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  • 1 How to cook pilaf in a cauldron
  • 2 How to cook risotto in multivarka
  • 3 Which rice is better for pilaf

There are plenty of recipes pilaf, but evenstrictly following them, not all it turns out this oriental masterpiece.Often those who are first time preparing a pilaf recipes on the Internet or under the guidance of my mother on the phone, get instead porridge with meat.What is important for this pilaf?First of all, what meat you use, and yet - how much water to add.Of course in Fig pilaf matters which should be crisp, and numerous spices.Which is better for rice pilaf?How to make a pilaf crumbly?How to cook the pilaf in a cauldron, frying and multivarka.This you will learn below.

How to cook pilaf in a cauldron

Recipe pilaf in a cauldron practically no different from cooking in a pressure cooker, frying pan or saucepan.The fact is proved that the thick wall, and it ensures a uniform temperature.After learning a few secrets that we will share, it is possible to

make a good risotto, and not having proved.In this case, it is desirable to use the dishes with a double or triple bottom.

So the approximate ratio of products:

  • meat (pork, lamb) - 300-400 g;
  • rice - 2 cups;
  • vegetable oil - 200 ml (1 cup);
  • carrots - one large or two small;
  • onion 1 piece;
  • salt - 1 teaspoon;
  • garlic;
  • spices;
  • water (hot water), the amount of convenience.

cooking process

  1. In a dry pan, which is very important (if crude, the oil will splatter), pour the oil and warm up much before the advent of light smoke.If meat is fatty, the oil will require less than half, or pilaf will be too bold.
  2. in hot oil carefully, so as not to get burned by flying spray, put sliced ​​medium diced meat and stir.The meat juice will initially that evaporated in the process.Fry until golden brown.
  3. Cut into small cubes carrots and onions.Add them to the pan and fry all together.Do not forget to stir, so that the contents are not stuck to the bottom and not burnt.
  4. boil water in the kettle.
  5. Wash rice and send it in a pan with meat and vegetables.
  6. Just add water.There needs accurate calculation.Usually pilaf crumbly it needs water twice the amount of rice.For example, one cup of cereal - two glasses of water.In fact, we also need two cups, but if we do that, we get porridge, because there are some water in the washed rice.Also, with the addition of salt meat still provide a certain amount of liquid.So take a water glass full plus 4/5 cup.For example, if you took a faceted glass with a rim, the 4/5 - this without rim.
  7. Garlic can not be cleaned, but only obshelushit and rinse.We distribute it evenly over the surface and lightly pushes inward.
  8. Add salt, spices, and close the lid tightly.If there is an opening, it is better to close a piece of dough that is easy to do from flour and water.When cooking on an electric stove, put on the cover folded in several layers of clean towel.On the gas stove towel should not be used for fire safety.
  9. After closing the cover, note the time.First, cook on high heat for about five minutes, then slow - seven minutes.Then, for about eight minutes, keeping on very low heat, and finally turn off the fire.We leave on the stove and do not open the lid for an hour.If you have a gas stove, you have from time to time to include the smallest spark, which can be done.The main thing in the process of cooking pilaf - do not stir it!
  10. An hour pilaf is ready.Can you give him a little brew, then mix well.

Using Multivarki involves cooking healthy and delicious food with maximum preservation of vitamins.Pilaf pork in multivarka can be done, and it will be more useful than in a cauldron, but the taste - unlike traditional oriental dishes.

How to cook risotto in multivarka

Recently Multivarki have become very popular.They are preparing soups, meat and fish dishes, side dishes, dumplings, etc.Recipe for pilaf in multivarka quite simple.The ingredients and proportions are the same as in the previous recipe.Just do not fry anything will.If you know how to cook pilaf pork or how to cook risotto in a frying pan, and you've got his signature recipe, but it multivarka you never do, feel free to use it!To do this, all pre-prepared components immerse in multivarku in strict sequence:

  • meat,
  • carrots,
  • onions,
  • rice,
  • salt,
  • spices,
  • water,
  • oil.

We hope that you have pilaf turned out the first time.And if not, do not worry, because experience comes with time.

Which is better for rice pilaf

It is difficult to give a definite answer, because, as they say, the taste and color of comrades there.Each thinks is right pilaf one that prepares mother or grandmother.Therefore, responses to the question what is best for the rice pilaf set.However, we still tell you about the right rice pilaf.Having prepared from it once, you will not want to experiment with other varieties of rice.

So, this risotto is made from durum rice.Its grain - milky white, slightly transparent and elongated.They contain amylose - a polysaccharide, giving the croup friability.However, some housewives believe that from such rice pilaf turns out dryish.The fact that the time for its preparation requires more than a "round brother", and therefore the amount of liquid should be increased.We draw conclusions.

  • Long grain rice - ideal for pilaf.Varieties of rice devzira, scald best suited for pilaf.After washing, it should be soaked for a few hours before cooking.This figure can be purchased on the market from traders of spices and dried fruits.However devzira often counterfeited, because this figure does not come cheap and belongs to the elite classes.Original has a red-brown color and bright stripes on the side.Forgery paint broken red brick dust.Distinguish at home it simply: after washing at the bottom does not appear brown precipitate.
  • Parboiled (heat-treated) Figure can be used to pilaf.He fell in love with the mistress of the modern crispness and vitamin content.However, this figure has a specific taste and a traditional eastern pilaf out of it will not work.
  • Round Figure not suitable for pilaf.It contains a lot of starch, so has a good adhesiveness.In Russia, are grown only a rice variety.That it is used for sushi.
  • medium-grained rice - a cross between a "round" and "long".It is quite soft and not much glued.Because he did not get a perfect pilaf, but the porridge will be canceled!
  • ground or broken rice used for cooking porridge viscous.
  • Thai rice (jasmine) and Vietnamese (basmati) for pilaf, too, will not work: very quickly boil soft.

And one more advice.The shelf life of rice can vary from five to ten years, but never take it for the future, and when buying pay attention to the date of manufacture.Preference is better to give the rice, which lay on the counter is not more than a year, it has more beneficial properties and taste much better.

Now you know how to cook pilaf in a cauldron and a better rice pilaf.Ask questions and share your result in comments.And then we'll show you how to cook pilaf of lamb and risotto recipe with mussels.In order to have completely turned east masterpiece, in addition to compliance with technology and proportions, put back his soul and the love season.Bon Appetit!