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  • 1 Tips for cooking
  • 2 with potatoes (potatoes and mushrooms)
    • 2.1 In a saucepan
    • 2.2 In multivarka
    • 2.3 in microwave
  • 3 with cheese
  • 4 with cabbage
  • 5 with cherry

Tips for cooking

Before studying the question of how to cook dumplings so they do not seethe, it is necessary to take into accounta set of rules that will help in the preparation of dough products with any filling:

  • always better to take a wide saucepan low than high and narrow - it boils water faster;
  • water in the pan should be a lot - about 2/3 of the pot;
  • not immediately put a lot of pieces in the pan - it is desirable that each of them have room after surfacing in a single layer, so cooking is best divided into two stages;
  • even if you have a sweet filling, it is still at least a little salt to the water - salt to add flavor and prevent sticking of products;
  • when cooked in water can add a little vegetable oil to prevent sticking;
  • if you boil-store semi-finished molding machine
    (without braids) or stuck together using Pelmennica, watch carefully for the joint state - if they overexpose they are pasted;
  • drop the dough in a boiling water only, or they can raskisnut;
  • to accelerate the water boils throw salt in the beginning, until the water is cold;
  • if the filling is already finished (eg, boiled potatoes), the cooking requires a minimum of time - just to cook the dough.

with potatoes (potatoes and mushrooms)

How to cook dumplings with potatoes depends on what is contained in the filling except the potatoes, from sizes of products.The bigger they are, the longer should be cooking.It also matters what kind of product you are going to cook - freshly cooked or frozen.

In a saucepan


  1. Put salted water in a saucepan on the stove.
  2. After boiling, drop your right amount of product to the potatoes and mix them immediately so they do not stick together.
  3. Stir them occasionally until they boil.
  4. Cook dumplings and potatoes after boiling should be about 3-5 minutes.Dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms can be cooked the same amount, provided that the pre-cooked mushrooms (cooked or fried).If
  5. stuffing raw ingredients are present (for example, lard, onions, raw potatoes), then the cook should be not less than 7 minutes.
How boiled dumplings and potatoes after the ascent depends on whether they are frozen or svezheslepleny.If you bought in a store frozen product of small size and molding machine, enough for 4-5 minutes after surfacing, or 2-3 minutes after boiling.

In multivarka

Cook dumplings in multivarka possible as a couple, and straight into the water.


  1. In order to prepare for a couple, in a bowl, pour boiling water cool to about the middle.
  2. Place the container with semi-finished goods, close the lid and set the mode "for a couple."
  3. Svezhesleplennye articles prepared about 10 minutes to cook frozen dumplings need about 15 minutes.
  4. To boil water, just pour them in hot water, poured into a bowl Multivarki.
  5. Just naleplennye products simmer for 3-5 minutes after boiling, frozen - 5-7 minutes.

The microwave

How to cook dumplings with potatoes, if in the house there was not one free of the pan?Quite unfairly, we use only the microwave to heat food, and because it's ready to help us in the preparation of many dishes.


  1. Put a small portion of articles and cover with water by about 2/3, that is, without covering them completely.
  2. Cover with a lid or a special plastic tray, smaller in diameter.
  3. First boil 1 minute (or until it boils) at a power of 1000 W, and then reduce your power up to 700 W and cook for about 7 minutes.
  4. Without opening the door of the microwave, leave them there "reach" more minutes 5.
  5. How much time to cook dumplings with potato in the microwave, also depends on its capacity.If it works for a maximum of 800 watts, then simmer may need a little more time.

with cheese

How to cook dumplings with cheese, depends on exactly how you intend to use the method.

  • In a saucepan. Boil water in a large saucepan and a little podsolite (4 liters of water put about 1 tablespoon of salt).Throw semi-finished products in the boiling water.As soon as they emerge - try one, and when ready, then immediately remove them with a slotted spoon.If you are lazy cook dumplings with cheese (ie those where the curd is intervened directly in the dough), then remove them immediately after boiling!
  • in the microwave. How to cook dumplings with cheese in the microwave?Easier to nowhere!Put them in a shallow bowl, cover with water by about 2/3, cover.Cook at full power for 5-6 minutes.Lazy dumplings can just spread out on a flat plate under the hood, but also cook for 5-6 minutes.
  • In multivarka. For steaming, pour into a bowl Multivarki 2-3 glasses of water (preferably hot water at once), place the container with the products and install mode "for a couple" for 10-15 minutes (the thickness of the dough, the longer you need to cook).Or you can simply pour boiling water into the bowl (do not forget to salt the) and lower them into the water.Fresh homemade dumplings with cottage cheese will be enough 3-4 minutes and frozen take about 5-7 minutes.

with cabbage

Dumplings with cabbage - one of the most popular dishes at all times, but it can be prepared in any convenient way for you.

  • In a saucepan. Boil water and podsolite.Throw items with cabbage and cook them to a simmer.How many minutes to cook dumplings with cabbage after liquid began to boil it depends on the readiness of the most filling.If it is fresh, then cook for about 7 minutes (periodically try them), and if the cabbage is ready, it is enough to 3-4 minutes.
  • in the microwave.Put semi-finished products on a shallow dish and cover with water, but not completely - even if they are a little peek.On power 1000 W cook about 5-6 minutes, slightly longer than 800 watts of power - about 7 minutes.
  • In multivarka. How to make dumplings with cabbage multivarka, also depends on whether or not heat-treated cabbage.If it is pre-cooked, it will be enough for a couple of 8-10 minutes, and if the filling is moist, the cooking can take about 15 minutes, but you will have to periodically check on availability.If you cook multivarka straight into the water, with ready-made stuffing cook about 4-5 minutes (crude, respectively, longer - try too).

with cherry

Dumplings with cherry - delicious and healthy dessert that pleases both adults and children.Cooking time dumplings with cherry minimum to preserve the fresh taste of berries and all the vitamins in it.

  • In a saucepan. Boil water, slightly salted it in a large container.Throw workpiece future goodies.As soon as they boil, wait a minute try.If the dough is cooked (cook the stuffing is not needed), then immediately remove them with a slotted spoon or a colander.The faster you remove them from the boiling water, the better preserved cherries freshness.
  • In multivarka. Dumplings steamed in multivarka should cook for about 10 minutes (again, try).And if the cup itself (i.e., water), it is sufficient to 3-4 minutes after boiling.
  • in the microwave. How to cook dumplings with cherries in the microwave, so they kept the taste of the filling?Put them in a special glass pot with a lid (or just a shallow plate), first place at maximum power, and bring to a boil.Then reduce your power up to 600-700 watts and cook for about 4 minutes.

How boiled dumplings with a particular filling, we can not say definitely.Cooking time depends on what kind of stuffing (finished or raw), the size of the items themselves, by the method of preparation, from the thickness of the dough and finally, from the taste preferences of those who are going to eat them.Therefore, to prepare this simple dish, you have to connect not only a culinary experience, but also a flair - and then all must come out.