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Among the facilities at the oral care dental floss to teeth or special thread appeared quiterecently.The necessity of their use is often questioned by the inhabitants.Why do I need dental thread, if you and so every day and several times to brush your teeth a good brushing and expensive pasta?Yes, use a quality conditioner for complete cleaning ... It turns out that there is a need.And about her regularly remind dentists.

Do you need dental floss

While brushing your teeth with a brush, you can remove soft plaque on three sides of each molar - front and back surfaces, as well as from above.But interdental spaces are available to you. When they stuck the food, it is possible to somehow cope with a toothpick (which, incidentally, strongly recommend the use of dentists because of the risk of damage to the gums and enamel).And what to do with a touch?

With soft sediments no rinse aid can not cope, because

it requires a mechanical action. determine the yield of the situation becomes irrigator - a device that supplies water under pressure.But its effectiveness is exaggerated in many ways, and in the narrowest interdental space jet of water just does not penetrate.Therefore, the only right decision clearing the hidden surfaces of the teeth is flossing - that is, cleaning them with dental floss.

Types floss

The market presents different kinds of floss as a worthy and of questionable quality.We recommend that you only purchase those offered by reputable manufacturers. Quality dental floss is made of thin synthetic yarns - usually nylon or Teflon. strings in the structure one can be a lot of fiber, which helps reduce the likelihood of injury to the gums, or one dense fiber.

The shape of dental floss are flat and round. first may seem even "flattened" - that looks like a tooth belt, that is, thread, designed to clean very narrow interdental spaces.In addition, dental floss treated with special impregnation, their surface is subjected to waxing.This allows, firstly, easy sliding thread in the interdental space.And secondly, it brings an additional therapeutic effect.For example, several manufacturers are applied onto the surface of floss fluorine compound.It further strengthens the enamel.

Besides the usual thread, there are "advanced".These include flosstik (or flosseta) - thread at the individual plastic holder, by which reel it on your fingers is not necessary.Holding the handle, you can quickly clean all interdental spaces.

There is also a special thread for people wearing braces, dentures or implants.To remove food debris from under the elements of their designs, floss has a hard tip, allowing it to start where you want.

Features Use

question how to use dental floss, is not less important than the fact of its use.The fact that with incorrect use of an accessory not only provide the expected impact, and will cause injury gums.Therefore it is impossible when using floss to make significant efforts, and with the appearance of blood from the gums necessarily stop the procedure, rinse your mouth with warm salt water and continue only after the bleeding stops.

Technique proper brushing of teeth with dental floss is as follows.

  1. Take thread a length of about 40 cm. Why so many?- you ask?Because this procedure - hygienic, and to cleanse every interdental space is necessary to use a clean piece of floss.To clean the whole mouth just enough thread length of 40 cm.
  2. Make two turns thread on the middle finger of his right hand.Index leave free to make it easier to control the process.On the left hand wind the thread so that the central piece has turned out 8-10 cm long
  3. Start with cleaning the upper teeth:. Gently push the floss into the interdental space anterior molars.Spend it until the gum, but do not push.Push the thread to the surface of the tooth and slide up and down 5-7 times.Now push it to the surface of the other teeth and make as much of cautious movements.
  4. Remove the thread of this tooth gap, rewind the used area on the right thumb.
  5. Enter net thread in the next period and repeat the movement again.

it is about technology, how to use dental floss.Photos of this review clearly demonstrate the technology.

How often use dental floss?Ideally, this should be done after every meal, especially if you feel the pieces of food between teeth. If it is impossible to do, necessarily carry out a thorough cleaning at night before bedtime.It is convenient to first brush your teeth, then floss, and then rinse the special balm.