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About separate nutrition

This diet is made based on human genetic needs.The technique has helped many people get rid of the extra kilos.But even those who do not have a weight problem, a separate food does not hurt and will even help.It is very effective for digestion, which largely depends on the health of the body.This way of life improves overall health.

And despite the debate around this system, it is popular and has a lot of positive reviews.According to the developer of diet on blood group, the American doctor Peter de Adamo, the use of the same product by people with different blood groups leads to completely different results.Diet 3 blood group, for example, may include products which adversely affect the health of people with another group.

Use separate power supply has long been proven, and there is nothing wrong in the

fact that some products a person uses apart from each other without mixing them.Thus, the body is easier to recycle eaten and choose the most vitamins and minerals with minimum wear of the digestive system.By combining the power on the blood group with separate power supply, an almost perfect diet, thanks to which the digestive system is normal.The motto of a separate food for blood group is not limited to food and the right mix of products.

Diet for blood group 1

first group of blood - the oldest, so the digestive tract of people with this group easily digest meat and marine fish.Conventionally, they are called "hunters".In the stomachs of people make a special acid for the processing of animal protein.But dairy products are perceived much more difficult and can even be toxic to the body.Therefore, the "hunters" to look for a source of calcium in other foods.Thus, for a diet drawn up by owners of one blood group mostly protein.

Approximate menu for the diet for blood group 1.

  • Breakfast. 200 grams of meat (lamb, beef, offal) and fish (pike, perch, cod, halibut, trout).Two eggs for breakfast, but not more than four times per week.Be sure to eat vegetables (cabbage, horseradish, beets, spinach, lettuce, parsnips, and so on. P.) In an amount of about 200 g
  • Lunch can also be made, as well as breakfast, but with a double portion of vegetables and 2/3portion of protein products.An alternative to serve beans or porridge of buckwheat, rice, oats, weighing up to 200 g
  • Dinner. porridge with vegetables, dried fruits.It is possible to consume 20 g of jam, honey or dark chocolate.

In between meals is not contraindicated snack (walnuts, pumpkin seeds, figs, prunes, bananas, plums, cherries).

Diet for 2 blood group

People in this group are perfect carbohydrates.However, for meat stomach takes a long time because of low acidity.In addition, the nutrients that the digestive system does not have time to process, postponed "in reserve" in the abdomen and thighs.For such cases, there is a special diet for slimming the hips and legs.Dairy products are often not very well accepted by the body, so calcium can be obtained from freshwater fish, which is digested more easily than the sea.

menu for people with the second group of blood.

  • Breakfast. 150 grams of lean meat (chicken, turkey) or fish.Once a week, allowed one egg.You can drink 150 grams of yogurt and make sure to eat vegetables in unlimited quantities
  • Lunch may be similar to lunch, but the protein must be half the size, and vegetables - twice.You can have lunch or bean porridge.
  • Dinner. One of the options for breakfast or lunch, plus 20 grams of dark chocolate or jam.

to 2 groups do not recommend the following products: fat meat, crabs, hake, catfish, herring, sour milk and dairy products, ice cream, pistachios, cashews, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, olives, bananas, oranges, red and white cabbage,mango, coconut, mayonnaise, ketchup.

Diet for blood group 3

third group of blood appeared in the days of nomadism.In this regard, the gastro-intestinal tract such people is very strong, and they are almost omnivorous.Even milk and dairy products are well accepted.Quickly and easily digestible carbohydrates and meat, except poultry, oysters and crabs.Holders of third group of blood is well digested potato, legumes and cereals.Limit should only use buckwheat and corn, which can provoke a rise in blood sugar.As for the other blood groups, the third group need plant food in the form of neutral vegetables and fruits.Separate food for blood group for "nomads" will not be any problems, because the choice of food is almost unlimited.

Diet for blood group 4

fourth group of blood is the new, so its owners called "new people."Their diet is a mixture of food for 2 and 3 blood groups.It should be borne in mind that the digestive tract of the "new people" is quite sensitive to the choice of food should be approached carefully.The limit is the same products, as well as for the "nomads", plus condiments and spices irritate the stomach.Instead of hot spices can be consumed easily digestible sauces.

drawing up a separate food menu for blood group should not forget that fruits and vegetables should always be present in sufficient quantity.It is especially important to use them in the spring and winter, especially when the body needs vitamins.If you neglect this nuance, separate food for blood group can not bring the desired results.Diet for blood group - reviews of joy and satisfaction from those who have tried it!