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  • 1 Review gels
  • 2 Features exposure
  • 3 3 ways of application
  • 4 Tips on proper use

Review gels

beginwith the fact that not all of the same gels.Different manufacturers use different ingredients and techniques for their products, so that the intensity of their effects, and accordingly, and individual responses are also different.For example, reviews of teeth whitening gel White Perfect evidence of its aggressive effect on enamel, which often manifests sensitive teeth.When this product is often used in dental professional, which confirms its compliance requirements of modern medicine.

whitening gel to the teeth Brilliant offers a classic and gentle impact of the program that is attractive for people with sensitive teeth.Convenient shape of a pencil offers tooth whitening gel with a brush Teeth Whitening Pen.Reviews of it reflects the effective impact on the enamel during the course of 14 days.Another well-known whitening gel White Light teeth.It is designed for

use in conjunction with end caps and an ultraviolet lamp, so it can not be attributed to the budget.

Features exposure

To understand why the different foods provide different effects, it is necessary to carefully study the composition of funds. basis of each of them is a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both substances are the same: and deposited on the teeth reacting with air, they begin to produce active oxygen.It, in turn, eliminates visible plaque on the enamel surface, and also penetrates deep into its layers.This feature allows you to get rid of pigmentation, which is deeply ingrained in the enamel and can not be removed by normal tooth brushing and even cleaning the mechanical abrasive (whitening toothpastes).

differences in the action of hydrogen peroxide and urea is their intensity. most aggressive hydrogen peroxide, it is part of the means for use in the home screen of 4 to 9% (of its products containing up to 44% can be used in a professional dentistry).Its impact velocity, respectively, above.But the development of reactions, such as teeth sensitivity or gum disease, occurs more often.carbamide peroxide acts slowly, so this gel to whiten your teeth for 1 reception will not work.Its content reaches 12-15%, gentle action reduces the intensity of the impact on the enamel, so the reaction in the form of tooth sensitivity are observed less frequently.
When purchasing teeth whitening gel from a pharmacy must be clarified, and other components in its composition:

  • xylitol, calcium, fluoride - beneficial ingredients that minimize harm to the means for enamel;
  • abrasives, eg, sodium bicarbonate (soda) - increase the aggressive effect on enamel, causing its thinning and development of adverse reactions;
  • acid - avoid acquiring such whitening gel to the teeth.Reviews of these compositions make it possible to attribute them to very dangerous for your health, as they actively promote the destruction of enamel.

3 ways of application

manufacturers offer different methods of using the gel.

  1. Application toothbrush and massaging on the basis of normal cleaning. Conveniently, as takes a minimum of time.But it may damage the enamel, if the brush has stiff bristles.Or cause a negative reaction of the gums, if the composition falls to them.
  2. Application brush - the best option, involving gentle effect. Thus, less time is required to achieve the result (it is specified by the manufacturer on the package), the better.Therefore, more attractive for you to become a product, operating in 5 minutes than the gel with validity period of 10 minutes.
  3. room in caps - acts as a whitening strip for teeth, enveloping the teeth for a long time. From minuses mark individual discomfort from wearing the cap, the possibility of leakage of the gel reservoir, treatment time (from 30 minutes to 8 hours of sleep at night).

Tips on proper use

  • Refer to the dentist.We can not resort to such means just as you wish without diagnostic dental health. If the enamel is cracked or already somewhere developing caries, tooth decay process starts at an incredible rate.And in a week instead of the dazzling smile you get the pain and the need for speedy specialist advice.The advantage of the initial inspection also consists in the fact that your doctor may recommend a gel suitable for you as a dental enamel or on the specifics of the individual reactions.
  • Clean the teeth in the dental office.Often enough one ultrasonic cleaning procedures to get rid of the stone and yellow plaque on the teeth.And dangerous experiments on himself is not required. If after cleaning the plaque quickly returns (due to smoking or private drinking coffee), use a whitening gel should be to maintain the effect obtained by a professional cleaning.

And that is extremely important - clearly follow instructions.Do not overdo makeup, even if you need to urgently return the white smile for an important meeting.The duration of its effect will be destructive factor.If, however, all follow the manufacturer's recommendations when teeth whitening gel, reviews demonstrate its full safety and efficacy.