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  • 1 Subtleties cooking
  • 2 Recipe water
  • 3 Original recipes
    • 3.1 with milk and apples
    • 3.2 With meat

in Russian cooking wheat porridge is present for a long time.Exactly since then, as the wheat began to grow massively in Russia that happened more than 10 centuries ago.Culture ousted barley used earlier as possible to obtain not only the rump for cereals, soups, and flour for baking bread.

native Russian equipment for the preparation of wheat porridge is simple.Rump filled with water or milk and long fretted furnace.Despite the fact that the product is not necessary to boil long residence time in the furnace it was up to 2 hours.During this time, corn fall apart completely, turning into Kiselny mass.If her with bread, onions, meat.Nutritious meals provided it is well recognized in the old Russian cuisine.

Subtleties cooking

The modern kitchen is no possibility of a long simmer porridge for razvaristoy mass.Moreover, this is not necessary if you use multiva

rku Redmond, Polaris.Each kitchen helper, regardless of the model, shortens cooking time.His consistency is formed for what you need for meals for breakfast, for dinner.

Multivarki advantage is that it allows you to cook grits, not by boiling, and longing under the influence of steam in a compact space.This technique resembles longing proved with groats in an old furnace.Weight does not take a strong liking, it does not need stirring, until cooked it comes time.A truly delicious becomes subject to several requirements.

  • Choice of cereals .Buy wheat cereal in plastic bags.In them it can be stored up to 10 months.If the packaging cardboard, grain can absorb moisture during storage.This is detrimental to them, "little wheat", rich in polysaccharides and carbohydrates, rancid.
  • perfect color and purity .Low quality of the product is considered to be a dark color.Quality wheat groats light brown.It should be stones, bagasse and other impurities.
  • grain size .In the "little wheat" gets two types of counters.First - croup "Artek", she is familiar to us since childhood!The same "prickly clover" that few people liked the kindergarten.At the same time it is ideal for baby food.She digested better than other cereals, contains a storehouse of nutrients.Plus, subject to the proportions of turning into a gentle "blurred", which can be eaten without chewing.wheat semolina "Poltava" is realized in the form of whole grains.It differs in size.Average core to recommend the use of cereals, large - as a filling for the soup.
  • Preparations of cereals .Soak it is not necessary, but be sure to wash.On the nucleoli surface dust accumulates in the manufacture of the product.
  • Compliance proportions.Preparation of wheat cereal in multivarka held no surprises, if you observe the following proportions:
      • porridge, gruel obtained by using 1 cup of cereal in the 6 cups of liquid.You can take water, milk, or use them in equal proportions;
      • friable porridge - a pressure cooker cook the perfect side dish of cereal and a glass of three - water.
According hostesses, kitchen helpers and model features modes affect the quality of cereals.To understand the exact proportions for multivarok Panasonic, Moulinex and others you can on personal experience.In a number of units obtained crumbly garnish ideal for use 2.5 cups of liquid and measure the liquid gruel can be prepared with four glasses of milk.

Recipe water

Despite the utmost ease recipe wheat cereal in multivarka on the water, it has a few nuances.Firstly, it is recommended to follow the course of boiling mass.This will occur in about 15 minutes after the start of cooking.Once inside the unit will start mass pobulkivat, open the lid and remove the foam.So it is not "climb" up and wash the lid and the upper grill you do not have.

Second, you can use warm water.Spending less time to warm up the contents multivarka can better quality steamed mass.And the intensity of steaming is the basis for the preparation of tasty and tender little wheat.According to these rules, you can cook a wonderful crumbly garnish.

you will need:

  • wheat semolina - 1 multistakan;
  • water - 3 multistakana;
  • Salt - a pinch;
  • butter - '30


  1. Place the prepared cereal in a bowl.
  2. Pour water, add salt.
  3. Install "Porridge" mode.
  4. Add the butter after the beep.Leave in the warm-up time of 10 minutes.

Serve porridge can be without any additives, just with oil.And it is possible and with meat, fish, liver.Universal little wheat flavor combines well with them, it supports sauces and gravy.And adding a sugar and dried fruit, you get a lovely breakfast.By the way, it is possible and without sugar, if food diet.

Original recipes

with wheat grains can be cooked many dishes.Tasty and nutritious it becomes milk, cooked breakfast.A complete dish with meat cooked in multivarka perfectly decorate dinner.We offer you the recipes for this cereal with milk and apple, with the meat.

with milk and apples

Porridge we will make the best of loose, not blurred.And apples, it is good to keep in shape and were tasty, karamelizuem.

you will need:

  • wheat semolina - 1 multistakan;
  • milk - 3 multistakana;
  • sugar - Article 1.5.spoons;
  • Salt - a pinch;
  • apples - 3 small fruit;
  • butter - 100 g


  1. Put in a bowl of prepared cereals, pour the milk.Add a tablespoon of sugar, and salt.Install "Porridge" mode, cook up a signal.
  2. Peel apples peeled, core.Chop into slices.
  3. Warm in a pan half the oil, sprinkle with the remaining sugar and melt mass.Put it in the apples caramelize on low heat.
  4. Add to mush oil after the signal mix.
  5. Decorate apples feeding.

This recipe will not be superfluous raisins, nuts, flax or sesame seeds.Apples can be used nekaramelizovannye, so breakfast will less nutritious.They were quite clear and put in pieces of cereal.

With meat

recipe for a fast, simple, versatile.It is equally good with almost all cereals, since it is based on nourishing meat zazharki.Such ate wheat cereal in Russia, people wealthy.Now let us.

you will need:

  • wheat semolina - 1 multistakan;
  • flesh of beef - 500 g;
  • water - 2.5 cups;
  • salt, allspice;
  • onions - 2 heads;
  • garlic - 3 cloves;
  • vegetable oil.


  1. Peel and slice the meat into cubes or bars.
  2. Peel the onions, garlic, chop finely.
  3. Fry the meat in the "Toasting" mode (it will replace the "Baking") for 10 minutes.Add the vegetables, boil for some 5 minutes.
  4. Pour prepared grits, pour water, add salt and spices.
  5. Cook "Pilaf" mode to signal.
  6. Leave the dish in the warm-up time of 15 minutes.

With beef calorie dishes will not work ultrahigh.Below is his nutritional diet with chicken breast.You can use pork, turkey, rabbit according to your taste.

As you can see, preparing dairy wheat porridge in multivarka just as well as fresh side dishes, full meals with cereals and meat sauce.Use these simple recipes in your everyday cooking!