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  • 1 Correct technique
  • 2 most popular questions
  • 3 5 nuances of using the toothbrush

Brushing teeth with a brush is a major hygienic procedure that provides their health. During cleaning removes about 70% of soft plaque, emerging at night and during the day on the enamel. also include methods of cleaning teeth removal of bacteria from the tongue that helps to eliminate odor.Complete sanitary cleaning of dental floss is designed, through which eliminates plaque from interdental spaces, and mouthwash, antibacterial and refreshing effect.

Correct technique

processing technique tooth surfaces next.

  1. Rinse the toothbrush under running water.
  2. Apply a paste of bristles.For adult enough "pea" width of 1 cm for the child -. 0.5 cm
  3. Proper cleaning of the teeth begins with the outer surface of the upper house painters.Place the brush head at an angle of 45 degrees toward them.Take short, gentle movements, as if to sweep plaque from the enamel.
  4. Similarly, clean the oute
    r surface of the lower house painters.
  5. Go to the inner surface of the upper teeth.To do this, place the brush perpendicular to the gums and move it back and forth.
  6. Continue cleaning the inner surface of the lower incisors.Follow a similar motion.
  7. next stage of the standard method of teeth cleaning is the removal of plaque from the chewing surfaces.Perform it can be in a circular motion or by moving the brush back and forth.
  8. Clear language - walk a brush from the root to the tip, removing plaque.So you eliminate the odor.
  9. Close the lips and gums, perform a soft massage brush.
  10. Rinse mouth with water, then use a thread or balm-conditioner.

Please find the proper way to brush their teeth in the photo below.

Also see how to properly brush their teeth in the video.

most popular questions

- How to brush your teeth morning before a meal or after?

Since purification procedure involves the removal of food residues, dentists recommend to perform it after eating.But in regard to the first of the morning cleaning there are nuances.So while you sleep on the enamel is formed by a large number of plaque, which is recommended to clean off before eating.Therefore, if you stick to the regime of twice daily tooth cleaning, perform this procedure before breakfast and after the last meal.

- How to brush your teeth, so that they were white?

Daily cleaning is not able to make the enamel more light.Regular removal of plaque, it only retains the natural color of your teeth, which by its nature can not be white.The normal enamel is slightly yellowish tint (it provides its constituent minerals).A significantly lighten the enamel allows only professional whitening at the dentist, which is carried complexes photobleaching ZOOM or laser action.

- How long do you need to brush your teeth?

Total Time hygiene procedures should be not less than 120 seconds.For a shorter period you do not have time to qualitatively clear all tooth surfaces.To learn how to maintain it, use a clock or stopwatch.You can do without a couple of weeks.

- How do I know whether the well cleaned teeth?

It's enough to hold his tongue over the surface.If you felt the roughness, hygienic cleaning should be repeated.You can also use medical means.For example, Dina tablet coating paint in blue and make it clearly visible.

- Is there sufficient daily teeth brushing, to ensure their health?

If you are using a quality brush that is suitable to you toothpaste, floss and apply balm for oral hygiene is maximal.But this does not negate the need for twice-yearly visits to the dentist.And at least 1 time per year to carry out professional cleaning or ultrasonic Air Flow (in case of tartar).

5 nuances of using the toothbrush

  1. For everyday use, dentists recommend a soft bristle brush, which is enough to remove plaque. Increased stiffness is not an advantage, as a risk factor, since it is not only scratch the enamel, but also creates microtrauma on the gums.
  2. optimal model - with a small head , allowing clean teeth removed.
  3. If for some reason difficult to perform daily manipulation (for example, there are difficulties in the movement of the hands), you should pay attention to electric toothbrush .
  4. Change accessory is important as it is wear and tear. signs of "aging" is "disheveled" stubble.But even if the brush is in perfect condition, it is necessary to carry out a replacement every 3 months to avoid a high concentration of bacteria in the bristles.
  5. should conduct an unscheduled replacement after suffering diseases (SARS, influenza, oral disease).Surviving on the brush bacteria can cause re-infection.

Use our recommendations to the daily cleaning of the teeth become the key to your beautiful and healthy smile!