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  • 1 Correct technique work on the press
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  • 3 How useful work on the press
  • 4 How to pump up the press at home: video

achieve perfect plane or a delicious belly bump is entirely possible without a visit to the gym.Exercises for the press at home is not as effective if done properly.Secrets of a professional approach to house training divided trainers fitness clubs Sergey Karev and Catherine Sobolev.

Correct technique work on the press

Use these guidelines to understand how to pump up the press at home!

  • Feel the muscles work. During exercise it is important to feel that it is loaded with the abdominal muscles.If you are involved in yesterday, and today, instead of the abdominal muscles have a sore neck, then the wrong technique was chosen.And instead of working torso you raise and lower the head.The most simple advice how to pump up the press at home - to push up the chest.That's when you engage all groups of abdominal muscles.
  • not use a twisting one. When a beginner asks how to quickly pump up the press at home, it usually suggest the rise of legs and torso in different variants.But the most effective exercises for the press - not the twist!Gymnastics on fitball, when you want to keep the body in balance and at the same time monitor the abdominal strain gives 2 times more effective than regular lifting the torso.No less effective exercises for the press at home include complexes static training.The most common - strip when the body is a straight line from head to heels.Ensure correct stance may be on elbows and feet, slightly twist the pelvis forward, controlling the position of the back straight.
  • Increase the load gradually. feature of the abdominal muscles in their stamina and a certain laziness.For example, today you have completed 10 sit-ups, and they got the optimal load.And the next day worked for half an hour, and abdominal muscles ... partly shifted the burden to the adjacent muscles of the arms, legs, back.Therefore, download the press for half an hour without a break is not worth it.In addition, it is impossible to strengthen the stomach and leave a weak back muscles.More overworked muscles will start to pull the weak, thereby causing incorrect posture.So if you figure out how to download the press at home, pick up a couple extra exercises to strengthen the back.
  • Let muscles rest. for full recovery they need 48 hours (!) Holiday.Therefore, optimal training regime is one every three days.
  • Avoid dumbbells! This applies to the answer to the question of how to pump up the press girlfriend at home.The slopes of the sides with the load will entail an increase in the waist, with a negative effect occurs rapidly: within two months.
  • Use weight. If you want to see the "cube" on his stomach.Add dumbbells or a barbell to the weight of your own body, and get strong, flat stomach with an expressive relief.

home complex for the press

And now offer a simple complex, which includes exercises for the lower press at home, for the upper and oblique muscles.

  • Bending legs. Sitting on the edge of the couch, tightly place your hands in the seat.Bend your knees, pull to the chest.Straighten them parallel to the floor.Make sure that the body is not bombarded ago.
  • Raising legs. Lie on the floor, his hands grasp something heavy (sofa, battery).Lift the legs off the floor to a right angle.And slowly lower the back.
  • Bike. Lift the legs off the floor and follow their circular movements.Or pull the knees to the opposite elbow joint.Fully straighten the leg during rotation.
  • Raising the body. Lie down beside the couch, put on his feet.Lift the body and drag her hands on her knees.Make sure that it is working your abdominal muscles, not help the body to the head.
  • pelvis raised. Lying on your back, follow the swinging knees bent legs: to tighten their chest while lifting the hips off the floor.Keep in elevations involved abdominal muscles, not the legs.
  • twisting. Lying on your back, bend your knees to a right angle, squeeze them, put his hands behind his head.Lower the right foot, trying to get the knee to the floor, pick them up.Then lower the left.Take care that the waist is inseparable lying on the floor.
  • slopes. To stretch the abdominal muscles gently tilt the body to the side and back and forth.

number of exercises define yourself.The duration of the normal pace workout should be 15-20 minutes.

How useful work on the press

  • Such exercises can be used as morning exercises, to give vigor to the body of a working day.
  • you get rid of bulging belly and sides, will attach the body taut appearance.
  • you reduce the diet: the tone of the abdominal muscles does not stretch the stomach, causing a natural decrease in appetite.To feels full, need less food.
  • You do not need to spend time and money at the gym.But your body will be strong and healthy.

guess now you know all about how to quickly pump up the press at home.And you can make your body better!

How to pump up the press at home: video