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  • 1 Technology Zoom 3
  • 2 Preparation and contraindications
  • 3 Advantages Zoom new generation system
  • 4 Features whitening at home

second titleZoom teeth whitening is the photobleaching system.The technique was developed by American dentists, and quickly spread to occupational medicine.The first modification of the system called Zoom 1 and 2 can not be considered completely safe.But after the appearance of an improved set of teeth whitening Zoom 3 reviews showed it as gentle on enamel with high efficiency.What are the features of the method?

Technology Zoom 3

procedures used for bleaching gels containing 25% hydrogen peroxide or carbamide (greater concentration) oxide.After applying the composition to the teeth are subjected to ultraviolet irradiation lamp, triggering in the gel chemical processes.Within 20 minutes there is an active oxygen production, which is able to penetrate into the tooth tissue. Getting into the enamel, the oxygen destroys the color pigme

nts, so that the teeth become much lighter.

As evidence of teeth whitening reviews by Zoom 3 technology allows:

  • lighten the enamel 12 colors for 1.5 hours. required color is determined with a dentist for VITA scale;
  • save the result with proper oral hygiene to 5 years. Repeat procedure to improve the tone of every six months;
  • whiten your teeth in the presence of tissue disorders, including fluorosis. quickly get rid of ingrained black plaque from smoking, coffee, red wine, to eliminate the effect of "tetracycline teeth" after taking antibiotics.

Before whitening in the dental office doctor puts on the cheeks and lips of the patient barrier cream, and the gums - a special composition, instantly hardening on air.They protect the mucosal tissues from the damaging effects of acid.In the eyes of the patient to wear glasses with high efficiency filter from ultraviolet radiation.

Whitening gel is applied only to "smile zone", which includes 10 of the upper and lower teeth as much. lamp is positioned so that it covered only the desired area.composition Exposure time is 20 minutes, after which it is removed and applied again, repeating the procedure at least thrice.Rounding out the application of remineralizing whitening gel that restores enamel, excluding its deep damage.

Preparation and contraindications

  1. Before the diagnosis requires oral procedure.The presence of caries and mucosal lesions is a contraindication to conduct bleaching.
  2. should conduct a pre-cleaning of the teeth from plaque and remove the stone, then the effectiveness of the technique will be higher.

Contra Zoom teeth whitening method 3:

  • pregnancy and lactation patient, age 18;
  • allergy to agents used in the method;
  • severe disease: psychological, epilepsy, cancer, and the periods of their treatment;
  • with drugs that increase sensitivity to UV enamel, including oral contraceptives, tetracycline, ibuprofen.

Advantages Zoom new generation system

Currently, the dentist uses a third generation system photobleaching.System 4 Zoom teeth whitening is not there yet, and the application for its use in dental offices is rather poor indicator of their professionalism.

latest modification of the complex creates conditions for a comfortable and pain-free bleaching (except for individual cases of the high sensitivity of the enamel on heating).Moreover, the composition of the new whitening gel with 25% rather than 35% of the volume of peroxide does not have any damaging effect on the enamel, since the acid is neutralized by further alkalizing agent, not used previously. Application mineralizing Relief Gel protects the enamel quality, making the procedure safe.

Features whitening at home

With a variety of advantages in technique, there is one drawback - the high cost. why it is so popular it became a home teeth whitening Zoom 3. Reviews do not allow it to attribute it to the most convenient and effective techniques.In particular, lighting enamel may only 2-4 tones and the exposure time of the gel significantly increases.

So for Zoom teeth whitening used caps Night White in the home, which should be kept on the teeth all night, or Day White, exposure time is several hours.Lamp included not being used, so the gel effect is less effective (and less aggressive, which is a plus for home whitening system Zoom).The result is stored for 12 months.

order to achieve a positive effect from the use of Zoom 3, to perform the procedure is necessary only in a dedicated office with the license for this type of activity. Unprofessional service can cause a deep burn gum tissue, destruction of enamel and teeth pereotbelivaniya.If you plan to whiten your teeth at home, be sure to go to the dentist inspection for defects of enamel and caries.