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  • 1 5 small culinary secrets
  • 2 classic recipe toast
  • 3 indispensable ingredient does not happen
  • 4 experiments with taste

5 small culinarysecrets

Use our tips!

  1. Bread is best to use the stale .Since fresh bread after cooking may seem raw or poorly roasted inside.
  2. important to properly warm up the oil .And it must be done before roasting, to a mixture of eggs and milk, in which the poppy bread, not spread out on the frying pan.
  3. Do not forget to follow the oil in a skillet .If it is too much, it will turn out greasy croutons and can burn slightly low oil.
  4. Butter croutons make more delicate taste .However, for making it take more than a vegetable, and by this will significantly increase caloric meals.
  5. can use the oven .For example, using additional ingredients that when cooking top must be placed on a piece of toast.Then the "cap" does not break, and the bread is good fry thoroughly.

classic recipe, we inherited a legacy from the brave knights, comple

tely nezateyliv.Without a soul almost a penny, these people are often content with the fact that God has sent, or that could be asked in nearby taverns.In the course were: old bread, a pinch of salt, a little turned sour milk, stale piece of cheese, a tomato crop, slice of smoked meat, if the innkeeper caught a bit too generous.A piece of bread dipped in milk, well salted, in good times anointed with oil, then fried on both sides on the hot stones, and a ready-made croutons decorated top all that remained at the bottom of the bag.

classic recipe toast

toast recipe with milk and egg survives today virtually unchanged.But, more importantly, now we can not be satisfied with leftovers and cook a full meal (or snack), using the best available products.

you need:

  • eight slices of regular white bread or loaf;
  • three tablespoons of vegetable oil (for frying);
  • two eggs of medium size;
  • one glass of milk, optimally 3.5% fat;
  • salt, sugar to taste.


Making toast with eggs and milk can both savory and sweet, depending on your taste preferences.The recipe will be different only by the amount of sugar.

  1. Put the pan on the stove with oil, so that it has managed to overheat.
  2. Cut the bread into thin slices, if you like a crispy crust thick or if you prefer a soft layer inside.Perfect already sliced ​​loaf of bread or toast.
  3. in containers with high edges and wide bottom (to freely entered at least one slice of bread), beat the eggs until smooth.For whipping can be used as a mixer or whisk, suitable even ordinary fork.
  4. Stir the eggs, pour the milk into the container, again beat all until smooth.
  5. If you want a salty dish, the resulting mixture should be salt and add a pinch of sugar to enhance the flavor.And if you prefer sweet fried bread in egg and milk, the sugar must be greater than the amount of salt.
  6. Put a piece of bread in the resulting mixture so that it completely disappeared under it.If the bread is stale, or you cut thick layers, then soak it in a mixture of 20 seconds to soften and better impregnation.Thin slices should be kept not more than 5 seconds.When the mixture becomes small, the Dip the bread on both sides.
  7. on a hot frying pan gently put a piece of bread soaked in a mixture of milk and eggs.While he is fried, you can prepare the next piece in a similar manner.
  8. Fry the bread on each side until golden brown, it is about 2-3 minutes.
  9. first pieces can be put in a bowl, carpeted with a paper towel to them with butter glass.

If you have a mixture, when you sent the last piece of bread into the pan, then you can pour it behind.Fry also - 2-3 minutes on each side.

indispensable ingredient does not happen

toasts loaf with egg and milk enjoying tremendous success, not only because of the simplicity of the formulation and preparation of virtually instantaneous speed, but also because of the unique opportunity to replace any ingredient without loss of body taste!So, if you do not have enough eggs and milk, and bread and butter shelves in your refrigerator, use the following tips.

  • Eggs can be replaced ... Bananas! If you plan to make sweet dish, this fruit is ideal for creating a thickish mass where you want to dip the bread.And if a serious plan unsweetened breakfast, then dilute the milk with flour (a handful of smaller ones) or grated cheese (a handful more).
  • Milk has a significant impact on the taste of toast .In connection with what is useful to know how to cook French toast with eggs without milk.For example, yogurt is suitable for a more bitter taste or cream to soft subtle aroma and sour cream will give a "batter" special splendor.Moreover, the lack of this product in the dish can compensate for the excess egg.
  • oil for frying is suitable for both cooking and butter .Even if you have margarine, conventional oil, or in a frying pan juice left from yesterday's delicious steak, you - the kitchen magician!And at a certain level of skill (and if there is a good dishes) fry bread with eggs and milk can do without oil.
  • How would this may seem strange, but even bread can be replaced! For example, pre-prepare simple donuts made from flour and water, which are then you obmaknete the mix.But, of course, better to look at the shelves of a dried (but not moldy!) Brick bread, loaf, pita bread, bagel or donut.
Remember that only the absence of all of the ingredients you can stop in the preparation of a conventional stick to the egg and milk.But your imagination will tell the unique recipe of the new dishes!

experiments with taste

As we have seen, and the process of preparation of grilled loaf with egg and milk do not require special skills, and the recipe does not contain any complex components.However, if you intend to surprise your guests (or the stomach), then add the classic instructions several unusual ingredients.

  • Hard cheese will make the dish hearty and add to the crust a little more crunch .Do not forget to pre-rub or chop.In addition, you can sprinkle the cheese has browned loaf before it rubbed with garlic or onion.
  • Flour allows to satisfy hunger fewer bread.The main thing to watch, that the mixture of eggs, milk and flour has not turned out too thick.
  • sandwich of toast may be unusual and very hearty .To do this, after the toast to the same oil can fry and sausage.
  • Sweet tooth recommend sweet toast recipe with milk and egg .Finished toasts can dip in the jam, jam or condensed milk (whether cooked or not), water or any other caramel syrup, which is right at your fingertips, to smear the bread with honey or chocolate paste.
  • Spices allow play nicely .Ground cinnamon and vanilla give croutons elusive aroma of dessert dishes, and powdered sugar accentuate the sweetness in the upcoming tea party.
  • exquisite decoration for your table .It - toast smeared with curd cheese (or whipped cream) and topped with fresh strawberries (or other fruit to taste).
  • Croutons can be a great snack with beer or soup! To do this you need only a little more salt, a little less milk and eggs, and, most importantly, do not forget before cooking sliced ​​bread cubes.

Even the most sophisticated gourmet can discover the savory or sweet loaf of toast with egg and milk.Do not be afraid to come up with something unusual, your stomach will definitely thank you for the interesting combination of products and new taste sensations.

simplicity of this recipe and prepare a variety of possible options allows croutons stay dish, loved by both adults and most young knights.By the way, thanks to the uncomplicated culinary process, even a child can learn how to make French toast with eggs and milk, and later pamper you these goodies.