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  • 1 Secrets of cooking juicy minced
  • 2 Classic potato casserole with meat
  • 3 Original recipes
    • 3.1 the middle lasagna
    • 3.2 ThereforeFrench
    • 3.3 With chicken meat

This casserole is often a signature dish for housewives, so it does not require great skill in cooking.She was always quick to make for dinner, even if detained in the operation.

Secrets of cooking juicy minced

How to cook potato casserole with minced meat in the oven?First of all you need to choose a good stuffing.

  • Prepare yourself. Rarely in the store to buy a delicious and high-quality beef.
  • Prepare and freeze for future use. recommended to do so in special packages to be frozen, minced rolling layers.Try to keep the air in the packages were not.
  • Rub frozen beef on a coarse grater.So better sense of taste.If you then need to be finely grinded meat - again miss through a meat grinder.
  • Add onions after thawing. This add minced meat juiciness.
  • Add spices. With minced adjust flavor
    casseroles - more pepper and spices for lovers of spicy, a few spoonfuls of sour cream - for those who prefer a delicate flavor.
  • thickness of the layers. Adjust meat and potato layer, depending on your preference.

Classic potato casserole with meat

This recipe for potato casserole with meat is the easiest to prepare.Adult minced roasted, it adds spice to taste was not bland.

Initially this casserole has been created for children, because when properly cooked ingredients is nourishing and useful.The peculiarity is that the stuffing is not fried, but boiled or stewed.The taste turns more tender, no excess fat.In addition, this dish is prepared without cheese, and is characterized by a low-calorie.

You will need:

  • potatoes - 0.5 kg;
  • beef - 300 g;
  • onion - 1 piece;
  • egg - 2 pieces;
  • breadcrumbs - a handful;
  • salt.


  1. Boil beef and scroll using the grinder.If you have finished stuffing - extinguish it.
  2. Make mashed potatoes.In it, add a couple of eggs.
  3. Finely chop the onion and cook.
  4. Oil the deep bowl for baking, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and place of the mashed potatoes.
  5. Top Spread the stuffing, then the remaining potatoes.
  6. sprinkle with breadcrumbs and place in oven.
  7. Cook for half an hour at 180 ° C.

About this pudding they say "in kindergarten," because it is a previously prepared for children.It has some special features:

  • it can be served with or without sauce.But because many children do not like it gravy, you should submit it separately from the meals;
  • can sprinkle with breadcrumbs, not only, but also cheese, brush with sour cream or homemade mayonnaise;
  • can add other layers, and increase or decrease the existing ones.

Original recipes

the middle lasagna

meat casserole with potatoes and meat in the oven is a likeness of the traditional Italian dishes.At the heart of the Italian version - pasta, and here - potato that does not spoil the dish, making it taste softer and more familiar.

You will need:

  • potatoes - 0.5 kg;
  • beef - 200 g;
  • mushrooms - 100 g;
  • green peas - 1 handful;
  • milk - 100 ml;
  • butter - 10 g;
  • flour - 10 g;
  • Parmesan - 50 g;
  • salt, nutmeg, olive oil.


  1. Peel the potatoes, cut into thin circles, sprinkle with salt and leave for half an hour.
  2. In a frying pan fry the onions in olive oil, and then with him stuffing.
  3. Add the mushrooms, peas, salt and seasoning.Fill the water (about a cup), cover and boil for some time, until the water is almost gone.Peas need to use frozen.
  4. potatoes lay on a board, cover with a towel and allow to dry.
  5. In ovenproof bowl, melt the butter, add the flour and mix so that no lumps remain.
  6. Then gently pour milk, stir.Wait until the desired consistency (like a very heavy cream), remove from heat and add the spices.
  7. form to lubricate the casserole with oil, sprinkle with breadcrumbs.
  8. layers lay out as follows: potatoes, drizzled with a little sauce, meat stuffing.Crumbled cheese.Repeat the layers one by one.
  9. Bake at 180 degrees for half an hour, until a crust.


This name is potato casserole with minced raw potato in the oven with lots of cheese and corn.This option is very popular with the children.

You will need:

  • beef (beef and pork) - 300 g;
  • mashed potatoes - 0.5 kg;
  • carrot - 200 g;
  • cheese - 200 g;
  • corn - Bank;
  • canned tomatoes - Bank;
  • ketchup - 1 tbsp.l .;
  • spices, olive oil, salt.


  1. Chop the onion finely, grate carrot.
  2. start a skillet saute the onion in olive oil, then carrots.
  3. Add beef, stir and fry lightly.
  4. Reduce heat, add the canned tomatoes and ketchup, mix thoroughly.
  5. Simmer 30 minutes, stirring constantly.Do not forget to add salt.The consistency should be thick.
  6. Boil the potatoes, mash, let it cool down.
  7. Grate cheese.
  8. in baking dish evenly place the beef with pork, corn and potatoes.Sprinkle with cheese.
  9. Bake in the oven at 160 ° C for 30 minutes.

With chicken meat

The potato casserole with minced chicken, you can add a lot of cheese.So it will not be too dry.The stuffing is recommended to put a large bow.

You will need:

  • potatoes - 0.5 kg;
  • beef - 300 g;
  • boiled eggs - 2 pieces;
  • cheese - 150 g;
  • mayonnaise - for lubrication;
  • pink paprika and other spices.


  1. Peel potatoes peeled, rub on a coarse grater.
  2. Boil the eggs, grate as well.
  3. Rub cheese.
  4. Put in casserole form half the potatoes, brush with mayonnaise.
  5. Spread meat filling on top, then the potatoes.
  6. Align anoint mayonnaise.
  7. Put the cheese, sprinkle with paprika.
  8. cook in the oven for 40 minutes at 190 degrees until golden crust will be.

If you are wondering how to cook a casserole of minced meat and potatoes in the oven less caloric, replace cheese tomatoes and mayonnaise low-fat sour cream.

Baked potatoes with minced meat could become an everyday dish, but because of the use of the oven it often prepared as a holiday option.Except for those who appreciate the simplicity and taste of the dish.