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  • 1 Features cooking
  • 2 recipe for a perfect side dish
  • 3 Original recipes
    • 3.1 With milk
    • 3.2 With meat
    • 3.3 Ctushenkoj

multivarka always helps the hostess when you need to cook badly boiled soft foods.These include the barley.Its not like the children of the rough texture, hardness.But these shortcomings are not properly cooked cereal inherent!In Russia it is long tormented in a water bath, resulting in a barley porridge becomes so tender that it literally melted in your mouth.Our culinary assistant Philips Polaris or allow to revive the ancient cooking technique, but significantly reduce the time taken until cooked cereals.

Features cooking

should prepare properly for a perfect soft consistency of grits.There are a few secrets of cereal with a rich, sweet flavor.

  • Choose small rump .Tenderize such barley faster than large.A number of useful elements in it, no less.
  • Rinse before cooking.Pour the barley in cold water, drain several times.So you r
    emove the dust settles on the grains during storage and transportation.
  • Soak 12 hours .Ideal leave groats overnight.Cereal grains swell, cook it will be faster.If you miss the process of steeping, barley does not come up to readiness for a standard mode Multivarki.Barley cereal in Preparation multivarka for a longer time may make it rigid.
  • Use a ratio of 1: 5 for soaking .Pour a glass of dry grain should be five cups of cold water.
  • proportions for boiling 1: 3 .Measure out the amount of glasses already soaked and swollen cereal!And for every use 3 cups of water, milk to porridge turned out crumbly.
  • Tomita in "Porridge" mode .It perfectly matches the classic technology of preparation barley in a water bath.In this mode multivarka Redmond, Panasonic weight boils and evenly warms up to 90 °.Due to the lack of protein in the boiling grits does not collapse, and grain stored soft, gentle.
  • Cook 50 minutes .This is the standard period of "Porridge" mode.If multivarka invites 1 hour cooking, no need to change the period.Within 50 minutes of weight will languish at 90 °, then go multivarka disable the ten, and will reach mass availability fallow.
  • Suit modes "Figure", "Pilaf» .They supported a similar cooking temperature.
not spare butter!Adding it can be directly under the products tab.It enhances the taste of the product, making it more luxurious, creamy, gentle.Use the oil necessary if the product cook on the water.But do not give up on him, and in the preparation of milk.

recipe perfect garnish

Garnish should prepare porridge on the water.For it uses a minimum of ingredients.A dish can be fed with chicken, beef, any vegetable salad with sauce.

you will need:

  • pearl barley - 2 multistakana;
  • water - 6 multistakanov;
  • butter - 50 g


  1. Soak cereal, pour the water.
  2. Put in multivarku, add oil.
  3. Pour cold water.
  4. Install "Porridge" mode.

Kashka cooked 1 hour.Kashka get crumbly, very soft.If taste is not enough salt, you can salt the product is simply the plate.And the next time add a pinch in the rump before boiling.

Original recipes

dish can be cooked for breakfast, always with milk.Or meat products, which makes it a great option for dinner.Pressure cooker significantly reduces the time taken until cooked cereals in comparison with the classical technique, but the result always turns out delicious.

With milk

finished dairy barley porridge in multivarka much easier than on the stove.It does not require monitoring and regular participation hostess for podlivaniem water in a water bath.Milk need less, because it does not evaporate from the cup.But to the consistency of porridge turned more liquid, add the milk more than crumbly porridge.

you will need:

  • pearl barley - 1 multistakan;
  • butter - 20 g;
  • sugar - 2 tsp;.
  • salt - ¼ tsp;.
  • water - 2 multistakana;
  • milk - 4 multistakana.


  1. lay soaked cereal in a bowl.
  2. Pour in water, milk, Stir in sugar, salt.Put the butter and stir.
  3. Select "Porridge" mode.
  4. Serve after the signal, hot.

If you soaked grits all night, one hour for its softness will be enough.But if you soak it did not work, open the cover in an hour Multivarki, mix and leave in a mass "Quenching" mode.It supports minimum heating temperature at which the weight comes fallow 2 hours.

With meat

Cook barley with meat convenient.You can use any: chicken, pork, rabbit.And pre protushivat meat pieces is not required, even if it's tough beef.During cooking porridge, and it comes to readiness.

you will need:

  • meat (flesh) - 400 g;
  • onions and carrots - 2 large heads;
  • pearl barley - 2 multistakana;
  • water - 6 multistakanov;
  • salt, pepper, bay leaf.


  1. Slice the meat.
  2. Clean, chop carrots, onions.
  3. Fry the meat in a bowl for 10 minutes (suitable modes "Toasting", "Bakery").
  4. Put the vegetables, fry for 10 minutes.
  5. Put soaked cereal, pour the water.
  6. Add spices.
  7. Install "Pilaf" mode, cook up a signal.

This recipe is good for the winter diet, and in the summer in a dish can be safely add any vegetables.Sweet peppers, zucchini, tomatoes - all fit!You can put them to the meat when it stew with onions and carrots.

With tushenkoj

Barley porridge with stewed meat turns out very hearty.But its preparation spent a minimum of time.A good option for a quick dinner, which, incidentally, can be prepared in delayed start mode.

you will need:

  • pearl barley - 2 multistakana;
  • water - 6 multistakanov;
  • beef stew - 1 bank;
  • onions, carrots - 1 head;
  • tomato - 2 pcs .;
  • salt and pepper.


  1. Clean, chop onions, tomatoes, carrots.
  2. Fry in the cup onions, carrots, add the tomatoes, boil for some time.
  3. Put soaked barley, add the stew.
  4. Put spices.
  5. Pour water, cook in "Pilaf" mode.

Before serving porridge just need to mix.For the rich taste of tomato can be added to the weight of the tomato paste.

As you can see, barley porridge in multivarka easy to prepare.But always it turns out delicious, as to spoil it with an appropriate boiling mode is not possible.Meet the new taste of useful cereals and entertain loved ones a hearty meal with meat, canned meat.