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  • 1 4 important rules in the Dukan Diet
  • 2 For phase "Attack»
  • 3 Classic recipes
    • 3.1 The oven
    • 3.2 In multivarka

Dukan Diet - the fruit of over 30 years of experience nutritionist Pierre Duc.Its essence - in the high-protein diet that is divided into 4 stages: "Attack", "alternation" ( "Cruise"), "Securing", "stabilization".The power supply system, consisting mainly of protein products, allows to lose weight and achieve a stable weight in the future, if you prepare food for special recipes.

casserole cheese on Dyukanu - a dish that is often prepared during the "alternation" - the period when the protein days alternating with vegetables.By dyukanovskoy diet at this time the main weight loss is achieved - at least 1 kg per week.Also cottage cheese casserole special recipe is allowed to eat at the stages of "Attack", "Fixing" and "stabilization".

Calorie cheese casserole on Dyukanu - 133 kcal / 100 g Dish good use not only in the diet, but also in the system of

proper nutrition in order to maintain a slim figure.

4 important rules in the Dukan Diet

  1. Use sugar substitute. Sugar at all stages of the diet - a taboo.The use of natural (based pomace stevia) sweeteners will not only reduce calories, but also improve the body: to restore the metabolism, strengthen the immune system and even get rid of candida.
  2. Cook from dairy products 0% fat. Apart from the obvious benefits of weight loss, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese of zero fat content significantly more calcium.It further displays the body fat, and also strengthens the musculoskeletal system.
  3. Add oat bran. Norma daily Dukan Diet - 2-3 tbsp.l.The product is enriched with vitamins and contains beta-glucan, normalizing the cholesterol level in the body.Furthermore, bran improve intestinal function and allow enough of a small amount of food.
  4. Avoid animal fats. fatty cheeses, sausages, bacon, butter - foods that are harmful not only losing weight, but also to ordinary people because of the high number of "harmful" cholesterol, heart health threatening.To avoid the lack of fat in the body, from the stage of "alternation" is added to the cheese casserole recipe for Dyukanu couple of drops of vegetable oil.

For phase "Attack»

«Attack" - an intensive weight during combustion, during which protein meals are prepared exclusively.When is the stage of "Attack", cottage cheese casserole on Dyukanu prepared without egg yolks.Dish provides a feeling of satiety for a long and "triggers" slimming process due to the properties of bran swell in the intestine and remove the calories from the body.

You will need:

  • wheat bran - 1 tbsp.l .;
  • sweetener - 9 tablets;
  • fat cottage cheese - a pound;
  • oat bran - 1 tbsp.l .;
  • baking powder - 1.5 tsp .;.
  • eggs - 3 pieces.


  1. Cottage cheese mash with wheat and oat bran, sugar substitute, baking powder.
  2. Whisk in the dry bowl the egg whites to a foam and carefully fill in the cottage cheese mixture, stir until smooth.
  3. Massa put in a pan, the laid parchment and cook at 180 ° C for half an hour.

Ready meals good match is checked if it is easy to get hold of the masses, casserole ready.Before serving, sprinkle the dish is not prohibited cinnamon or cocoa.Cottage cheese casserole with bran on Dyukanu eliminates the possibility of "disruption", allowing not to give up sweets, even during a diet.

a half liters a day - the minimum volume of water consumed in the Dukan Diet.It is important to remember that some drugs (naproxen, Tylenol) causes fluid retention in the body and, consequently, the weight of stagnation, is not associated with the violation of the diet.

Classic recipes

The oven

Curd casserole in the oven for Dyukanu appropriate dietary ration due to the complete absence of oil and fat products.According to the Dukan Diet, the dish can be safely consumed as breakfast or dessert with little or no restrictions on the amount of servings.

You will need:

  • Vanilla - 1 package;
  • cornstarch - 2 tablespoons.l .;
  • skimmed milk - 1 cup;
  • fat cottage cheese - 600 g;
  • sweetener - 8 tablets;
  • eggs - 2 pieces.


  1. separated from the protein egg yolks rub with cream cheese.
  2. In the resulting mass pour the milk and thoroughly mixed.Add remaining ingredients and bring the mixture until smooth.
  3. Before the formation of a solid foam proteins and whisk, adding them to the curd mass, gently stir the mixture.In
  4. lined with baking paper form lay out the dough and cook it in the oven at 180 ° C for 60 minutes.

casserole in the oven for Dyukanu turns appetizing, tall, with a ruddy crust.To make the casserole in the microwave for Dyukanu, cottage cheese bake in silicon or glass form at medium power for 10 minutes.

In multivarka

Without starch curd pudding on Dyukanu multivarka in preparing easily and quickly.To the dish turned out tender and well propeklos well take the paste does not granular curd.The recipe can vary 2 tbsp.l.oat bran, and dried fruit (for "Binding" phase).To sweetener distribute the dough evenly crush the tablets or dissolve in 50 g of warm milk.

You will need:

  • coconut - to taste;
  • cottage cheese 0% - 500 g;
  • sweetener - to taste;
  • milk 0% - 100 g;
  • eggs - 5 pieces.


  1. separate yolks from whites.
  2. yolks, milk, cottage cheese, sugar, whisk blender until the consistency of thick cream.
  3. Protein whisk in a dry bowl until peaks.
  4. in cottage cheese carefully insert proteins.Bake 50 minutes in the form of bran sprinkled Multivarki in "Baking" mode.The finished dish garnish with coconut.

When observed Dukan Diet, cottage cheese casserole in multivarka prepared on the stage of "alternation".Due to the presence in the test yolks this recipe phase "Attack" does not fit.Subject to the phase of the "stabilization" baking dish is allowed to slightly coat with vegetable oil.

When cooking casseroles for Dyukanu in multivarka except mode "Baking" You can use the "Soup" mode with the same cooking time.At the end of cooking, leave the dish on a quarter of an hour in the "heating".

casserole recipe of cheese on Dyukanu - dish, allowing not only useful and delicious breakfast, but also lose weight.Using the casserole in the diet can be tasty to feed her husband, children and guests, following the principles of proper nutrition.Bon Appetit!