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term called water aerobics perform dynamic exercises in the water.There are many systems to combat excess weight, figure correction as a whole and its specific areas.According to the trainers, the method proved popular: to work on the body in the water more efficiently than "on the bank."The reason for this - the laws of physics.

Features aqua

In water, our body feels light, relaxed.In addition, each movement is given more difficult: the density of water is higher than air.And quite simply waved need to use more energy.

water aerobics classes may replace an amateur fitness, especially if you are alien weights. Group work passes to the music, often reminiscent of the active dance.While on his shoulders in water, very few people feel embarrassment over the shortcomings figures.A lack of swimming skills

does not matter, because the depth is not allow to "go down".

known that fitness in the water improves the emotional state.Let's not talk about how the water washes away the negative energy, but that's exactly the mood improves, and normalizes sleep.Often, this kind of sport is recommended for pregnant women as a gentle alternative to physical stress.

are utilized during the training the muscles of the shoulder joints, chest and arms, provided the buttocks and thighs correction.Often, the aqua complex include effective exercises for the press.To increase the load for more active toning muscles, used gloves, akvapoyasa, special shoes and dumbbells.Thanks to them, the water resistance increases and the muscles work harder.

Indications and contraindications aqua

contraindications virtually none.The exception is the acute phase of acute respiratory infections, genital herpes, and cystitis.

can and should resort to water aerobics for older people, women with excess weight, which prevents active exercise, patients with heart disease.For them, the instructor will select sparing complex.

If you're worried about whether you can lose weight, doing water aerobics, answer unequivocally - as possible.The month of regular exercise, combined with a proper diet, you will ensure weight loss of 6 kg.

Exercises Slimming

Before the start of classes, do a workout.Several times put your hands on a deep breath, trying to move them forward and backward.Make a pair of side bends, pull over your hands up on tiptoes.A good warming up exercise - jumps in the water on bent legs.

Then perform basic exercises, water aerobics for weight loss offers some homework.

waist Correction

  1. Standing somknite hands on the solar plexus.Abut elbows in the stomach, brush lightly against the chest.
  2. Follow the twists and turns over the body to the left and to the right.
  3. Follow tilts back and forth.

Your hands should be covered with water, pan and tilt should be performed 5 times.

belly and thighs Correction

  1. Sit on the floor pool, the water should cover the chest.Rest hands from behind.Make
  2. kick their feet up and down.
  3. Make cross-mahi straight legs - "scissors".
  4. Repeat 10 times.

Correction hips

  1. in water up to his chest bend your knees, straighten your arms over your head.
  2. Jump out of the water, at the same time for the drag hands.
  3. Make 10 times.

feet Correction

  1. Be on his shoulders in water, set up the legs to the width of the hips.
  2. Perform jumps, during which reduce the legs together and breed again when landing.
  3. Repeat 10 times.

Correction press and leg

Become chest in water.Run in place, lifting knees high.Hands work like a normal race.Perform 10 minutes.

Correction buttocks and thighs

  1. Grasp the handrails.
  2. rewound one leg back lift as high as possible, lower.
  3. Perform 10 times with each leg, keep your back straight.

reviews akvaerobika slimming

How effective is this method provides insights Reviews water aerobics for weight loss.

  • Irina: I was told to engage in 2 times a week.I almost died after the first.I go for a month, minus 3 pounds.
  • Antonina: 3 times a week and lose weight quickly.Will leave cellulite, do not recognize themselves in a few months.
  • Christina: without gluttony, and 3 times a week is necessary.Then the result will be.I spent 2 months 5 kg, but really say more.
  • Melissa: Generally it shall not grow thin.Money down the drain.
  • Tatiana: Lose weight diet helps.Water aerobics also need to tighten the muscles, make a beautiful silhouette.I advise only diet in the complex, it is if you want to lose weight.As well, work is also good for pleasure.
  • Inga: She practiced three times a week, on different days was Callanetics.Pete, of course, without sweets, mainly vegetables and lean meat.During 4 months it took 17 pounds.
  • Lana: From one aqua sense was not, although engaged 4 times a week.The coach advised to combine with exercise machines in the hall.Then I saw the result.I am engaged in this way: 30 minutes on the treadmill, then the usual hour of aerobics and water aerobics for an hour.I go three times a week after the operation.

Video: water aerobics for weight loss exercise