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  • 1 Benefits and harms
  • Product 2 features selection and cooking
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    • 3.2 on milk

and dating it will be interesting!After wheat porridge - a product of centuries of breeding, not science, and associated with "happy accidents" artificial selection, produced by man for almost 10 thousand years!Surprisingly, the plant initially successfully grow their own field and covers the south-eastern Turkey and modern Armenia, so far forgotten how to do without the help of people.

Wild wheat has not only small grain.Her "fruits" crumbled immediately after maturation and collect them from the ground was impossible.For the first time to meet her people have become used to eating more green ears, evaluating the nutritional value of the grain.In the future, the person selects those stalks, in which the grain is not long crumbled.On cultivated fields over the centuries beginning to grow wheat, corn extract from which was only possible by threshing.This f

rom the middle regions of Eurasia went first to India and then "capture" of Africa, and then conquered Russia and Europe.Later, the whole porridge made of wheat cereal got to America.In the New World, she appeared only in the XIX century.

Benefits and product damage

People anciently so highly prized grain of wheat that references to it are present even in the Bible.That wheat cereal has been the basis of the sacrament bread.But the Slavs it was considered only a symbol of power, wealth.Modern Russia is leading in terms of the product export to other countries, but is not itself the largest consumer of it.

Paradoxically, traditional Russian product, which was built Slavic cooking for centuries, suddenly became unacceptable to the modern kitchen.How to cook wheat porridge well known to few.Moreover, the dish is considered a treasury, budget, usable only in canteens and kindergartens.The fact that it is convenient, really well.But its budgetary debatable.After all, it contains a lot of useful substances, which is why nutritionists recommend eating wheat porridge regularly, and even came up with based on it several diets.

Is the use of the product?

  • nutritious porridge .Use it for breakfast creates a feeling of satiety for a half day.
  • easy to digest .This explains the widespread belief that from the wheat porridge fattening.Indeed, it is absorbed by the simple, but not quickly.The glycemic index of a product is not high, it is the source of many, the right carbohydrates.With the product copes well any organism, be it children or weakened by illness.Include it in the diet should be people engaged in active physical labor.Wheat porridge quickly restores power.
  • rich in vitamins B, E .The composition of the product a lot of folic acid, so it is called the perfect porridge for expectant mothers.The presence of vitamin E - the fountain of youth, refreshes the skin and stimulates the regeneration of tissues, fights free radicals.Nutritionists argue that the vitamin composition of wheat grain porridge has a restorative effect on the immune system, so its use is especially important in the season of colds.
  • Cleans intestines .Wheat cereal on the water is considered to be a regulator of fat metabolism and removes toxins from the esophagus.It improves digestion, and by maintaining a long satiety allows you to eat less and get rid of excess weight.
Product Damage is individual.Eliminate wheat cereals from the diet should only be for people with gluten intolerance.Use glyutensoderzhaschih cereals dangerous for them the development of celiac disease (inflammation of the intestinal mucosa).

features selection and cooking

Wheat porridge is very simple to use, require minimal preparation.It is perfectly combined with meat and liver, which can be fed to the table.Good with vegetables that enhance its positive effect on the bowels.

knowledge of the rules and the choice of cooking cereals will allow you to evaluate all its advantages.

  • buy products in cellophane packaging .It protects the grain from moisture and allows them a good look.Wholemeal cereals should not be wrinkled, dark.Ideal grain light brown color and smooth.
  • Use two types of cereals .In Russia produce wheat cereals in the form of whole grains and crushed.The latter is known as the "Artek" and most convenient to prepare.Recipe wheat porridge for the children always involves the use of groats "Artek".From it you can cook and blurred, and more dense gruel.Wholemeal cereal comes on the shelves under the name of "Poltava".It may be of four types (numbered 1-4), indicating that the grain size.There is no practical value of the size of the nuclei in this case is not ready porridge differs only appearance."Poltava" cereal is ideal for preparing side dishes crumbly.
  • Rinse before cooking.It is necessary to wash out a melkodrobleny "Artek", and whole grains.This saves them from dust.Visually, we can determine the presence of stones in groats, meal.In this case, the product is required to sort out.
  • Consider proportions.Loose porridge obtained using 2.5 cups of liquid per cup of cereal.The grains in this dish can be crunched.Recipe wheat cereal with milk, especially for the preparation of children should include a greater volume of liquid.Ideal ratio of 1: 4.
  • laid in cold water .Immediately after boiling, remove the foam with water, cover with a lid.Tomita rump on low heat 15 minutes.Leave the pan for 30 minutes under a towel.
cooking wheat porridge in the microwave uncomfortable.It refers to the bad boiled soft cereals, so a quick meal can not be done with it.But if a microwave oven, use the following techniques at your disposal.Pour grits with boiling water, leave for 2 hours.Drain and add water at a ratio of 1: 3.Cook on high power for 20 minutes.


offer acquainted with the methods of preparation of wheat cereal on the water and milk.The first recipe will be the basis of tasty, hearty dinner.And it can be used as a dietary food to the exclusion from it of salt.The second is good for children's nutrition, and as a healthy breakfast.

On the water

simple dishes perfectly combined with oil, which is recommended to fill the wheat porridge immediately after cooking.Side dish should be served hot, as it cools, it becomes denser.Completely frozen wheat gruel can even be cut with a knife.Such an analogy of the Italian polenta.

you will need:

  • cereal flour - 1 cup;
  • water - 2.5 cups;
  • butter - 30 g;
  • salt.


  1. Pour grits prepared with water.
  2. Put on high heat, let boil.
  3. Remove foam, reduce heat, season with salt.
  4. Leave to cook on minimum heat for 15 minutes.
  5. Check readiness of cereals: the boiling water and add a little boiling water hardness.
  6. Remove from the heat, wrap a blanket and leave for 30 minutes.

To fill gruel of wheat cereal with oil can be simply in the plate.If the product is intended for the diet, instead of salt and oil, add nuts, fresh berries, apples and other fruits, and for dinner - fresh vegetables.


milk Fine breakfast, hearty and wholesome, fit for the start of the day the child and adult.Sweet, sweet clover may be complemented by tasty additives - dried fruits, fresh fruits, berries.

you will need:

  • cereal flour - 1 cup;
  • milk - 1 liter;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp.spoons;
  • salt - pinch.


  1. Bring milk to a boil.
  2. Pour the prepared cereals.Add sugar, salt.
  3. Mix, wait until boiling mass.
  4. Reduce heat to minimum, cover the lid and let the mass be well stewed for 30 minutes.
  5. Turn off the heat, add the butter.Leave for another 10 minutes under the lid.

in cereals do not need to stir while cooking.It is important to save as much steam in the pan, which will allow a lot of good seethe.

Now you know the technology, how to brew wheat porridge, how to cook it with milk, water.Include it in the family diet, as an additional source of valuable substances and a tasty dish!