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  • 1 Yellow teeth from nature - a sign of health
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Many peoplesure that smile have to be pure white.But the dentist ask a question, what is a normal tone enamel, and you will hear, perhaps unexpected answer - yellowish!And it is true.

Yellow teeth from nature - a sign of health

In fact, the enamel is almost completely transparent.Light yellowish tint to it give minerals, reinforcing its structure and provide strength teeth.The basic tone of a smile passes the dentine, which is located under the enamel.And can not be white by nature, since also filled with minerals.Therefore yellow enamel on the nature says that:

  • your teeth healthy. with them for a long time will not have problems, because the high level of mineralization to better withstand all microorganisms that cause tooth decay.
  • Enamel is rich in minerals and, therefore, a strong and well protects the internal cavity of the teeth. Conversely, only snow-white, with a touch of haze says that she is sorely lacking minerals, and as soon as the holder facing the discomfort of sensitive teeth or a sharp tooth decay.
  • structure of individual teeth, thus eliminating a full match their colors. That is why people who take care of oral health, the question arises: why the remaining teeth yellower teeth?The fact that the front teeth Zubikov tightened, they greatest amount of dentin, which creates a kind of hue.

So, what to do if you have yellow teeth from nature?Doctors recommend to enjoy their health and not have to worry on that score. If the yellowing is too obvious, it is necessary to resort to a professional dental procedures that will whiten your teeth without damage to the enamel.Choose a suitable methodology will help the doctor.

Baby teeth

You should also refer to the yellow teeth in children.The reasons for this lie in the inherent yellowness of genetic features or fetal development. If you or your parents were always yellow teeth, then your child will live with. If there is a genetic predisposition, but during pregnancy you have transferred infectious diseases or taking strong antibiotics, the answer to the question why a child yellow teeth, will they.In this case, an unpleasant shade can be only in dairy Zubikov, and when they grow up permanent, is more than likely that their surface is soft and white.

Causes plaque

But genetic apparent yellowness is rather an exception to the rule.And the answer to the question why teeth turn yellow, you need to look for the way of life.If you are suddenly worried yellow teeth, the reasons may be as follows.

  1. Passion smoking - cigarettes or shisha. Tobacco smoke, mixed with resins, is the most potent stimulator of yellow plaque.Over time it can take, and the black shade, and in the places of contact with the gums turn into stone.
  2. Lack of hygiene - the most important factor in the development of plaque. Irregular cleaning of the teeth, the use of poor-quality toothbrush is not in your "arsenal" of floss lead to a natural change of tone.
  3. presence in the diet of dyes. It is not just about tea and coffee, but also about the form of red, juices (pomegranate, grape), raw vegetables (beets, carrots).Avoid these foods should not be, especially as tea and coffee, and the more raw vegetables are very healthy.But after their reception, be sure to rinse your mouth with clean water to prevent the formation of plaque.
  4. Taking certain medicines - known that tetracycline causes the appearance of yellow plaque on the teeth.His reasons laid down in the special effects of the substance on the enamel, and removal is possible only medication procedures.
  5. Compliance with strict diets, health experiments - in violation of the normal diet of tooth enamel responds first.Lack of any substances leads to change its pitch.
  6. Wearing braces - themselves plates are completely safe, but the lack of oral hygiene can trigger plaque development.Why yellow teeth at points of contact with the brackets, be sure to ask your dentist.

whitening techniques

As you can see, the causes of plaque in the oral cavity are different.Therefore, only the right decision as to whiten yellow teeth can give a dentist.
In the arsenal of modern medicine are many highly effective methodologies for:

  • completely remove the yellow plaque - help ultrasonic cleaning and AirFlow technology, which do an excellent job and tartar, as well as methods of Zoom 3, eliminates deep pigmentation;
  • lighten the natural shade enamel - effective as home bleaching methods using strips or cap and cabinet, in particular laser whitening.It should be remembered that all the manipulations in the dental office are theoretically safer than experiments at home;
  • eliminate internal yellowing, which can not cope with the technique of external influence. With veneers, fixed on the surface of the teeth, ensuring their perfect color and shape.

A good way to prevent the appearance of yellow plaque will become a regular teeth cleaning twice a day, rinsing the mouth with water after eating, flossing to remove deposits in the cavities between the teeth.