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  • 1 Subtleties cooking
  • 2 recipe with milk
  • 3 Original recipes
    • 3.1 With meat
    • 3.2 with pumpkin

most children's porridge can be incredibly delicious!Thanks multivarka semolina is obtained without lumps, prepared quickly, texture becomes homogeneous, razvaristoy.The advantage of using a pressure cooker is no need to mix the product.He does not will burn and keep delicate texture.

Subtleties cooking

known that in the Middle Ages in Russia is not boiled semolina and tormented.We do it in the furnaces where the temperature reached 100 degrees.With this heat treatment swollen grain, protein and starch is not destroyed.Porridge was obtained viscous, but with distinct grains.And on the surface of the film is not formed, so not beloved by children and adults today.

Special delicate flavor of wheat, which is the basis of semolina, you can use it to prepare festive meals.Common people such cereals in general was not available.And those who had the opportunity to us

e it in food, ate it, and sweet, and zazharki onion and meat, and vegetables.

Modern multivarka allows to reproduce the classic recipes of dishes that in Russia called "manna from heaven".It supports the same temperature range, eliminating the boiling mass.Steamer afflict product just as tormented him in the old furnaces.That is why the taste of grains fully revealed, and their nutritional value is preserved.

It is only important to know some subtleties of dishes.

  • Munk extremely razvarista .To get a thick consistency, use a glass of cereals to 6 cups of liquid.This dish should eat immediately after cooking, otherwise it becomes too thick.For liquid consistency, optimal for children's nutrition should be added up to 8 glasses of milk per cup of cereal.
  • Milk porridge can "escape» .This usually happens if multivarka preparing its large volume.To prevent "escape", enough to lubricate the bowl with a piece of butter.Make it a "bezel" above the level of the mass of 5 cm.
  • Thoroughly mix the ingredients.It is important that there are not in the mass lumps.Use a plastic spatula to keep the cover of the bowl.
  • Cook porridge with milk if you plan to apply it to children older than two years and adults.To kids from one year to two, it is desirable to breed milk with water in equal proportions.For babies up to a year in the diet of porridge is not used.
  • As a side dish to meat cook porridge water.It is possible to add salt and pepper.
  • Use "Milk porridge" mode .If there is no mode "Pilaf" fit, "Rice", "Porridge".They cooking temperature is 90 °.
  • cooking time is 20 minutes .If Multivarki modes offer a longer period, just open the lid after 20 minutes and mix the mass.Porridge will be ready.Overdo it should not be, because it will begin to break down the nutrients and protein and gluten is formed on the surface of the least favorite film.
  • Use pasteurized or boiled milk , especially if preparing milk porridge in multivarka child.These modes are not injected boiling point, so "raw" milk porridge and will remain so.
convenient to cook grits in the "Multipovar".He is in units of Polaris, Panasonic, Moulinex.Set the temperature to 90 °, and the cooking time - 20 minutes.In multivarka without this mode (Phillips, Redmond) can be cooked semolina as usual porridge, but after 20 minutes, turn it off.

recipe with milk

quick breakfast dish cooked very simply.It suffices to mix the ingredients in a cup and 20 minutes to obtain soft gruel.Serve it can with any berry sauce, homemade jam, honey.But using a sweet filling, should reduce the amount of sugar in the dish.

you will need:

  • semolina - 1 multistakan;
  • butter - 50 g;
  • milk - 4 multistakana;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp.spoons;
  • water - 2 multistakana.


  1. Mix milk and water in a bowl, add the butter (half).
  2. Add the semolina, sugar, mix well.
  3. Install "Porridge" mode for 20 minutes.
  4. Add the remaining oil after the signal mix.

Serve porridge extremely hot.In this recipe, it will turn into a thick measure.If the breakfast part of the left, do not rush to throw it.From sweet semolina pudding can be prepared in an original or a casserole.

Original recipes

Semolina with something other than sugary additives may seem unexpected and strange.Well, surprise loved ones!Let's try to cook it as a full side dish to meat.And also make even more useful with a pumpkin.

With meat

This recipe semolina - classic.He described in scientific works Russian theorist William Pohlebkin culinary school.Instead Multivarki it used a thick-walled cast-iron frying pan.But we have to simplify the cooking process with our culinary assistant.And we can apply extremely tasty porridge with meat.

you will need:

  • butter - 100 g;
  • semolina - 200 g;
  • water - 1 liter;
  • meat (your choice) - 600 g;
  • carrots, onions - 1 head;
  • salt and pepper.


  1. Melt the butter in a bowl.
  2. Pour grits, fried in "Toasting" mode until golden brown.
  3. Preheat water.Pour a thin stream in cereal, stirring constantly.Add pepper, salt.
  4. Close multivarku, leave for 10 minutes in the "heating".
  5. Fry in a pan chopped pieces of meat.
  6. Peel the onions, carrots, fry the meat.Season with salt.
  7. Add water, simmer on low heat.

Serve semolina side dish with meat sauce.Krupa, prepared by this technique, turns coarse, razvaristoy.It goes well with any meat, but to reduce the number of calories in a dish, use dietary chicken.It is, by the way, and is preparing a much faster beef, pork.

with pumpkin

recipe will become your favorite autumn.Pumpkin is rich in vitamins, and stands in the season is very cheap.Bright orange fruit cheer up in the morning, nutritious semolina also provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

you will need:

  • semolina - 1 multistakan;
  • pumpkin - 1 kg;
  • water - 0.5 liters;
  • milk - 1 liter;
  • sugar - 3 tbsp.spoon.


  1. Clean the pumpkin from seeds, rind.Grate or chop coarsely in a blender.
  2. Place weight in multivarku, pour water, cook in the "Vegetables" (it will replace the "Figure", "Pilaf").The cooking time set to 40 minutes.
  3. Pour the milk, add the sugar.Stir.Install "Porridge" mode.
  4. Add groats after 10 minutes, cook for another 15 minutes.
  5. Stir, serve hot porridge.

Consistency dish turns gentle, even to a greater extent than the porridge of rice, millet.Pumpkin saturates its valuable fiber, vitamins.This dish is suitable for baby food after reaching the age of one year old baby.

Semolina in multivarka sure to become a "magic wand" when you need to quickly prepare breakfast for the whole family.And please unexpected flavor garnish with meat for dinner.