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egg casserole like in kindergarten - a dish that appeals to many for its sweet and creamy taste.Many mothers tend to make it his.But not always it turns out.Despite the fact that the dish consists of only three components: milk, eggs, and salt, there are some proper cooking secrets.


  • not whisk eggs with milk. To eggs not oversaturated air, they should be easy to stir with a fork or whisk until smooth.Do not use a blender or mixer.
  • sequence. First stir the eggs, then shake them, pouring a thin stream of milk.Finally, add salt and mix well.
  • Number of butter. oil should be taken only for lubrication form, but not anymore.Excess product can not give rise casserole as follows.
  • capacity for baking. For this dish, choose a narrow form with high side
    s to the casserole is well risen.
  • important rule. Do not open the oven the first 15 minutes while preparing the dish, as it may fall off.

Egg casserole in the oven

classic recipe in the oven time preparing "by eye".Approximately - is 30 minutes.Once the top layer begins to brown, you can safely get out of the oven.

You will need:

  • egg - 6 pieces;
  • milk - 300 ml;
  • salt - pinch.


  1. Mix the eggs with the milk.Add a pinch of salt and stir until smooth.
  2. Take wide shape for baking or baking.Cover the parchment paper.Pour the mixture.
  3. Cook in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.Once cooled, cut into pieces.

If you do not have baking paper, grease evenly form butter.The layer must be thin.Baked eggs in kindergarten unequivocally endorse your little gourmet and ask for supplements.

recipe in multivarka

equally delicious casserole turns multivarka in any firm.The differences in time and time is also no.The number of eggs can be taken without permission.Observe the proportions: per 1 egg 50 ml milk.

You will need:

  • egg - 5 pieces;
  • milk - 250 ml;
  • Salt - a pinch;
  • butter - '30


  1. hammer eggs in the tank.Stir to yolks coupled to the protein.
  2. Add milk and a quarter teaspoon of salt, whisk with a fork or whisk until smooth.Do not whip mixer.
  3. walls and bottom of the bowl Multivarki grease with butter.Pour in the egg mixture.Select "Bake" mode and set the time 30 minutes.According to him after open the lid, let cool 5-10 minutes.Then remove with a steam basket.

The result is an egg casserole in kindergarten.It climbs well and does not stick.The mixture is baked through evenly.

«Orientation meeting» Recipe microwaved

You will need:

  • egg - 4 pieces;
  • hard cheese - 50 g;
  • salt - a whisper.


  1. Beat eggs in a bowl of medium depth.Do not stir!
  2. Pierce yolks in a few places.
  3. Salt.Sprinkle with grated cheese.
  4. Cover the glass plate or any heat-resistant cover.
  5. Put in the microwave on medium mode (600-800 watts) for 5 minutes.
  6. After remove the signal, open the cover.sprinkle with chopped herbs, if desired.
Hard cheese is added, not only because it is a delicious dish and turns to golden cheese crust.He seals the consistency of the finished casserole dish and does not fall apart easily flipped.

Original recipes

With broccoli and spinach

Broccoli and spinach are very useful.In raw or steamed state, they are not particularly tasty, but in the egg casserole will turn out perfectly.And the appearance of the dishes will delight originality.

You will need:

  • egg - 4 pieces;
  • broccoli - 200 g;
  • spinach - 50 g;
  • onion - 1 piece;
  • carrot - 1 small;
  • butter - 10 g;
  • milk - 150 ml;
  • hard cheese - 100 g;
  • flour - 1 tablespoon;
  • salt, spices - to taste.


  1. Wash and cut into small pieces of broccoli.
  2. dice carrots and onions.Fry in vegetable oil.
  3. Broccoli fry on the other pan.Then connect with onions and carrots and stew for 5-7 minutes.
  4. Cook pouring eggs Stir with a fork or whisk.Add the milk and salt with spices.Another whisk again.Stir the mixture with flour and chopped spinach.
  5. widely grease a baking dish with butter.Pour the vegetables and pour the egg mixture.
  6. pour on top with grated cheese.
  7. Put in a preheated 180 degree oven for 25 minutes.Cook until golden brown.Once cooled, cut into portions.

egg soufflé with zucchini and shrimp

You will need:

  • egg - 4 pieces;
  • zucchini - 1 small;
  • shrimp - 150 g;
  • hard cheese - 50-100 g;
  • herbs (onion, dill, parsley, cilantro, basil) - a few sprigs;
  • milk - 3 tablespoons;
  • salt, pepper - a pinch.


  1. Cut the zucchini into thin strips.Chop the greens.
  2. proteins separate from the yolks.Yolks, whisk well.Add salt, pepper and milk.Another shake again.
  3. Proteins beat until stable peaks.
  4. Connect protein mass with the yolks, stirring gently to the protein is not opal.
  5. on preheated and greased pan, pour the egg mixture.After 1-2 minutes the center lay the sliced ​​zucchini, peeled shrimp and greens.Sprinkle grated cheese on top.
  6. Remove from heat and place in oven preheated to 200 degrees.After 10 minutes you can get.

Casserole - is the most popular dish for breakfast.And there are several good reasons:

  • Cook it very simply and quickly.
  • Eggs and milk are good for health, especially in the morning.
  • composition of ingredients and the minimum price is not expensive.
  • This dish can be satisfied for 3-4 hours.
  • Finally, casserole - a field for experimentation.Stuffing can be selected as desired, or to add that there is in the refrigerator.

egg casserole recipe in kindergarten simple enough, but it turns out the dish tasty and nourishing.To diversify its pofantaziruet filled.You can add vegetables: zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, carrots, peas, etc.Ideally suited mushrooms with onion and garlic.Vegetation will give a special flavor and original taste.Add dill, parsley, chives, basil, spinach, celery.Do not forget about natural spices and seasonings.