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History of

pioneers of this field of physical culture is considered professional skiers in Finland.Back in the 40s of the last century, they have developed a technique of Nordic walking with sticks, which was intended to help them to stay in perfect shape in between the snow season.

High performance training led to the further use of the method in physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques for people with spinal cord injuries.A widespread popularity came to the Finnish walking in the mid-90s, when the company Exel Oyj for the first time introduced to the market specialized stick to the sport, and also held a massive marketing campaign for its promotion.

How useful is Nordic walking

Pros of this sport are obvious.Reviews for Nordic walking with sticks demonstrate its positive effects on the body and heal

th.In particular, it ...

  • At the same time 90% of all trains muscles of the body, providing a uniform load on the upper and lower muscle group.
  • consume 46 more calories , than the other walking trails.Half an hour of exercise eliminate 300 calories and provides 24 hours of metabolic activation.
  • tones the heart, cardiovascular system.On average "walker" pulse increases by 10-15 beats.
  • Increases stamina body, which is necessary for people with health problems and professional athletes.
  • Returns mobility and full life people after injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

method uniqueness also lies in the fact that while having the spine and knee joints experience a minimum load.Thanks to what Nordic walking is suitable for the elderly as a daily fitness, people with excess weight limit that prohibited active exercise.

high intensity burning of calories Nordic walking can be recommended for weight loss.Especially if you have no time or do not want to go to gyms.It is no accident it is called "sports lazy" because to engage in the procedure even easier than doing the exercises on a fitball.

difficult to find a more gentle sport than Nordic walking with sticks, contraindications to it minimal:

  • presence of a viral disease in the acute phase - acute respiratory infections, influenza;
  • period after abdominal surgery - while resolving the doctor;
  • pressure rise - it was during a hypertensive crisis and disruption of the heart a workout prohibited.And when the cardiovascular system is functioning normally, they are more than helpful.

How to walk with sticks

Technique Nordic walking sticks with easy.Here are its main demands.

  • Perform rhythmic movements , the same as in normal walking.Move rapidly and vigorously, but naturally.
  • simultaneously move the arm and leg : a wave of his left hand and simultaneously move the left foot, then right-side movement.
  • flick of the hands indicate the size steps: the wider the sweep of the more step.
  • Wide steps are more effective for weight loss , as they increase the load on the body.
  • body should not be static : with hands and feet to move her hips, chest, shoulders and neck area.
  • movement tempo is determined individually. important to set a rhythm (especially at the beginning of training) to make you comfortable.Each tempo you selected is correct, because in the future you are sure to accelerate.

Besides the rules of Nordic walking with sticks should know that the results you will see it is not immediately.In the early days of training you will feel increased energy, shortness of breath will disappear.Within a month, will increase endurance and working capacity of the body to be less concerned about heart problems and pressures.After six weeks you will notice a reduction in weight.

But for general health improvement and normalization of weight to deal with constantly need.According to fitness trainers walk the main effect is manifested after a year of regular training that will make your body slim, fit and strong.

How to choose the right stick

Nordic walking sticks - and only the most important element of equipment.Using the wrong length outfit is unacceptable, as it provides the excess strain on your back, knees, ankles, can lead to aches and sprains.

  • used to walk is not an ordinary ski poles and special shortened aluminum, solid or composite CFRP the lightest. They may be of fixed length or telekospicheskimi whose length can be changed.
  • on handles attached straps, resembling shingarty (sporting fingerless gloves). With this design, the handle can be repelled with a stick from the ground without the need to compress the handle.This keeps the palm of calluses and injuries.spike made of carbide material at the bottom of the structure.Using it is convenient to train on the ground, the snow, the ice surface.To walk on the pavement to wear spike replaceable rubber tip.
  • choice of accessories depends on human growth. It must be multiplied by a factor of 0.66.For example, the required length of the poles for the person growth of 160 cm is equal to 160 × 0,66 = 105 cm.

How useful is Nordic walking with sticks reviews show fully.Try this versatile sport to bring your body in perfect physical shape!

Videos of Nordic walking with sticks