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  • 1 for buttocks Exercises
    • 1.1 Walking the pope
    • 1.2 Mahi feet
    • 1.3 Lifting buttocks
    • 1.4 Penguin
  • 2 Features buttocks training
  • 3 How to increase the effectiveness of training
    • 3.1 Squats
    • 3.2 Pay attention to hands
  • 4 How to build buttocks at home: video

to your "fifthpoint "became attractive enough to give it 15 minutes a day.Exercise regularly, such as every morning.Energizing charging will bring the body to tone and tighten the muscles.Exercises to increase the buttocks, surprisingly, improve heart function, since their performance is engaged a large group of muscles.

Exercises for buttocks

offer effective exercises for the buttocks at home.They will provide training three layers of muscles located in our "fifth point", eliminate cellulite and fit figure.

Walking the pope

  1. Sit on the floor, extend your legs.
  2. Tread buttocks back and forth.
  3. Do as you can.

Mahi feet

  1. Get on all fours.Hold one leg parallel to the floor.
  2. Pull the sock and pull it up as much as possible.
  3. Repeat with the other leg.

Lifting buttocks

  1. Lie on the floor, pull up to his bent legs.
  2. Lift pelvis perform springing motion: lower and raise it without touching the floor.


  1. Sit on a chair.Between the legs, hold a large ball.
  2. compress it to 30 seconds.
  3. Perform 10 approaches.At the initial stage it is not making significant efforts.As training squeeze the ball with greater force.

This basic exercises as quickly pump up the buttocks at home.Performing them must adhere to the following conditions.

Features buttocks training

  • Start small. Do not overdo it in the first days of classes.Untrained muscle pain only answer that completely discourage the desire to work on themselves.Start doing the exercises for buttock augmentation with 5-6 times each.As you become accustomed to the exercise increases the number.
  • Watch the body.Keep strained back muscles and abdomen.The formation and retention of a corset improves the effectiveness of training and will provide not only firm buttocks at home, but also the ideal posture.
  • Breathe freely. Breathing should match the pace of workouts.Active oxygen into the blood, which is possible only on a deep breath, allow to effectively fight fatty tissue.Through proper breathing you will understand how to pump up the buttocks home and forget about the fat folds on the hips.
  • Eat right. Professional athletes know that to build muscle mass but exercise alone is not enough.Physical activity should be combined with the right diet, which is a large amount of protein and amino acids.Eat lean meats, dairy products, soy, fruit and vegetables, cereals porridge.They contain everything you need for muscle growth.The day should eat 200 grams of cottage cheese and no less than 150 grams of meat to cover the daily protein rate.
  • move when possible. Instead of sitting on the couch in the evening, take a break for an hour after dinner, and then take the rope and jump for 15-20 minutes.This exercise is performed "in between times", perfectly trains legs and heart muscle.Over the weekend, your journey with friends or family on a bike ride.So you do not give the opportunity to settle in the fatty tissue of your ass and spoil her appearance.

How to increase the effectiveness of training

Presented exercises will help to develop an individual plan to pump up the buttocks at home.However, do not always have enough patience to wait a few months until the priest will get the coveted elasticity.To make a more efficient complex should be added to it squats.According to fitness trainers, it is difficult to find a more effective way to impact on the glutes.


The gym recommend squats.It effectively to influence the quadriceps muscle, corset upper back.Thanks to a considerable load train and calf muscles and lower back.If done correctly, you can use up to 85% of all body muscles.But is such a class at home?

In the absence of diseases of bone and joint tissues can perform squats with a load in the home.To do this, fit dumbbells.Weight at initial stage should be 1-2 kg.Later, you can take a kilogram weights for 4.

Squats with a load carried out with a strained abdominal muscles and flat back.With a slight bend it possible muscle strain.Heels should be fixed on the floor and knees in the bottom position should not go beyond the stop line.

Pay attention to hands

  1. Pull them forward with dumbbells to keep balance - optimally in the first days of training.
  2. Replace the belt to engage in the work of the muscles-stabilizers.
  3. Cross your hands on your shoulders - as you increase the load on the muscles due to the reduction of the counterweight, gives the tone of your body.
  4. Raise your hands up to strengthen the training of the upper body, the back extensor muscles.Additionally, exercise trains the heart and legs.
  5. Get your hands with dumbbells behind your head, elbows to the sides set up the - simultaneous training and buttocks muscles responsible for posture.

Our tips will help you to understand how to build buttocks girl at home.And to choose an individual set of effective training!

How to build buttocks at home: video