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  • 1 How to choose the ball
  • 2 Classes with fitball Slimming
    • 2.1 Twisting on fitball
    • 2.2 Rolls
    • 2.3 Balancing
    • 2.4 on top
    • 2.5 Upside down
  • 3 specialized complex training with fitball
    • 3.1 exercises fitball for press
    • 3.2 exercises fitball for back
    • 3.3 Exercises with fitballfor the buttocks
  • 4 Video: exercises with fitball slimming

ball fitball called large, designed for gentle exercise.In the 50s of the last century it was the first to use a Swiss physician Suzanne Klyaynfogelbah, who was involved in the rehabilitation of people with spinal injuries and disorders of the nervous system at the same time.

search most delicate, but at the same time effective method led Mr. Klyaynfogelbaha to develop a complex of exercises with the ball , fitness for this accessory was used much later.The unique effect on the body allows it to train the elderly, post-operative and posttraumatic rehabilitation, sports pregnant, stretching for beginners - t

hose who only plans to fitness classes.

Moreover, lose weight with the help of feetball as possible, because during training increases your metabolism and burn calories at a rate practically equal to the run.

How to choose the ball

choice is almost half of your success, joking coaches.And they are right!It is no accident there is as much as 5 sizes of balls.To determine the appropriate guided by its growth.Choose your size:

  • 45 cm - with growth of up to 152 cm, this model is good for exercise on fitball for children.
  • 55 cm - with the growth of 152-164 cm;
  • 65 cm - with the growth of 164-180 cm;
  • 75 cm - with the growth of 180-200 cm;.
  • 85 cm - if you are over 200 cm

If possible, "try on" the ball, do it: Sit on it and make sure that your knees are bent at a right angle.Ask what kind of weight it can withstand.It should not be less than 150 kg.

Classes with fitball Slimming

fitball exercises for weight loss involve the large muscle groups.Since during training is necessary to keep balance, increase energy costs, reduces body fat stores.Each exercise perform 10-12 times.

Twisting on fitball

  1. Lie on your back, arms raskinte around, put his feet on the ball.
  2. Grasp the ball down, squeeze it between your calves.
  3. Pull your knees to the stomach, tearing hips off the floor and tensing abdominal muscles.
  4. Freeze for 5 seconds, then return to starting position.


  1. Kneel, fitball position in front of him, put on his hands.
  2. Align the back and neck, pull your stomach.
  3. Slowly lean forward, as if rolling on the ball.Stay 5 seconds, return to starting position.


  1. Sit on the ball, make a step forward and kicked a little tumbleweed down the whole body.On the ball should be back.
  2. Cast hands head, lean back.Take a deep breath, then exhale, lift your head and shoulders, tighten your abs.
  3. Freeze in this position and return to the original.

On top

  1. ball Lie on stomach, rest on the floor and kicking.
  2. crosses palms forward gradually to the ball was in the area of ​​the thighs.Make sure the legs remain together and strong abdominal muscles are tense.
  3. Then bend your knees, shin roll the ball to the right shoulder.Freeze for 5 seconds, roll back fitball back down.Again, it has to roll the left shoulder.Freeze, return to the starting position.

Upside Down

  1. Lean on your hands, smooth feet put on the ball, place it under the thighs.
  2. Tighten up your buttocks, keeping knees straight.The ball must roll back to the feet, becoming the focus of your feet in the area.
  3. Hold this position, return to starting.

fitball Slimming simultaneously activates abdominal muscles, hips and buttocks.If you want to increase the intensity of your workouts for a specific part of the body, choose exercises on the ball for the press, back or buttocks.

specialized training complexes with fitball

fitball exercises for the press

  1. Sit on the ball, feet rest against the floor.Do slow steps forward.In this case the ball should roll at the back.Lay the head of the right hand, sharply push the pelvis up, pull your belly, lift your shoulders and turn to the left.Repeat the same with the left hand.
  2. Lie on your back, place the ball between your ankles.Hands Cast up, grasp the support, the legs are straight.Pull your knees to your chest, straining abdominal muscles only.Hold for 5 seconds and return to starting position.
  3. Lie on your back fitball rewound in the hands behind the head.Straining press, lift the body up until the ball is at his feet.Hold his legs and slowly lower yourself to the floor, while lifting the legs with the ball.Again, take it in your hand and repeat the movement.

Repeat the exercise for the press with fitball by 5 times, gradually increasing their number to 15.

exercises for the back fitball

  1. ball Lie on belly, feet rest against the wall, hands folded in front of chest, elbows dissolve inside.Lift the back and shoulders, not raising his head, looking down, not in front of him.Hold as possible.
  2. Stay stomach on the ball, put socks on the floor.Cross your hands behind your head, lower the body down like a slinky ball.Slowly lift the torso up, stay at the top, descend slowly.
  3. Take dumbbells, stand on her knees, put the ball in front of him lie on his body.Hands of the most dilute to the side, his head lower down.Raise your head, shoulders and arms, without arching your lower back.Perform body turn to the right, then to the left.Return to starting position.

Repeat exercises from 1 to 15 times.

with fitball Exercises for buttocks

  1. Sit on the ball, rest your feet on the floor.Vigorously jump a few minutes, without taking the priest away.
  2. Lie on the floor, bend your knees, place them under the ball, push the lower back to the floor.Uprites feet on fitball and lift up your buttocks as possible.Hold as you can.
  3. Become near a wall, place her between the shoulder blades and your ball, push the ball back stronger.Do sit-ups a few minutes, rolling fitball the wall.

Big ball is good for many types of fitness, including Pilates, Callanetics, step aerobics.Exercises with fitball allow you to enjoy your body fit and will give a good mood!

Video: Exercises with fitball Slimming