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  • 1 reasons for darkening teeth
  • 2 Features art
    • 2.1 method Description
  • 3 Hazards and risks

teeth darkening may occur not onlyoutside but inside.In such cases, the most advanced methodologies external bleaching, such as laser or Zoom 3 completely ineffective.Why is the internal staining, and how to fight it?

reasons for darkening teeth

main reason for changing the color of molars becomes a medical intervention.After the treatment of caries and filling the internal tissue can be painted. For example, when using the filling material doped with silver staining occurs in the gray fabric, formulations based on formalin Zubko give a pink hue.Unnatural tone seen and after the imposition of the crown, as in the area of ​​the gingiva of the lower molars remains naked, and she gets gums bluish tint.
Other causes of tooth discoloration inside:

  • depulpation molars - removal of the pulp during the treatment period in order to avoid the development of inflammatory p
    ulpitis.Due to the absence of natural "filler" tooth darkens;
  • mummification nerve - dying or removing nerves also causes darkening of tissues;
  • enamel lesion - in the presence of deep cracks on the surface of colorants (coffee, tea, juice, red wine, tobacco smoke) penetrate into the tooth structure.And to eliminate the impact external means impossible.

Features art

indications that let you perform endootbelivanie teeth consist of darkening due to the aforementioned reasons.

  • age to 16 years - in this period the tooth tissue is not fully formed;
  • presence of caries - pre physician should treat all affected molars, and only then proceed to the whitening procedure;
  • presence of colored fillings - when performing vnutrikoronkovogo whitening your doctor may change the color of exclusively natural fabrics.To influence the tone of the seals is not possible, so it is recommended to change;
  • individual intolerance of hydrogen peroxide ;
  • increased sensitivity enamel;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Description method

intracanal teeth whitening is done after X-ray examination, which allows to specify features of the pre-treatment.After that, the doctor reveals the cavity of the tooth, cleans the dark fabric, introduces a special whitening gel based on sodium perbonata.The patient applied a temporary filling.

Due to the effects directly on the affected area, the whitening composition achieves excellent results.But explicit clarification is achieved after the second or third treatment, after which you can put a permanent seal.Thus the physician establishes a seal between the spacers and walls of the tooth, to prevent darkening of the future.The total treatment period is 2 weeks.

application of whitening composition of more than 4 times more dangerous because it can lead to the destruction of tissue inside.

important advantage endootbelivaniya tooth is completely painless method. Efficiency allows its use for patients with a sealed "live" teeth, as well as for people with a "dead" when worn molars and modern ceramic crowns, through which the darkening covered with fabric emerges out.

Possibility periodic treatment if necessary - another advantage intracanal teeth whitening.Reviews demonstrate the effect of saving up to several years, but if the molar darkens again, the doctor can open it again and to reorganize the inside.

Hazards and risks

  • In identifying the uneven darkening of the tooth enamel, do not have an independent bleaching. It is important to early diagnosis of tissue damage to teeth whitening intracanal ensure high efficiency at partial load impact.Unfortunately, many people are trying to bring back the original color of the enamel at home, referring to the aggressive techniques.If we are talking about darkening the inside, they are not only ineffective, but also dangerous, because it is actively destroying the enamel and reduces the likelihood of successful treatment.
  • For procedures used chemicals that destroy the protein dyes contained in the filling material. impact of their rather aggressive, so it is important to control the frequency and the number of laying the whitening gel.In view of the risk to health of teeth should be treated only by an experienced physician with the appropriate license.
  • When the bleaching depulpirovat ( "dead"), its strength is weakened tooth. reason - the absence of living tissue that might recover with time.Because it is necessary to use the minimum number of bleaching treatments (a total of not more than 4) as likely fracture the tooth and tooth crown.

important to remember that endootbelivanie is the same medical intervention into the cavity of the tooth, as well as its treatment, therefore, requires high professionalism of the doctor.When qualified approach can be completely rid of the unpleasant shade of enamel without consequences.