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  • 1 subtleties of cooking chicken with potatoes
  • 2 classic recipe
  • 3 original and simple recipes
    • 3.1 Bird stuffed
    • 3.2 dish with tomatoes

How much variation exists in this dish!And chicken with potatoes in the oven with garlic mayonnaise and sour cream sauce, and vegetables, and stuffed.Dozens of solutions - and the result is perfect: the chicken is perfect for celebrations, decorated with the diet on weekdays.So you can fill a dish to feed the hungry and my husband, and a horde of children.Therefore, we are studying the basics of cooking a chicken carcass with the most popular in Russia garnish.And write new recipes!

subtleties of cooking chicken with potatoes

This dish is hearty and is not suitable for dietary table.Caloric it is about 250 kcal per 100 grams.It increases the number of calories a preliminary roasting meat, the use of mayonnaise, cheese.

Here are a few nuances of cooking potatoes with chicken in the oven.

  • most tender meat - chicken yo
    ung age up to a year.
    Define a carcass can be by weight.It should not exceed 1.5 kg.And of course, the meat must be fresh: Man or chilled.He elastic fiber, white fat and the skin is pinkish or white-yellow hue.
  • chicken, baked in the oven with potatoes, can be stuffed with vegetables.Or formulated garnish surrounded in one form.If you stacked stuffing inside the carcass, pre-boil the potatoes.Boiled until half, it will retain the shape of the pieces when serving dishes on the table.Boiled until cooked, it turns into a crumbly mash.
  • meat is cooked faster and more evenly fry thoroughly, if you use parts of the carcass of the same size: thighs, drumsticks, wings.
  • You are guaranteed to get a soft and tender meat, if you try to bake a chicken with potatoes in the oven in the sleeve.Bird It will boil in its own juices, which will prepare her and to garnish.You can also cover the baking dish cover, laid on top of the foil.A half hour before the meat is ready, you can remove the cover to chicken covered with a golden crust.
  • Save the perfect look and meat slices and garnish provide separate baking. garnish Place on a baking sheet covered with parchment.On top put the grate and place it on her thigh or drumstick.During cooking, the fat with them will flow down to the potatoes, making it soft.A carcass pieces themselves well and will get a delicious roasted crust.
  • not use dietary loin meat for this dish. It has no fat, meat and side dish will turn out dry.
way, harm the chick bedryshek exaggerated.Of course, the meat is higher in fat than the breast.But it contains valuable taurine amino acid.According to recent research scientists, this substance helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, and together with it the risk of heart disease by 60%.So the recipe for the chicken in the oven with potatoes and tasty, and useful!

classic recipe

easiest recipe for how to cook a delicious chicken with potatoes in the oven, use mayonnaise and garlic.These ingredients are guaranteed to provide the rich taste of meat, a nice golden brown and the potatoes evenly propechsya help.

you will need:

  • chicken - 1 carcass;
  • garlic - 4 cloves;
  • Mayonnaise - 2 tbsp.spoons;
  • dry spices (oregano, basil, marjoram) - 2 tsp;.
  • Potatoes - 1 kg;
  • pepper, salt.


  1. Peel and coarsely chop the garlic.Nashpiguyte them pre-washed carcass.
  2. Rub the chicken with pepper, salt, brush with mayonnaise.Then sprinkle generously aromatic herbs.Place on a baking sheet.
  3. Wash and cut into large pieces potatoes.If you are cooking chicken with new potatoes in the oven, clean it is not necessary.Arrange around meat side dish, cover with foil.
  4. Put in preheated oven.Bake at 200 ° approximately 1.5 hours (depending on the weight of birds).

original and simple recipes

addition to potatoes to meat, you can add other vegetables, such as tomatoes, zucchini, onion, bell pepper.Delicious turns chicken with potatoes in the oven with cheese, if you sprinkle them carcass for 30 minutes until tender.

Improve the taste of food sauces.Try to cook a cream sauce of sour cream, garlic, pepper and spices.That he did not curled, add a little cream.Pour them chicken and potatoes around it.So you get not just a delicious chicken in the oven with potatoes with sour cream, and a beautiful golden brown casserole with garlic and luxurious fragrance.

Bird stuffed

Chicken stuffed with potatoes in the oven, it looks really festive.We suggest you prepare it with a rich spicy-sweet sauce.

you will need:

  • chicken - 1 carcass;
  • potatoes - 500 g;
  • soy sauce and honey - 100 ml;
  • mustard - 3 teaspoons;.
  • paprika and other spices - 2 tsp;.
  • garlic - 3 cloves;
  • greens;
  • salt.


  1. Peel and boil the potatoes until soft.
  2. Make a marinade of melted honey, add the mustard, soy sauce, greens, garlic and spices.Fill them prepared potatoes, leave for an hour.
  3. Rub with salt and paprika poultry carcass, inside Put marinated potatoes, cover with foil.
  4. Put the pan in the preheated oven, bake at a temperature of 180 °.After an hour, remove foil and bring the meat until done.

dish with tomatoes

Cook the chicken in the oven with potatoes and tomatoes can be in the summer, when a lot of ripe and juicy fruits.Thanks tomatoes propekutsya roots better.And side dishes will taste better.

you will need:

  • chicken drumsticks - 1 kg;
  • potatoes - 0.5 kg;
  • onions - 1 large;
  • tomatoes - 3 medium;
  • garlic - 3 cloves;
  • salt - 2 tsp;.
  • pepper and other seasonings.


  1. Peel the potatoes, onions, tomatoes.All chop vegetables into slices.
  2. Put in a baking pan greased with olive oil, season with salt, add pepper and spices.
  3. Place the grill on top of the pan, put it on chicken drumstick.
  4. Pass through a press garlic, brush legs with salt.
  5. Place in preheated oven and bake at 200 ° for 1 hour.

That's all the secrets of how to roast a chicken in the oven with potatoes.Try our simple recipes and treat their loved ones!