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whitening laser teeth intendedsolve the problem of yellow teeth quickly and painlessly.But as the causes yellowness set, and the effectiveness of different techniques.She will have no apparent effect in eliminating tetracycline yellow enamel, but it can extremely efficiently fight the effects of plaque stuffy and deep pigmentation.


procedure technology has much in common with other methods of lightening enamel using products containing hydrogen peroxide (urea). laser tooth whitening is done by coating the surface of their specific composition and further exposure to the laser beam. Last releases oxygen penetrating into the dental tissue and destroys the pigment substance.Due to this exposure occurs lighting enamel on a deep level.

Features techniques

  • exposure time - up to 2 minutes on each tooth.This is the minimum period that offers modern dentistry, while in other methods the overall impact is 60 minutes or more.
  • No heating - during photobleaching tissue exposed to heat, which creates patient discomfort. laser works differently.Modern installation and infrared diode lasers emit a wavelength of 810 nanometers.They provide such a rapid effect.For example, the devices in the first wavelength is 488 nanometers, and to lighten the teeth had to visit a dentist repeatedly.
  • Clarification by 7-10 shades in whitening laser teeth. Testimonials prove that you can achieve this effect for 1 procedure.But with proper care to preserve the result of 10 years.

Pre-Cleaning of the surface enamel from plaque and tartar.For this specialist uses ultrasound machine or technique AirFlow.Professional Diagnostics prevents the destruction of tooth structure in the presence of enamel defects and other damage, eliminate the development of caries.Last active form is a contraindication for laser teeth whitening. Other contraindications:

  • young age - doctors do not perform the procedure on a thin enamel adolescents under 18 years of age;
  • gum disease, mucous membranes in the mouth;
  • hypersensitivity enamel associated with the presence of cracks or personal reaction to the gel components;
  • set of seals, which can not change the color.

Benefits technique

reviews on laser teeth whitening reveals the following advantages of the technique.

  • Quick results in minimum time - excluding preparatory stage (sanitation of the oral cavity), the entire procedure takes 40 minutes.
  • Absence of negative impact on the gums, mucous membranes and enamel. proved that after the procedure the acid-alkaline balance of the oral cavity is maintained at a neutral level.Enamel not subjected to heat and do not dry out, it does not alter the mineral content.
  • Strengthening the enamel. Asked whether the laser teeth whitening is harmful, should be answered: is not harmful, but even useful.The fact that the enamel is compacted by about 40% in the period of the laser becomes stronger.Thus, the technology can be called only one which does not only a snow-white smile, but also healthy.
  • lack of teeth sensitivity after the procedure, that almost always occurs with other techniques.

only drawback of this method is its high cost, which is why patients often resort to more painful and aggressive, but less "valuable" technology.How much does laser teeth whitening in your city, you will prompt the nearest dental center.But the average price is 10-25 thousand rubles.

Care after teeth whitening laser

Proper care becomes a guarantee that the whitening results will remain for a long time.

  • daily oral hygiene without the use of abrasive products.Suffice toothbrush with soft or medium hard bristles, rinse and dental floss.The latter will allow you to safely remove plaque from between the teeth cavities.
  • Failure to use coloring products in the first 7 days after the procedure. At this time, the enamel is most susceptible to color change, so you should wait with strong tea and coffee, for a week to "forget" about a glass of wine and pomegranate juice, beet salad.
  • Quitting smoking, as the main factor darkening of the enamel.
  • Regular cleaning in the dental office.Perform it is necessary once a year, not to touch the rock was formed.And in order to maintain healthy teeth should visit their doctor every 6 months.

According to doctors, when given a choice of enamel lightening procedures should stay exactly in the laser teeth whitening.Pictures before and after posted on our website will allow you to visually assess the effect.A completely painless, no harm to oral and long-lasting results make it the best choice for a person who is important a beautiful and healthy smile.