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  • 1 Traditional medicine
  • 2 Modern means
    • 2.1 Toothpastes
    • 2.2 Gels
  • 3 Diet and proper nutrition

For a start it is important to note that you can not underestimate the bleeding gums.This condition is a symptom of an inflammatory process occurring in the oral cavity.And if folk remedies for bleeding gums do not help for two weeks, it is important to seek help from a dentist.It is also forbidden to experiment with the health of pregnant women suffering from bleeding in the mouth.

Traditional medicine

traditional medicine for this issue is often prescribed dentists, complementing the overall treatment strategy with them. Many of them are very effective and equally accessible. So do not be lazy to take advantage of those that are in your home medicine cabinet.For treatment of bleeding gums can be done at home with the help of these plants.

  • Oak bark - a decoction of oak bark has a strong astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. Result rinse immediately notic
    eable, but in order to cure the inflammation completely need to rinse your mouth daily infusion for 2 weeks.
  • Chamomile - excellent antimicrobial and wound-healing agent. Prepare a decoction of two tablespoons of flowers per cup of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes.Rinse mouth twice a day.
  • Sage - another highly effective anti-inflammatory agent. Sage removes puffiness and painful gums, you need to use it to recover.To rinse daily enough zaparivat 2 tablespoons herbs boiled water.
  • Nettle - this plant is perfectly stops the blood, so it is recommended when expressed bleeding .Brew is necessary as well: 2 tablespoons per cup of water, then strain and apply twice a day.
  • Water pepper - extracts and extracts of this plant can be purchased at the pharmacy. Water pepper improves blood coagulation, stops bleeding and removes the inflammation.

Also, bleeding gums treatment folk remedies include:

  • salt rinse - the perfect remedy to stop the bleeding. Dissolve in a glass of warm water and sea salt rinse your mouth twice a day;
  • rinse apple cider vinegar - dissolved bacterial plaque, stop bleeding and reduce inflammation. vinegar should be added to the water in the ratio: 100 grams spoon liquid.

Modern means

To cure bleeding gums at home, we can not neglect the recommendations of modern medicine.Moreover, integrated use of medical devices with the popular drugs will give the most pronounced effect.So treatment of inflammation and bleeding gums should include special toothpastes and gels.


Their composition includes anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce swelling of tissues, their pain, stimulate healing. These tools include pasta Lakalut Asset (containing chlorhexidine, fluoride, allantoin and others. Valuable substances), Lakalut phytoformula (containing herbal ingredients and sodium fluoride).Use the first paste for a long time can not be, it is suitable as a "first aid" with regular bleeding, and the second can be used for the prevention of disease.Also effective toothpastes Parodontax zinc, mineral salts, fluorine (F Parodontax) and herbal extracts.


These medications are applied directly to the inflammatory focus, and well into the gums. Due to such exposure provides a long lasting effect of gel with minimal patient discomfort, which is not limited to food intake.The most common tool used even in pregnancy is Holisal .It anesthetic, stops the blood and relieves swelling, and the result is achieved very quickly.

Another medical preparation is a gel Metrogil Dent on the basis of the antibiotic metronidazole and chlorhexidine antiseptic component.Use the tool without a doctor's recommendation is not desirable, but if properly selected treatment it relieves itching, eliminates swelling and bleeding.Instant hemostatic effect is achieved by using gel Kamistad based lidocaine.But you can not use it regularly.In addition, it lacks the ability to eliminate inflammation.

Diet and proper nutrition

No less important is the issue of how to treat bleeding gums at home, eating the right foods.Your diet should be present vegetables and fruits are also encouraged to take extra vitamin C in the form of pills.Useful complexes with vitamins B and K from the diet is necessary to eliminate sugary and carbohydrate foods. And if during the day you snack biscuits, cake or candy, be sure to brush your teeth after eating.

Through an integrated approach, combining folk and medical devices, you can forget about the problem of bleeding gums for a long time.