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  • 1 Secrets cake of puff pastry
  • 2 recipe of the dough
  • 3 recipe from unleavened dough
  • 4 pie dough

mosta popular dish in Russia since ancient times was considered a cabbage pie.Today, he has not lost relevance, and the hostess experimenting, trying to cook a cake of batter or yeast.But perhaps the most delicious of all is a layer cake with cabbage - a gentle, airy, with a very light batter, simply concealing the mouth.

Secrets cake of puff pastry

  • can use ready-made dough With a lack of time. Then you will just have to prepare the stuffing, roll the sheets and collect the cake.When choosing a product, refer to the expiration date and composition.If there are a lot of preservatives, a dish does not turn out the air, and in the process of baking the dough can exfoliate and cooked unevenly.
  • cake recipe with cabbage puff pastry can not be called a diet. calories up to 400 kcal / 100 g, so it is better to apply to a family dinner.Increases caloric saturation fi
    lling: add eggs to cabbage and minced meat, you make the cake even more nutritious.Less calories mushrooms.Combining them with the main ingredient, it is possible to achieve excellent taste with a minimum of calories.
  • Less dough with lots of toppings - here's the perfect recipe for a cake with cabbage.Therefore cabbage treat carefully.To bring it to soft, finely chop, in its fry pan and then stew for half an hour in a small volume of water or milk.If you use the young cabbage, it can simply be scalded with boiling water.
  • choosing between yeast and unleavened dough for the pie, it is better to give preference to the first. It is a more airy, soft.Unleavened is ready quickly, so it must also be a recipe in your cookbook piggy bank.

recipe of the dough

Make a pie with cabbage from the finished puff pastry you can literally half an hour.Dough select yeast, in sheets.

you will need:

  • ready dough - 500 g;
  • cabbage - 1 forks;
  • Eggs - 5 pcs .;
  • little flour and salt;
  • vegetable oil.


  1. Mince cabbage, use a special shredder.Fry it in oil, boil for some 20 minutes, add salt.
  2. Boil the eggs, chop convenient way.Mix stuffing ingredients when cooled.
  3. dough in advance, remove, defrost.Leaf roll a square and place on parchment paper.
  4. Place the stuffing in the middle, occupying more than half of the surface of the reservoir.The free edges cut strips, each 4 cm wide. Connect the strip situated opposite, weaves like a scythe.They should be on top of the filling.
  5. Moisten the cake with cabbage and egg puff pastry with ice water and leave for 10 minutes rasstoyatsya.
  6. oven preheat in advance, she put the pie bake at 200 °.

recipe from unleavened dough

Make a pie with cabbage Puff Puff dough is easy if you know some of the secrets.It should be used not just cold, and ice water to the test itself (glass with it in the fridge, and before using it and throw a few ice cubes).The material should be as little as possible to touch, as heated, it loses its plasticity and bedding.Blend butter with a knife, and mix the dough in a food processor or blender, before rolling let it cool for 30 minutes.


  • butter - 300 g;
  • water - 250 ml;
  • flour - 4 cups;.
  • lemon juice- teaspoon;
  • salt - ½ tsp;.
  • cabbage - 400 g;
  • carrots - 200 g;
  • salt and black pepper.


  1. Sift the flour, put it in her ice butter, chop it with a knife, mix with flour.
  2. Pour into ice water, lemon juice, add salt, mix.
  3. Minimum portions add water to the flour mass, mixing spoon (or processor).
  4. Roll out the dough on the baking form, put the stuffing from cabbage, stewed with carrots, seasoned with salt and pepper.Top with another layer of 1, make cuts in it, decorate.Bake 25 minutes in the oven, preheated to 200 °.

pie dough

recipe for how to cook cabbage pie puff pastry yeast is similar to the previous one.The nuances are present only in the preparation of the dough.

you will need:

  • dry yeast - tsp with slide;.
  • flour - 500 g;
  • milk - 250 ml;
  • sugar - 80 g;
  • butter - 250 g;
  • Salt - a pinch;
  • cabbage, eggs for the filling.


  1. Dissolve yeast in warm milk, sift the flour, butter soften.
  2. to the flour, add the sugar to the milk - the softened butter, stir.
  3. Stir the flour into the oil mixture and mix until a soft mass.
  4. send it in the refrigerator piece of an hour, remove, roll into the reservoir and then send in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  5. Prepare the filling: cabbage stew, boil and chop the eggs, mix, add salt and pepper.
  6. stuffing lay on a layer, lift the edge weave Pinch or "pigtail".
  7. Bake until cooked in the oven at 200 °.

Try to prepare a cabbage pie puff pastry.The recipe with photos from our collections will help you with that!