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  • 1 benefits of exercise with a hula-hoop
  • 2 Choice hula hoop
  • 3 5 secrets to the effective use of the hula-hoop
  • 4 Video: how totwist wrap slimming

Who of us in childhood did not twist hula-hoop?Probably not a girl!If not during games in the yard, the physical education classes was mandatory useful and fun program.Of course, then, hardly anyone thought about the shortcomings of the figure, and each set of exercises with a hoop turned into a real celebration!Why now do not indulge in the simple exercise that will help your body get better?

benefits of exercise with a hula-hoop

  • During training a large group of activated muscles: abdominals, back, gluteus maximus, calves and thighs.Without a doubt, for free and uncomplicated fitness at home is a great result.A similar effect is difficult to obtain from the other, even professional trainers.
  • activated blood flow to the areas in contact with the hoop. This is the main reason for burning fat, not the "breaking
    " hula-hoop.Blood brings to the waist and hips oxygen - natural oxidant fat.They burn out, bringing you extra energy and high spirits.
  • exercises with a hoop for the waist provide a gentle massage the abdomen, which is not a positive influence intestinal peristalsis.Therefore, if you have difficulty with the regularity of trips to the toilet, soon enough you will be able to forget them.
  • And finally, it's just fun! Sport hoop for weight loss does not have to be slow and measured, such as exercises for the neck with osteochondrosis.You can turn the hula hoop to music or viewing your favorite TV series.It is possible to bring to the gym and work out domochadchev interesting exercises with a hoop for the children.All this will help not only to say goodbye to overweight uncomplicated and simple, but also interesting to spend time with your family.

Choice hula hoop

Before figuring out how to turn the hoop for weight loss, it is necessary to deal with the matter of his choice.And this is an extremely important point, as each hula-hoop brings different results from training.

There are 3 types of sports equipment.

  • usual gymnastic hoop. That he is familiar to us from childhood.Such an accessory can be made of plastic or metal, it is hollow inside.Regular hula-hoop should be used by all who are just beginning a fitness exercises at home.With it, you will pass the initial stage of training, during which produces rotation skill and understanding of the process.
  • weighted hoop. This simulator is full-bodied, weighs 0.5-2 kg.Coaches do not recommend starting training with him, as the increased weight can become an obstacle to the development of rotational "tactics."At the same exercise with the hoop will be most effective for weight loss is of this type, because it increases the load on the muscles and makes the body all the time to stay on our toes.
  • Massage hoop. These models feature increased cross-sectional area, and their body is equipped with a variety of beads, which have a massage effect.Use a novice shell - then immediately give up the desire to turn the hoop to lose weight.He is not only heavy, but also during the initial training will leave a lot of bruises throughout the body.Acquiring the simulator of this type should be only when you have mastered the technique of the previous two.

5 secrets to the effective use of the hula-hoop

To wrap brings you joy and benefits, use it with skill!

  • Determine the time between training methods food: 2 hours after a meal and at least 1 hour before meals.This will create the ideal conditions to start the process of burning fat instead of glucose obtained from food.After a workout, you can drink a glass of normal non-carbonated water.
  • training time should be between 30 to 40 minutes. known that during the first 20 minutes in the body increases glucose consumption, and only then our body starts to get back the energy from the fat reserves.Do not be discouraged if at first hula hoop will fall all the time.Train first long - up to 10 minutes, gradually increasing the duration.The more confident you will learn how to spin hula-hoop, the more effective will be your lessons in a couple of weeks.
  • Place the legs as close as possible to each other.Initially convenient stand: feet shoulder width a little further, and the toes apart.After mastering the skill in that position change it, trying to bring together the most legs.The smaller the distance is between your feet, the more tense the muscles are during training.And it is not only active power consumption, but also to direct the work on the toned thighs and toned booty.
  • Breathe!As far as possible, not holding my breath! Open the window, filling the room with fresh air and saturate the body with oxygen.On the first day of training dizzy?So, your body is already weaned breathe.Give your body the maximum oxygen to increase the intensity of burning fat.And you will see the result in a reduction of the waist in a few weeks.
  • Do not talk with your body. You must be stretched as a string, and smooth rotation and a small diameter.

That's all the secrets of how to rotate the hoop.Follow these guidelines to make your body perfect without a visit to the gym!

Video: how to twirl the hoop slimming