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  • 1 Modern means
  • 2 Traditional methods
  • 3 What is important to know

Asked how safely whiten your teeth, every dentist will say "under control onlyspecialist! "But most people can always find a lot of excuses not to go to the doctor.Fearfully.Expensive.There is no time ... And because lighten teeth like!Can I do it at home?And what bleaching is the safest?

Modern means

daily oral hygiene is the primary prevention of plaque.Coping with them helps a toothbrush and dental floss. Why not paste?- you ask.And because the toothpaste to remove plaque is not relevant.Therefore, in choosing between an expensive and high-quality paste must be brushed to give preference to the latter.

If you regularly clean teeth of plaque formation rate is extremely low, so the question of how to whiten your teeth at home without any harm to the enamel, will not excite you very long.If you notice that the smile has changed color, perform the following test.

  1. Walk tongue along the inside
    surface of the teeth.
    feel roughness?So, time for you to remove plaque more intensive methods.
  2. attach to the teeth a piece of white paper. your teeth appear yellow?Then you can engage in the teeth whitening home, harm and benefit in this case, they cancel each other out.But if the teeth appear gray, no independence can not be!This suggests that the plaque develops on the inside and painters should visit a doctor.

the oral care manufacturers have long offered tools for good decision as to whiten your teeth at home without harm to health.These tools include the following.

  • abrasive toothpastes - their composition includes polishing and enzymatic substances.First intensively remove plaque from the enamel surface, the second - penetrate.The degree of penetration of the enzymes is low, so lighten teeth from the inside, they can not.But ingrained remove plaque from cigarettes and black tea - completely.
  • Conditioners - in their composition contains hydrogen peroxide in a low concentration.It lightens teeth by 1-2 tones.
  • Whitening tooth powders - more aggressive means than toothpaste, so it can not be considered the safest teeth whitening.Suitable for single use "on the occasion."

Using these funds is important to remember that they are not completely safe.Harm Teeth whitening necessarily manifest increased sensitivity of enamel, if you use them for a long time.It is enough to use toothpaste in combination with rinse aid within two weeks to lighten teeth by 1-3 shades, and then go to a paste with a high content of fluorine.

Traditional methods

figure out how to safely whiten your teeth at home, many are turning to folk remedies, while forgetting that popular - not always harmless. most popular home whitening methods are soda and hydrogen peroxide.The first works as an abrasive agent, roughly removing plaque from the tissues.Second activates a chemical reaction with release of oxygen which is able to remove the pigmentation of deep layers of enamel.

call these methods can not be safe! and soda and activated charcoal, and wood ash - they scratch the enamel, leave them invisible cracks. Over time, they get bigger, there is discomfort and tooth sensitivity.Therefore, if you urgently need to lighten teeth, but only soda is at hand, put it on a wet finger and gently massage the teeth surface.But do it only once, do not use it all the time!

Hydrogen peroxide is not considered a safe means of teeth whitening.According to reviews, the harm that it brings with uncontrolled use far exceeds the most aggressive professional techniques.

If you choose what to whiten teeth without damage to the enamel in the home, it is better to stay on the following vehicles:

  • tea tree oil - has antibacterial and easy whitening effect.Apply it on your teeth after every cleaning in the morning and evening light massage movements;
  • lemon peel - contains fruit acid and oil, which are gentle on enamel.Within 10 days, wipe with fresh zest after the evening teeth brushing.

What is important to know

  • not perform experiments to search for means for safe teeth whitening at home. Feedback from those who have experienced them myself and spoil the enamel to become a great clue, what not to do.
  • sure to visit the doctor. Do this before bleaching procedures to ensure no dental caries and enamel defects.Do not forget to come for a visit to the dentist at least once a year.
  • immediately stop the procedure at the occurrence of sensitivity. Any soreness talk about the negative effects of bleaching on enamel and its destruction.

Do you fully secure means for whitening at home?This question can not be answered unequivocally.Each of them can be harmful if used often or try to whiten teeth damaged.