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  • 1 5 basic rules
  • 2 classic recipe
  • 3 Chicken with fruit
  • 4 Chicken in a pot with potatoes

seems to jarso fragile containers that food cooked in it is basically impossible.However, with proper treatment it can bake a juicy chicken.Recipe chicken in the oven in the bank is very simple and involves some imagination in terms of ingredients and absolute accuracy in terms of working with the dishes.

5 basic rules

Before recipes will be described, it is necessary to remember the basic rules of cooking.If you want a real safety - should deviate from the course, and the dish will be lost.At the same time, and the oven will suffer.

  1. Bank must be dry, free of cracks and labels. It is necessary that under the influence of temperature, it is not completely split (crack will go further, juice drained), and the label is not burned.
  2. not download jar to the top. Remember, chicken - meat juicy, not dry, and like baking gives a lot of his own juice.If there is no will, the
    n it will emerge in the pan for him.The chicken will dry and tasteless.
  3. Do not install the oven in the mode above 180 degrees. Cooking chicken in the pot in the oven takes a long time - almost two hours - because of temperature limits.But the resulting dish is really useful and tasty.
  4. chicken filled with water is not necessary, as it does not require a dish and butter. However, you can add a bit of butter if you wish, if you want to get fatter chicken.
  5. cold oven. bet pot and pull it must be out of the cold brazier, otherwise it will burst.

Now go directly to the recipe.The main thing - your imagination.Chicken recipe components in the oven in the bank can be different, as well as the conventional baking pan on.

classic recipe

Classic version of chicken dishes - it's support of their vegetables.Juicy chicken perfectly absorbs all the flavors of carrots, peppers, onions or garlic.The result is amazing.

To prepare you will need:

  • 1 kg chicken (legs);
  • 1 large onion;
  • 1 medium carrot;
  • 2 bell peppers (preferably red);
  • 4 cherry tomatoes or 1 regular;
  • seasonings, herbs, bay leaf, pepper;
  • if you wish, you can add turmeric - it gives a nice golden color.


  1. Cut carrots and peppers into strips - cooked quickly and give better taste and flavor.
  2. Onions cut into half rings, and the fillet - small pieces.Oily skins better to separate, as the pieces of fat on the meat available.
  3. tomato cut into small pieces, and cherry - in half.
  4. chicken treat a pinch of salt and seasonings.
  5. A dry two liter jar layers spread over the dry layer of chicken, vegetables, and then coat chicken again, but more oily.Top dump the same and pieces of fat, and trimmed sandpaper.
  6. bank is closed iron lid without condom or foil and put in a cold oven.Then heat it to 180 degrees.
  7. Cooking 1.5-2 hours, switch off and pull out after 30 minutes.
  8. From broth can be prepared aspic or extinguish a potato garnish.

Chicken with fruit

fans of unusual dishes offered chicken recipe in the oven in a glass with several types of fruits.Sami can not eat fruit after cooking, as well as the broth to use for the fill.Fortunately, it turns jelly broth and perfectly shows itself after cooling.

you need:

  • 1 kg chicken, chicken legs, chicken legs - to choose from.Better, of course, to choose exactly fillet pieces as such aesthetic cut, stacked compactly in a jar and allowed more juice.Bones stop us;
  • 1 apple;
  • 1 orange;
  • 1 large onion;
  • half teaspoon of salt, pepper, seasoning to taste.


  1. Fruits and onions cut into slices (half-rings).Bones of orange and apple is better to remove.
  2. chicken can be pre-marinated for half an hour, sprinkled with lemon juice and rubbed seasoning, and then lightly salt.Experienced mistress noted that salt for the chicken in the pot should be much less than for baked on a baking sheet.This is because the juice can not evaporate and therefore the concentration of salt therein is not changed.
  3. Take two liter jar and lay it in layers: chicken, onions, fruits, chicken again.You can throw in a little jar of green.Fill the jar to the 2/3, mindful of the golden rules.
  4. not filling with water, take the iron cover, first removing it from the gum or foil.Cover the jar and put in a cold oven.
  5. We light the oven to 120 degrees, gradually raising the temperature to 180 °.
  6. Leave for 1.5 hours, looking at the glass window - if the chicken has become brown, giving the juice, then it is ready.Open the oven during cooking is impossible, as the bank may burst.
  7. Turn off the oven and leave to cool without opening on 30 minutes.Then slightly opens for 5 minutes, waited until all the hot air comes out.
  8. took out a jar and lay the chicken on a plate.
  9. As a side dish you can submit mashed potatoes, rice, buckwheat.

Chicken in a pot with potatoes

also impossible not to mention the recipe of chicken in the oven with potatoes in the pot.This is perhaps the most delicious and satisfying option.

you need:

  • 1 kg chicken (legs);
  • 3-4 medium potatoes;
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 carrot;
  • salt seasoning.


  1. Cut the chicken and vegetables on the said scheme, and potatoes - thin plastic.
  2. We spread layers of potatoes that was at the center - so it is better to be saturated with juice and tasty.
  3. fatty chicken parts should be higher.
  4. Close two quart iron lid without condom or foil and put in a cold oven.
  5. Bring to a temperature of 180 degrees and cook for 1.5 hours - until potatoes and chicken are golden.
  6. turned off, leave for half an hour, and then pull out and spread on a plate.

It is an independent, very hearty and fatty foods.To this you can add sauerkraut, pickled green peas.

Generally, cooking chicken in the bank does not require a lot of time, grease and extra oil.They like it and men who love a hearty meal, and women Weight Watchers.It harmless as a dietary food.The main thing - keep in mind the rules!