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  • 1 Subtleties cooking pork stuffing for ravioli
  • 2 Cooking dumplings with pork
  • 3 How to choose meat for stuffing

Subtleties cooking pork stuffing for ravioli

recipe dumplings of pork will not be complete if it did not take into account all the features of cooking meat.

  • Which meat take. If you want dumplings posochnee and fatter, take the bacon - it has enough fat and meat.More meatless option - neck or ham.
  • As grind. This can be done in several ways.If you like textured beef, armed with a hatchet (preferably two) and chop the meat on the board (do not overdo it, so you do not eat dumplings with slivers).It is possible to process the meat in a meat grinder on a large grid.If you like beef ponezhnee, mince twice.
  • juice. pork dumplings are obtained juicy, if beef add cold water or cucumber brine.
  • Bow. If you love to bow felt in the stuffing, do not twist it in a meat grinder, and a sharp knife chop into small cubes.
  • How to give softness. significantly improves the taste and texture of stuffing his kneading.Its hybrids, like dough or repel slaps on the board.After promeshivaniya beef should not strongly stick to hands or be too resilient.
  • Seasonings. give piquancy stuffing chives, freshly ground black pepper, coriander, finely chopped garlic.According to your taste you can add any seasoning, but do not overdo it, to not kill the taste of meat.

just ground spices always more fragrant and bright taste than purchased in the form of a powder.Even milled at home seasoning is not necessary to be stored for a long time, otherwise they will lose a significant part of the essential oils.

Cooking dumplings with pork

Tortellini is never too much!The only question is how much you have in stock products and time.Homemade dumplings with minced pork prepared quite simply, not as long as it might seem at first glance.Especially if you bring to the modeling of the whole family.

you need to test:

  • flour - about 3 cups;
  • water - 1 cup;
  • egg - 1-2 pieces;
  • largest salt - 1 teaspoon.

For the stuffing you'll need:

  • pork - 500 g;
  • onions - 1 head;
  • fresh garlic - 3 cloves;
  • spices - to taste;
  • salt - to taste;
  • cold water - ½ cup.


  1. Dissolve salt in water hammer and egg.Sift the flour on the table, or in a large bowl, make a hole in it and pour the solution.Gradually interfere flour into the water, increasing the density.Knead the dough on the table for about 10 minutes, adding flour as needed, until it becomes elastic and without large air bubbles inside.
  2. Recipe minced pork for dumplings is not difficult, the main thing - the balance of ingredients.Scroll through the meat grinder (or chop by hand), add salt, spices, onion and garlic.Pour cold water parts: pour some hybrids, and then a little more and again hybrids, and so several times until all the water has drained.ProMes minced until complete dissolution of the salt.
  3. Roll out the dough and make a cup of the same circles.Or make sausage dough, cut it into pieces, and those pieces of cake shape.
  4. Spoon the filling on the cake (it is more convenient to do it with a fork) and the edges of the dough stick together.Dumplings can sculpt any shape, but more often than meat dumplings do round (ie, make a half moon, and then stick together its corners).Do not put too much filling, so that it does not stretch the dough.Do not make the dumplings are too large, otherwise they would have to cook for a long time, and they can fall apart.
  5. Boil water in a large pan (water should be enough to dumplings enough space), add salt, refined head onion, bay leaves and any other spices.
  6. threw dumplings while gently stir a large spoon or skimmer.It is more convenient to do it together.When the water boils with dumplings, pinpoint the time - usually dumplings with pork cook for about 7 minutes.
  7. Carefully remove with a slotted spoon dumplings on a large platter or a la carte dish.

recipe for homemade ravioli with pork can be upgraded, if a little more to pay attention to feeding: after caught dumplings in broth drop your vegetables and cook for 1-3 minutes, and then post them along with the dumplings.This can be broccoli, cauliflower, green peas, corn, etc.

Serve the dumplings can be prepared with broth, fresh herbs, sour cream, hot sauce, vegetables.

How to choose meat for stuffing

To dumplings were tasty, healthy and safe, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of pork for the meat.

  • Pulp.For ravioli fit the part of the carcass, which is not small bones: neck, ham, bacon, etc.Be sure to check for the presence of a piece of small fragments of bone - then they can be difficult to remove, and sometimes impossible, but we do not want to spoil the impression of the whole dish because such a small detail.
  • Where to take. no universal recommendations, where to buy meat - it all depends on the conscience of the sellers.If you buy pork in the market, pay attention to its storage conditions.If the meat is in the open, rarely washable counter, find another seller.Such storage is dangerous: on the products may appear insects, without refrigeration, it may be stale (especially true in the summer).Of course, the meat is better to buy from a trusted seller, but as practice shows, and "their" people sometimes deceive.If you prefer to buy pork at the store, always pay attention to the expiry date, temperature of the refrigerator and the integrity of the packaging.
  • Appearance. Meat should not be dried up, have odors and unusual color - pork should be very pronounced red color and fat - white (not yellow).Note that there are no solid fat film - it indicates that the animal is old.Do not hesitate to smell the meat because of its freshness depends on the health of the entire family.Feel a piece - it should not be sticky mucus.

minced pork dumplings to better prepare their own hands, instead of buying ready-made, then your dish will always be delicious and original.