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  • 1 How to choose natural condensed milk
  • 2 Recipes cheese casserole with condensed milk in the oven
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Baked cheese with condensed milk - delicious dessert, which is especially popular with the children.This dish is rich in calories - its nutritional value of 232 kcal / 100 g According to nutritionists, without harm to the figures recommended to take a day not more than 2 tbsp.l.condensed milk, or no more than 25 grams of casseroles.Nevertheless, the benefit of dairy products due to the high sugar content (as a preservative) condensed milk preserved: it contains useful for bone calcium and many vitamins (A, PP, D, C, B group) and macro (zinc, magnesium, potassium, iodine,manganese), which are important for the body.

How to choose natural condensed milk

To reduce the cost of product manufacturers often injected into the condensed milk, vegetable fats and dietary supplements.How to choose a quality produc


  • Note the name. According to GOST, this product is called only "Condensed milk with sugar" and is packed in a tin can.All the rest - a fake.
  • Consistency .Very thick condensed milk with lumps or crystallization on the edges indicates either released expiry, or a violation of conditions of storage of the product.
  • color and smell. color natural fat condensed milk, white or cream, skim?with a bluish tinge.The smell - sweet, milk.Gray or dirty-beige shade of the product to a violation of manufacturing technology.
  • Take the product with the whole package. damaged, and even more so swollen banks are carriers of disease-causing bacteria.Get condensed milk only in the containers, which were not broken integrity.
cheese casserole recipe with condensed milk can be adapted to the Dukan Diet.To prepare the condensed milk diet, take - liter of milk (skim), 150 g of powdered milk (skimmed), vanillin and 7-8 sweetener tablets.All mix and stir, cook in a water bath for about 40 minutes.

Recipes cheese casserole with condensed milk in the oven

Without flour

Baked cheese with condensed milk in the oven is prepared without flour and get a very delicate, so it is recommended to cut the dish after cooling - not to spill.The presence of condensed milk in baking gives it a special flavor and a pleasant creamy taste.For the preparation of homogeneous casseroles cheese, condensed milk, eggs should be the same temperature, but for whipping egg whites recommended to cool.

You will need:

  • cottage cheese - a pound;
  • condensed milk - 1 bank;
  • starch - 2 tbsp.l .;
  • vanilla - to taste;
  • Eggs - 3 pcs.


  1. Mix cottage cheese and egg until smooth.
  2. To the resulting mass add the condensed milk and starch.Once again mix.
  3. In the laid parchment pour the contents of the form.Bake at 180 ° C, 40-50 minutes.

To casserole cheese and condensed milk became more airy, mix the egg yolks with cream cheese, and whipped to a foam proteins add to the very end in the cottage cheese.Serve the dish to the table, you can jam, powdered sugar, chocolate sauce and fresh berries.

Important: dishes with condensed milk as part contraindicated for people with diabetes and obesity, and excessive use of the product may adversely affect the health of your teeth.


To prepare casseroles better to take the peaches are not ripe, so they can be easily cut to pieces and turned to mush during baking.In this recipe casserole cottage cheese and condensed milk cheese is not necessary to grind until smooth - it is good enough mash with a fork.

You will need:

  • sour cream - 1 cup;
  • sugar - half a cup;
  • cottage cheese - a pound;
  • Eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • semolina - third of the glass;
  • condensed milk - 1 bank;
  • peaches - 2 pcs .;
  • baking powder - 1 tsp .;.
  • vanilla - 2 bags.


  1. With mashed cottage cheese mix condensed milk, sour cream, sugar and vanilla.
  2. connected in a separate bowl semolina and baking powder, sprinkle in them in the mix and, mix, leave it in a warm place for fifteen minutes.
  3. Remove the rind from the peaches, cut them into cubes and add to the dough.
  4. in a preheated 200 ° C oven set form with the Arrangement in her cottage cheese and fruit weight and cook for half an hour meal.

to a dish is not burnt, in the middle of the cycle turn down recommended cooking temperature to 180 ° C to create a delicious crust for half an hour until ready to place on the surface of a piece of butter dishes or brush with her egg.

recipe in multivarka

Curd casserole with condensed milk in multivarka turns fluffy and light.Lack Multivarki - pale "elite" dish - can be easily eliminated by turning casseroles when applying.

You will need:

  • cottage cheese - a pound;
  • condensed milk - 1 bank;
  • candied fruit - a handful;
  • Eggs - 4 pcs .;
  • dried fruit - a handful;
  • vanilla, walnut nutmeg - to taste.


  1. Beat eggs, mix with condensed milk.In the mass, add cottage cheese, all bring to homogeneity.
  2. Stir in candied dough, dried fruits and spices.Beat with a mixer.
  3. Cook the dish in a greased bowl Multivarki to "Baking" mode 80 minutes.

mode After completion of the meal is recommended to leave a quarter of an hour to cool without opening the lid - so it does not and shall fade easily separated from the dishes.For consistency of dishes was more dense in the recipe, you can add semolina - 3-4 tablespoons.l.

casserole with condensed milk and cheese - healthy dessert that is easy to vary the fruit, dried fruits, candied fruits and other ingredients to the table every day was a new tasty dish.Bon Appetit!