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  • 1 Types glycolic peel
  • 2 recommendations and contraindications
    • 2.1 When should
    • 2.2 When you can not
  • 3 Features
  • procedures4 5 stages glycolic peel
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Glycolic peel is a type of chemical peel facial.It is performed by using glycolic acid - a substance which is contained in the immature beet, sugar cane, grapes.Fruit acid molecules have such a small size that can easily penetrate through the upper layers of the skin.And once inside, begin to work on the improvement of the epidermis:

  • have anti-inflammatory effect,
  • stimulate the production of collagen,
  • increase skin elasticity,
  • improve and align the complexion,
  • provide rejuvenation and smoothing wrinkles.

Types glycolic peel

procedure is now so popular that it is found in the catalog of virtually every beauty salon.And often practiced glycolic peels at home, that from the point of view of occupational medicine is risky.It affects

the skin all the same acid that requires extreme caution because of the risk of burns and allergic reactions.So share the type 2 procedure.

  • Superficial peels (available at home).Implemented acid solution with a concentration of 40% (ideally 15-30%), with the level of acid-base balance of 2.4 to 4.5.Reviews for glycolic peels of this type of evidence on the effects of the upper stratum corneum.Acid removes dead cells, smoothes skin texture, refreshing color.Perform the procedure recommended for young people with oily and problematic skin, as well as before the holiday to quickly bring the person in order.
  • median peeling (possible only in the beauty parlor).Running composition with the acidity of 40 to 70% at a pH below 2.8.Such a mixture is not so harmless, but it can solve the serious problems: reducing the severity of wrinkles, the presence of "holes" on the face of acne, multiple pigmentation of freckles.NEGATIVE glycolic peel 70 percent always become painful during the procedure, peeling skin, a brown "crusts", which can not be removed independently.

recommendations and contraindications

If your intention is to try exfoliating glycolic acid, real experience it for yourself should not be your main inducement.It is important to determine whether you need treatment and whether it suits you.To understand this enough indications and contraindications peeling glycolic acid.

When should

If you:

  • violation of skin pigmentation that is not associated with chronic illness;
  • oily and problem skin with disabilities in the form of blackheads, pimples, excess production of sebum (seborrhea);
  • age the natural decay of the skin and the appearance of fine mesh of wrinkles;
  • dry and inelastic skin;
  • expressed deep scars from acne, acne;
  • shallow stretch;
  • preparation for laser skin resurfacing and plastic surgery.

When you can not

face Glycolic peels get you banned if:

  • found allergic to its components;
  • have inflammation on the skin, open sores, or herpes in the active phase;
  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • have warts or growths;
  • not avoid the risk of being under active sun;
  • in the coming days performed hair removal on the face.

Features procedures

  • is desirable to carry out in autumn or winter. active summer sun can cause the appearance of age spots after the procedure.And how about the show glycolic peels reviews, avoid them even when using sunscreen in the summer is extremely difficult.
  • number of sessions individually. On average, 5 is required, it is theoretically possible from 3 to 10. The number required depends on the skin type and characteristics of the problem to be solved.Each subsequent session is performed not earlier than 5 days after the previous one.
  • Improper selection of the composition of possible burns 1 and 2 degrees. Treatment requires the use of burn equipment and supervision of a physician.
  • Immediately after the procedure, there is redness of the skin. It runs for 2 watches - 2 days.
  • Before the procedure need to do allergy tests : the day before peeling to put structure on the skin elbow and let stand a few minutes.If not showed marked redness and burning, peeling can perform.If you are not sure of the result, set aside the procedure and consult with an allergist.

5 stages glycolic peel

  1. Cleaning face with cool water and tonic.
  2. degreasing lotion composition to penetrate into the skin.
  3. Application peeling substances - the first time the procedure is only a couple of minutes.Each subsequent runs longer.In order to avoid negative feelings evident patient direct the flow of cool air.
  4. neutralization - part wash with an alkaline solution that neutralizes acid.Then abundantly moisten the skin with saline to recover its water balance.
  5. soothing, protective procedures - applying nourishing mask and a sunscreen with a factor of 30 SPF.


According to women, try out the glycolic peels, feedback and results as a whole respond to what happens in practice.

  • Olga: expect a large effect.The skin looked good, but not for long.After peeling in some places were painful redness, treated panthenol.Gone in 3 days.
  • Nastya: Result - super!At 22, he looks 15, even cigarettes I did not want to sell.But a week later everything was back, so if you try it once at 1, just throw money.
  • Maria: ropes - 7 procedures.Face as the new, the result was held for 4 months.Expensive happened, but if the money is there - is worth it.
  • Arina: I tried professional staff home.His face burned, the horror!Never again!
  • Natalia: I sat down on his thorough!This is just lovely!Which face is smooth, porcelain skin right!
  • Eugene: I'm a beautician, do peelings 7 years.Houses do not desirable, because it can be burned.And from a professional safe and chic result!It is important - to do a course on the rise.And more importantly - poslepilingovy care!

Video: glycolic peels - reviews and results