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  • 1 Subtleties cooking
  • 2 recipe with milk
  • 3 Recipes for breakfast and dinner
    • 3.1 With apples
    • 3.2 Mushroom
    • 3.3 With chicken

Figure caught on well in Russian cuisine, though he was in Russia "exotic" four centuries ago.He came to us from the East, as in China, India and Japan are preparing it quite differently.China appreciated the rough, unpolished product, which boiled water.In India, it is added to the sea of ​​spices, which is why it gets a bright, sunny colors and a sharpness, Russian incredible for a man.In Japan, if not talk about sushi and other dishes with rice, cooking is done with an egg, which is driven in raw porridge when cooked.

Our dishes are less aggressive, much more simple.But that they do not become less tasty!The presence in the home kitchen helper Philips or Panasonic not only simplifies the cooking process, and makes it perfect.Only in multivarka can cook porridge with milk, porridge, and that something is called.Just a gentle, air

y mousse and magic some!

Subtleties cooking

When using Multivarki requirements for the preparation of rice are stored.It is necessary to thoroughly wash it.And this should be done only in cold water.It is important to lay the rump in cold water and salt can be immediately, as salt does not affect the bringing of rice until tender.

multivarka provides other advantages: protects the product from sticking, what happens in a normal pan.Cooking rice porridge in multivarka requires no mixing, and this dish just turns better, steamed, uniform.

Here are a few subtleties of preparation products.

  • Choose the appropriate grade rice.Aquatica, basmati, black, jasmine ... We heard about them somewhere, but do not usually use in cooking.And rightly so, if you are cooking in multivarka!For liquid dairy clover with perfectly homogeneous structure are not suitable.The best option for her - all polished, which is cheaper than the other varieties.Grow it in the Krasnodar region, as well as long grain, which is ideal for preparing side dishes crumbly.
  • not use parboiled rice, dairy porridge.Steaming retains 80% of the nutrients in the product, but it becomes so dense that require prolonged boiling.Also in the preparation, he does not lose shape, it does not produce gluten, do not stick together, and remains a "seed to a kernel."This can be considered an advantage when you need to cook pilaf side dish or crumbly.And disadvantages when it is prepared from milk porridge.
  • Prepare the appropriate mode.It should match your needs.For example, in the "Figure" unit Redmond instantly injects temperature and allows rump already reached in 15 minutes.During this time, only a dense, crumbly grains can be obtained, whereas homogeneous porridge will not have time to prepare.Her cook mode "Milk porridge" (there multivarka Polaris) or simply "Porridge" (Witek, Moulinex).
  • Follow proportions.Need crumbly side dish, pour 2 cups of liquid per cup of cereal.Need liquid porridge - increase the proportion of water twice.
Do not worry, if the manufacturer recommends the use of rice porridge with milk multivarka in a ratio of 1: 6.It seems that it's a lot!But choosing a round rice and gruel to maintaining mode at all times, you will get a perfectly smooth consistency and delicate cuisine with subtle grains.This is achieved through the regulation of the temperature (it rises up to 100 °, then lowered to 90 °) and evaporation pressure cooker in an enclosed space.

recipe with milk

It was such an unusually soft gruel and we offer you to cook.By the way, a similar technology, you can cook and other cereals, have a similar intensity of absorption liquid: millet and barley.

you will need:

  • rice Round - 1 cup;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp.spoons;
  • milk - 3 cups;
  • butter - 20 g;
  • water - 3 cups;
  • salt - ¼ tsp..


  1. Pour cereal into a bowl.
  2. Pour the water with milk, add sugar, salt.Put a piece of butter and mix.
  3. Turn "Porridge" mode.Depending on the model, while it is 50 min - 2 h.
  4. Serve immediately after the tone.

The recipe you can use regular or multistakany, depending on the desired volume.Multistakan provide a smaller amount of the finished cereal.It turns out the liquid, soft, ideal for children's breakfast.With this consistency can be stored in a refrigerator without the risk of solidification and feeding even the next day.

Recipes for breakfast and dinner

Multivarki special charm is that it allows you to prepare delicious and different dishes.For example, the soft rice porridge for breakfast and crisp garnish with juicy meat for dinner.We suggest you use our simple recipes, in order to fully enjoy your culinary assistant Scarlet, Redmont, and any other model.

With apples

Excellent choice dairy porridge with fresh fruit.By the way, the latter can be replaced by other products, for example, to prepare a meal with a banana or raisins.In each case, you saturate Breakfast new flavors and added benefit.After all, in the winter, these products are the best suppliers of vitamins and essential body fat.

you will need:

  • rice Round - 1 cup;
  • apples - 2 of the fetus;
  • milk - 2 cups;
  • butter;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp.a spoon.


  1. Pour the prepared rice in a bowl.
  2. Pour cold milk, add butter, the "Figure" mode
  3. Cook.
  4. Peel and slice the apples.
  5. Put apples in a bowl after the signal mix.
  6. Cook in "Baking" mode for 15 minutes.

This porridge will turn loose, with dense granules.If you need a soft, more razvaristaya, use the "porridge" mode and the dish simmer for 50 minutes.At the end, add the vegetables and set the "Baking" mode for 10 minutes.Serve the dish with apples better, of course, breakfast.


very simple recipe, which allows you to prepare an unusual porridge of rice.The dish is light, flavorful, especially with forest mushrooms.But if there are no suitable and conventional urban oyster mushrooms.

you will need:

  • long Figure - 2 cups;
  • tomato juice - 1 cup;
  • water - 2 cups;
  • mushrooms - 400 g;
  • pepper - 1 fruit;
  • onions and carrots - 1 of root crops;
  • salt, pepper, spices.


  1. Clean the vegetables, chop.
  2. Put the onion in a bowl, fry "Toasting" mode for 5 minutes.
  3. Add carrots, 3 minutes pepper and mushrooms.Protomai 15 minutes.
  4. Stir rice.
  5. Pour cold water, tomato juice.Stir.
  6. Install "Pilaf" mode or "porridge".
  7. After the signal can be fed dish.

Through the use of long rice we get crumbly dish with mushrooms.The round variety is not suitable for it, otherwise the porridge slipnetsya become too thick.

With chicken

This dish can be called pilaf, but only if its flavor spices, garlic, onion.We are preparing a dietary meal, perfect for the children's table.Therefore, we use a long unsteamed rice, combine it with chicken (dietary fillet) and carrots.

you will need:

  • rice - 2 cups;
  • water - 4 cups;
  • chicken fillet - 500 g;
  • carrots - 1 root;
  • salt;
  • vegetable oil.


  1. Clean the carrots, chop.
  2. Cut the fillets into cubes.
  3. Put in a saucepan, protomai in the "Baking" 40 minutes with the lid closed.Mix 1 times.
  4. Put in a bowl of rice, pour water, add salt.
  5. Install "Pilaf" mode.
  6. Stir after the beep.

This technique allows the use of other types of meat, such as beef stew but it should be longer, up to 1 hour.Pork and lamb for the children's menu are not suitable, but the rabbit and turkey will become wholesome and useful addition toddler table.

What recipe rice porridge in multivarka become a favorite in your family will experience only!Try each of them, and treat close to new delicious breakfast, hearty and helpful dinner.