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  • 1 composition and nutritional value
  • 2 Benefits and harms
  • 3 Calorie eggs
  • 4 Rules cooking eggs
    • 4.1 Scrambled eggs without butter - 3method
  • 5 classic recipe
  • 6 Fried eggs in sweet pepper and bacon

in how to cook the usual scrambled eggs, it would seem, there is no special science.But many burnt dish, spread out the yolks, protein is not roasted.Before you learn the secrets of cooking, we consider that part of the popular dishes.

composition and nutritional value

The percentage of the nutritional value of eggs is distributed as follows: fats - 51%, protein - 46%, carbohydrates - 3%.Due to the fact that eggs in nature - medium for the embryos, they contain everything needed for normal functioning.Namely - over fifty bioelements, including oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen.Egg yolk is rich in protein, which stimulates the growth of muscle mass, vitamins, lipids and minerals.A large number of phosphorus and calcium strengthens bones, teeth and n


Benefits and harms

primarily benefit or harm of eggs depends on the freshness of eggs.In order to maintain longer freshness of eggs, they need to keep cool in the refrigerator in the trays.Place in the door will not work - it is the warmest.

Putting eggs in trays for storage should be sharp end down.A large number of pores is located exactly at the blunt end, through them "breathe" eggs thus remain fresh longer.

Eggs are considered a major source of salmonella.Therefore it is better not to eat it raw or undercooked.

and eggs can not everyone.This dish is contraindicated in people with allergies, people with liver disease and children 1.5-2 years (except for the yolk - it can be from 7-8 months).People with high cholesterol should avoid eating the yolk.

used to be that a large amount of cholesterol in eggs is detrimental to the condition of the body.However, research results have shown that lecithin, which is also part of the egg, prevent cholesterol deposition in the vascular cavity.

The more useful fried, so it's almost a full digestibility (98%).Nutritional composition equivalent to 250 ml of milk and 60 grams of meat.Especially important are the eggs in the diet of children.According to the importance they occupy second place after the milk.

Calorie eggs

Egg is a low-calorie product.Calorie fried eggs 100 g based on vegetable oil is 158 calories.According to the number of eggs, fried eggs calorie is:

  • of 1 egg - 109 kcal;
  • of 2 eggs - 189 kcal;
  • of 3 eggs - 360 kcal.

To get breakfast diet can fry some proteins.Calories in scrambled eggs without the yolk is almost imperceptible - only 43 kcal per 100 g But the protein content in the protein of an egg is the daily norm for the body.

cooking eggs Rules

How to cook a delicious omelet, so it does not overheat, were not liquid or solid?Despite the fact that this is one of the most simple dishes, not all it turns out perfectly.A few simple rules and tricks to help make an omelette without difficulty in a matter of minutes.

  • Pick pan. Ideal - thick ceramic or cast-iron frying pan.In a large number of eggs fit wide, for one or two - a little to the edge of the protein is not flowed and not scorched.
  • Use 2 kinds of oil. To the food certainly not burnt, and found a pleasant fragrance fry in vegetable oil and butter.
  • Temperature. pierce the egg should be in a well-heated pan, otherwise they will absorb the excess fat and will be a long time to prepare.For efficient cooking, select a medium heat.In a strong - Podgora edge and the middle will not have time to fry.
  • How to fry eggs. up to a minute to determine the readiness is impossible, since we use different utensils are not the same size eggs on the stove temperature.The finished dish is when hardened protein.Yolk can try gently with your finger.It should not be too soft.
  • Cooking for several servings. Fried eggs for 2 or more servings of roasted unevenly, as one protein covers the other.To eliminate this, it is necessary to half-baked protein to make cuts in several places.
  • Add salt properly. If the salt at the beginning immediately after driving into the pan, most likely, the yolk will be spread and covered with white spots, so it's best to do it at the end.In addition, if the fry an egg properly, the salt should not be the yolk and albumen.
How to determine whether or not fresh eggs without breaking them?Very easy.The longer they are, the more they less moisture and air.Place the egg in a bowl of cold water.If it's "lies" on the bottom in a horizontal position - fresh, is slightly tilted - is about a week, and if it floats vertically - to use such a product is dangerous, it is stale.

Scrambled eggs without butter - 3 Ways

There are several ways how to fry eggs without oil.After all, food cooked in this way, it is lower in calories and useful.This dish can be included in diets for weight loss and treatment of the digestive system.

  • Method 1. Take a cotton ball and soak the vegetable oil.Good press.Wipe the bottom of the pan.For such a method is suitable or ceramic pan with non-stick coating.Fry the eggs over low heat, shaking slightly, so they do not burn.Such a minimum dose of oil does not hurt either figure or health.
  • Method 2. Cooking Spray.By aerosol sprayed amount of fat per 1 serving is negligible.However, the food does not stick.
  • method 3. In a heated pan, pour a little water, so that it completely covers the bottom.When the water boils, drive the egg.Grill, covered over low heat until tender.

classic recipe

You will need:

  • eggs - 2 pieces;
  • vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon;
  • salt - to taste.


So how to cook fried eggs from the eggs can be not only in the pan, will use the method of cooking in the oven.

  1. Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan.
  2. Beat the eggs carefully, so as not flowed yolks.Season with salt.
  3. Cook for 1-2 minutes.Put in a preheated 180 degrees oven for another 3-4 minutes.
  4. Cut eggs for protein and hold under the lid closed to food did not stick to the pan.

in Fried sweet pepper and bacon

You will need:

  • eggs - 2 pieces;
  • bacon (ham) - 2 slices;
  • large bell pepper - 1 piece;
  • butter - 10 g;
  • salt, spices, herbs - to taste.


  1. Pepper wash, dry.Cut out the middle range 2 thickness of 1.5-2 cm.
  2. Bacon or ham cut into small pieces.
  3. Since fry an egg on a pan is not long, sauté over medium heat pepper for 1-2 minutes on each side.
  4. Melt butter in two slices of pepper.Tightly lay in the middle of the bacon.
  5. 2-3 minutes drive in the top one egg.Cover the pan with a lid and cook until tender.
  6. Turn off the pan and let stand 1-2 minutes.During this time, scrambled eggs "lag behind" on the pan.
  7. Transfer the fried egg ready to "mold" on the plate or sandwich.Sprinkle with the chopped herbs.Bon Appetit!

Fried eggs - the most popular dish for breakfast in many countries.Preparation takes a minimum of time, the use of it is obvious, and the taste of everyone's liking.The only negative - a variety of cooking is almost impossible.But it is possible to use various additives (ham, bacon, cheese, tomatoes), sauces and herbs.And then fried eggs everyday is not exactly boring.