along with the recipe, along with the entire family.Over time, an exquisite gourmet Guryev porridge made from this culinary brand - ageless, hearty and tasty.

Five subtleties of cooking - simple to the complex

famous Guriev porridge recipe does not differ strict canons.Here you can just show the culinary imagination and not be afraid to experiment.However, there are some basic th

ings that need attention.

  1. Capricious semolina .To semolina turned out tender, choose small rump of soft wheat.Pour it in a little boiling milk in a thin stream, stirring carefully to avoid lumps.For the preparation of semolina there is one unwritten rule: enough sleep better cereals, than to pour.It is important to remember that love every porridge be well stewed, "income".To improve the taste of semolina, you can add a pinch of salt.Cook porridge and cream can be.Clearly, the fatter - so tasty.
  2. tiresome longing .Simmering in the oven (now in the oven) - one of the most common and useful types of food processing in the Russian culinary tradition.Technology of preparation Guryev porridge only at first glance it seems difficult.It involves two kinds of longing, first stoked cream for foams (kajmak), then tantalized already finished, arranged layers of porridge.Cream is desirable to use at least 20% fat.Prepare to be that the process takes time - at least an hour.The more you want to remove foams - the more time and need cream.Select suitable for baking in the oven dish - metal, glass, ceramic.The easiest option - a cast-iron pan with a thick bottom and sides.Remember that the cream should not boil, just slightly pobulkivat.
  3. Mysterious macedoine .Macedoine (from Fr. macédoine «in Macedonian", "diversity".) - Cooked in sugar syrup pieces of various fruits.Macedoine used for interlayer Guryev porridge.This French element in the recipe appeared in the legendary book Pelagia Alexandrova-Ignatyeva "Practical basics of culinary art", published in 1899, can simplify the task and save time by replacing the fruit cooked in syrup, fresh fruit platter.But in syrup still tasty.And so in French.
  4. Variations on layer.For interlayer choose any seasonal or exotic fruits.You can also use several kinds of jam, a variety of dried fruits, candied fruits and nuts.Excellent classic combination - raisins and dried apricots.From nuts go well with almonds and hazelnuts.For the most daring culinary Guryev porridge can become a famous "Irish stew", when all the goodies can go to the course.Who does not risk, he does not eat Guryev.
  5. Dessert in a skillet .Guryev porridge - delicious dessert.It is not usually served hot, but warm.Some restaurants in the Guryev bring small personal pans.It's in Russian!Usually cooled dessert shift to large dish, divided into portions, served with sauce or any fruit jam watered.

Classic porridge recipe

Many have heard about this culinary delights, and want to learn how to cook porridge Guriev.Count Guriev could not keep a secret cooking tricks and the basic ingredients of a prescription.Each chef, professional or amateur, in his own way trying to improve it and to diversify.

You will need:

  • milk - 0.5 liters;
  • semolina - 3 tbsp.spoons;
  • cream - 1.5 liters;
  • sugar (syrup) - 300 g;
  • sugar (for semolina) - 2 tbsp.spoons;
  • water - 3 cups;
  • vanilla sugar - 1 tbsp.a spoon;
  • almonds, hazelnuts - 100 g;
  • apples, pears - 500 g


  1. Boil milk, add sugar, vanilla sugar.Cook the semolina.
  2. Cover the pan with something warm and leave be well stewed porridge.
  3. Peel apples and pears, cut into small slices.Boil water with sugar.Boil the fruit in syrup for 10 minutes on low heat.
  4. Clean, chop nuts.
  5. Pour the cream into the pan.Simmer them in the oven at a temperature of 90-100 °, until a gentle foam cream.
  6. As the boiling cream remove the foam from the surface one by one.Gently spread on a flat dish.
  7. At the bottom of the pan (or other dishes for roasting in the oven) Put first layer foams.On it lay a layer of semolina.Repeat several times.On
  8. put a layer of semolina cooked in syrup fruit, chopped nuts.Put the top layer of porridge on it -.. Layer foams, etc.
  9. The last layer should be a semolina.On it lay the remaining fruit and nuts.
  10. protomai dish in the oven for about 10 minutes at the same temperature.
most time-consuming in this recipe - the removal of foams.However, in them lies the secret of the unique taste of this unusual dessert.Ms. Alexandrova Pelagia-Ignatyev recommends putting "a number of foams", there are several foams in a single layer.The more, the more expressive taste.Also important to know: Do not overdo the cream to form a brown color, otherwise they will taste bitter.In addition, of cooked Penk contains vitamin A, calcium and iron.

simplified version - preparing in multivarka

preparation modern version - Guryev porridge in multivarka.Fast, tasty, useful and less caloric.

You will need:

  • milk - 0.5 liters;
  • semolina - 3 tbsp.spoons;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp.spoons;
  • vanilla sugar - 1 tbsp.a spoon;
  • salt to taste;
  • Eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • chopped walnuts -50 g;
  • fruit to taste - 200 g


  1. Fill the container Multivarki semolina.Put a pinch of salt, vanilla sugar.Mix thoroughly.
  2. Add milk, stir."Milk porridge," Cook on the program.
  3. Lay out ready semolina container to cool it.
  4. Separate the whites from the yolks.First, beat the egg yolks, then the proteins and sugar in a thick foam.Connect the two masses into a single, once again, beat.
  5. Put whipped mass in the semolina.Add nuts and stir gently.
  6. At the bottom of the container lay a layer of cereal top - fruit layer.Put this way 4-5 layers.
  7. Turn program "Porridge".
  8. finished dish garnish with remaining fruit and nuts.

Culinary discovery for a cozy Sunday breakfast!

Want to change the opinion of semolina?Try porridge recipe in Guryev.Its uniqueness is that it preserves the best traditions of Russian cuisine.At the same time it has a French peculiarity.