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  • 1 Cooking Manual "in Russian" and "Asian way»
    • 1.1 traditional way
    • 1.2 Japanese method
  • 2 quick waymodeling ravioli
  • 3 helpers in the kitchen

to dough was malleable for sculpting, it is best to comply with its preparation such proportions: six parts flour to one part water.If necessary, one can pour the flour, but gently, so that the dough does not stick to hands, and at the same time is not too thick.Salt water, add the egg and pour the liquid into the flour and mix it all in a bowl and knead lay on the table, sprinkled with flour.

dough will be more flexible, soft, if a long time to work with him.Knead as long as it will not keep the shape.Then wrap in foil or cover with a damp towel and send it "rest" for an hour - for homogeneity.

Cooking Manual "in Russian" and "Asian way»

It would seem that many people know how to sculpt dumplings hands: how passed down from generation to generation.But maybe you should pay attention to some small tricks.

traditional way

Looks whether this method to your favorite?They are often used, for example, in restaurants serving Russian cuisine.Recommended if you have not tried this.


  1. Roll out dough dumpling even layer thickness of about 3 mm.At this time it is not necessary to regret flour "signature".Do not fear excessive rigidity, as the dough has to defend, is to allocate a little moisture and stick.Rolling, turn the reservoir several times.
  2. Cut circles from the reservoir via a thin-walled glass or cup, a little stretch their fingers.The side facing the table, flip, put in the center of the circle a little stuffing (just a teaspoon).
  3. Fold the circle in half, close up along the edge, and connect the opposite corners.
    can put dumplings on a floured surface to prevent them from sticking together.
To unstick the edges are not (especially if you sculpt large dumplings with a decent amount of toppings), they can lubricate the egg yolk or just cold water.

Japanese method

Japanese dumplings called gёdza - a nice corrugated "crescents".They are molded from an elastic dough by hand rather interesting method.


  1. Roll out the dough, prepared by the usual prescription, in a very thin layer.
  2. Cut glass circles.Put a teaspoon of the filling facility and lift up the edge.Make
  3. at the forefront gёdza folds like pleated fabric, and then firmly connect this region with a smooth rear edge.

original dish cooked in this way, looks good and is suitable for the festive table.

quick way to sculpt dumplings

may seem that this method is more complex than other methods of modeling ravioli, but in fact it turns out to be the "speed."It may adopt even experienced hostess, accustomed to prepare differently.Time it will take a little bit (with due skill, rolling on you will spend about ten minutes), since you do not have to work on the circles one by one.After this will only sculpt.


  1. thin layer of dough, sprinkle with flour and roll roll.
  2. Cut the resulting roll crosswise into small pieces, a width of not more than 3-4 cm, and then expand the rolls to get the ribbons.
  3. Exactly add ribbons to each other and cut them crosswise into squares.
  4. can put the filling in the center, fold in half and squares zaschipyvaem edge on three sides, and then the bottom pair of tight corners stick together with each other.You can put on a diagonal - a triangle - and also to connect a couple of corners.
to the dough does not dry, cover has cut the squares with a damp towel and pull them out one by one during the sculpting of ravioli.

helpers in the kitchen

To help all who cherish the time and their own strength, invented special tools for sculpting dumplings at home.Handmade - a classic, but there are always those who would like to work a little easier in the kitchen - from the dough to actually sculpt.

It should be borne in mind that the apparatus for the manufacture of dumplings at home is to use the test vymeshennogo on this recipe:

  • flour - 450 g;
  • Salt - 0.5 tsp;
  • water - 250 ml;
  • vegetable oil - 1 tbsp.
dough is loaded into an apparatus for molding dumplings at home, it is recommended to do the most "tight", but at the same time flexible.Subsequently, it should not be boiled soft.For this is good flour.

Automatic machine attached to the table clamp, like a meat grinder, a cord to connect to the mains.With this Pelmennica you can prepare the dough and get up to 15 kg of food.


  1. Roll the tortillas in the machine evenly and place them in the head.
  2. Place the cooked beef in a special tray.
  3. Turn on the machine and wait until it separates the workpiece and "zavernet" in their beef.
  4. Put dumplings with a shaped edge on the plate or sheet.

There is a variant of such a machine for molding dumplings at home - it is not electric, made of wear-resistant, non-toxic engineering plastics and stainless steel, it has a handle.The apparatus allows 12 kg per hour of finished product.


  1. Roll out the dough on the shafts of the machine in two layers.
  2. Download the beef in a container using the measuring spoon.
  3. Twist the knob.Two video capture device and pressed together sheets of dough between sheets sealed stuffing in the form of cells, and the reservoir is getting out of the machine shafts.
  4. Separate cells from each other by a conventional blade or disc.

The modeling ravioli, in principle, there is nothing particularly complicated.And if you have a machine for making dumplings at home, it can further facilitate your work in the kitchen.

Mistress knows well how to sculpt dumplings, but perhaps some of the tips listed here will help make this tedious process a little nicer and more diverse, as well as shorten the time before the delicious result on the dining table.