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How does yourass, depending on your lifestyle.The presence in it a large amount of fat is the cause of sagging tissue and underdeveloped muscle corset threatens the advent of "formless masses", which is hardly the object of male admiration.Therefore, to correct the shape of the "fifth point" rational use of exercise on the buttocks for women modern fitness industry offers training at home and in the gym.

train in the hall

advantage of training in the fitness center is the control from the outside.A professional coach will select one set of exercises for the buttocks and thighs, which corresponds to your current physical fitness and goals.The hall is difficult to go too far and make mistakes at the beginning of the way to the ideal figure.In addition, the expert advice is always concern not only employment, but also lifestyle: diet, active pastime, exercise regula


to increase buttocks exercises at the gym include roughly the complex.

  • Squats in the simulator hack. Work the gluteus maximus and quadriceps muscles.Improves condition thighs.The advantage of training - in particular the creation of corners during bending the legs.To achieve such a position can not be effective under normal squats.
  • seated leg extension. involve quadriceps.When placing socks in hand, ensures efficiency for the outside of the thigh, to each other - the internal.
  • Bench angle. emphasis on the gluteal and thigh muscles.When the regime can not be separated from the basin of the simulator, so as not to injure your back.Exercise effectively and optimally for people with spine problems.Recommend these exercises for the buttocks and beautiful young girls under 17 years: in this age it is impossible to create a vertical load on his back.
  • dilutions feet. work harder and gluteus muscles, outer thighs adjusted.Effectively in a complex of exercises for saggy buttocks, but the coach it is only recommended for beginners.

is at home

advantage correction of this zone is that the most effective exercises for the buttocks can be done at home.Of course, next to you will not be a coach who will tell the amount and accuracy of their performance.But listening to him, you will quickly realize what inflating buttocks exercises work best.

According to sports professionals, there is no effective exercises for the correction of the buttocks than squats. squat properly to build muscle, then do it with full amplitude, flat back, with increased load and desired hand position (in front of you, or for example, behind the head).During their performance of work the quadriceps, hip flexors and glutes all.The body also uses muscle-stabilizers, controlling weight balance.In fact, working only on the ass, you provide 85% of the toning muscles.

the best exercise for the buttocks are also considered attacks. They return their elasticity, correct form.When using dumbbell load increases, which increases efficiency.But doing lunges with dumbbells harder.

It should also be borne in mind that for the elastic buttocks exercise can be harmful if you have diseases of the spine.They eliminate the vertical load on the back, which causes attacks and squats with hands behind head.If the back gives trouble, but still want to work on the booty, it is better to do the exercises for the buttocks at the gym.Your Complex - exercise lying down or sitting.

is at home and in the hall

universal complex for home use of nasal and gymnastics is a great ball.Exercises with fitball for buttocks are simple and not burdensome.They can be combined with squats for greater efficiency.

  • Jumping. Make them without taking the ass by a ball, a foot from the floor.So you activate the work of the gluteal muscles and create an additional massage.It improves circulation area, helping to fight the fat deposits.
  • line. Lie on your back fitball position in the calf.Legs straight, heel rest on the ball.Lift the hips, straining press, lock into position flat line.You must feel like the gluteus maximus is compressed and stretched his legs.Relax and repeat.
  • Rolls. Lie on your back, feet fitball hold.Dramatically raise your hips, bend your knees.Try to roll the ball to the buttocks, and then bring it back socks feet.You should feel tension buttocks and press.
  • Stops. Lie on your back, press your lower back to the floor.Knees bent legs put on fitball.Uprites in his legs and lift your buttocks as possible up.Tighten your glutes and press, hang on as possible.
  • Squats. Place the ball between your lower back and the wall.Perform the squat, rolling fitball the wall.Lower position should be deep, the back - flat.

As practice shows, the ideal set for all does not exist.After trying different options, you will choose the most effective exercises.

Exercises for buttocks: Video