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  • 1 Useful tips
  • 2 traditional braid
    • 2.1 original version
  • 3 Herringbone
  • 4 quick way

options modelingdumplings are many - it all depends on your imagination and the amount of free time.Connect to the whole family, and you will spend a wonderful evening, which is crowned with a delicious and beautifully presented meals.So, learning how to make dumplings interesting in several ways.

Useful tips

Before considering how to sculpt dumplings, and what ways the most convenient, it is necessary to take into account some important nuances, without which there is nothing to turn:

  • knead the dough for a long time (at least 10minutes), until no large air bubbles within it;
  • for greater elasticity of the dough, you can add a little vegetable oil;
  • after mixing remove the dough in a warm place (or refrigerator, depending on the instructions in the recipe) for about half an hour to gluten sold, and the dough has become even more flexible;
  • for better performance art
    modeling circles do the same (slightly larger than the dumplings), roll the dough into a large reservoir;
  • if stuffing leaked on the edges of the dough, and it does not want to stick together, sprinkle generously with flour dumpling edge and try to dazzle again.

traditional braid

classic way to sculpt dumplings - pigtail.It's fast, beautiful, and the products themselves are less prone to putting up during cooking.At first glance, such a variant modeling may seem complicated, but after a few minutes you become a true professional in the modeling of the dumplings pigtail.


  1. Roll out the dough into a large reservoir, and done the same circles glass or special molds.The diameter should be at least 8 cm, as it is necessary to consider the place for braids.
  2. Spread stuffing.
  3. If you are right handed, saying, Take the left hand circle with the filling and fold it in half (if left-handed, then vice versa).
  4. Before blind dumplings pigtail tightly connect the edge of the dough.Walk down twice over the edge to make the basis for pigtails thinner and wider, so that it is easier formed and was not too thick (thick braid can not boil).
  5. Fold one corner of the thumb and index finger (thumb - the top, the index - from the bottom), and thus get "eye".
  6. Edge "abalone" bend over and you have a new "eye".Presses should be strong enough to looked beautiful, and pigtail during cooking are not reversed.
  7. thus lead to another corner molding dumpling.As a result, should get a beautiful braid.
  8. During the "weave" move is not the hand that folded edge, and one in which keep dumpling (if you are right handed, it will rotate in a clockwise direction) - the so-braiding hand will run smoother, and links molding turn out as much as possible the same.
If you want more openwork braid, clips often do, and braid is smaller.Do not worry if the first try will not work perfectly to make a pigtail on the dumplings.Just a few dumplings, and you will quickly learn to do the classic braid.

original version

traditional form of dumplings - semilunar.But no one forbids us to do it, for example, round, and at the same time decorate their same traditional pigtail.


  1. Roll out the dough into a thin layer and cut into slices of the same glass.
  2. Take in your hand a circle, put the stuffing on it and cover with the second circle.
  3. blind by a firm edge products around.
  4. Now you can tighten the dumplings in the same way as normal semilunar: bend one portion firmly pressing it, then the next area, and so the circle.


Beautiful dumplings modeling is not limited to the familiar us pigtail.There is another way, how beautiful zaschipyvat dumplings - a Christmas tree.By the way, this method can be done not only dumplings, but the dumplings and dumplings.


  1. Make a thin layer of dough.Cut it into slices of equal size suitable for a cup or a special form.
  2. Take in your hand a circle of dough and place on the middle of the stuffing.Do not put too much, especially if you are doing this for the first time sculpting.Sculpt it is better to weight - so the product obtained is much more accurate than on the board.Take the first
  3. tucks in the usual way and a little selling it inside the circle.
  4. Grab a cup edge tucks and tighten it to the center, sticking to the first tucks.
  5. Do the same with the opposite edge - capture, tucks and glue to the center.
  6. gradually move forward in the middle of the seam dumpling.That is, it is not necessary all the time to the first attaching edge tucks, but to the opposite side of the previous one.

quick way

quick to stick dumplings by hand can be a very simple way, but the product itself will look very nice.


  1. Roll out the dough into an oblong formation (elongated oval shape).
  2. In the center of the reservoir teaspoon of stuffing balls lay at a distance of about 3 cm from each other.
  3. Fold in half along the seam.You should get a sausage stuffing with balls inside.
  4. close up loose edges around the balls.
  5. Carefully cut the glass into equal portions, without touching the filling.It can be cut and a knife - then turn out the original square dumplings.

Another option how to beautifully zaschipyvat dumplings without spending a lot of time - just blindly circle with the filling in the crescent-shaped dumpling and walk chebureks shaped knife.It is very fast and no less beautiful.

But remember, know and how beautiful sculpt dumplings with sweet or savory filling, is not enough.What matters is that the dish was still delicious and artistic modeling profitable decorate your masterpiece and certainly make your household to ask for supplements.