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  • 1 What is mesotherapy
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What is mesotherapy mesotherapy

only can be called by modern cosmetology.In fact, its "age" is not less than 150 years, the first time in medicine have been tried injections under the skin.And in the middle of the twentieth century is particularly interested in the direction of the French doctor Michel Pistor, who turned the "median treatment" (as translated terms "meso" and "therapy" in Greek) in real science.

The method is based on the proposition that in contact with the skin material are the so-called "tank dermis" - the subcutaneous space in which particularly active metabolism occur. Their intensity is so high that the entire volume of the substance reaches the "correct point" much faster than after intravenous or intramuscular administration.And during the "transportation" is not lost a single cent of t

he drug formulation.These judgments of the French doctor has been proven in the practice of modern medicine, which today is actively using mesotherapy for the treatment of many diseases.But now we are interested only in its aesthetic direction.

Features mesotherapy face

Mesotherapy facial procedure is a reusable subcutaneous administration of "healing cocktail" in certain areas.There are fractional mesotherapy, when the area of ​​the impact on the skin does not exceed 25% of its surface.And the classic, when therapy is carried out larger sections.

In cosmetology Mesotherapy withdrawn median role between plastic surgery and cosmetic products.Its effectiveness in rejuvenating considerably higher last, but certainly not as high as that of "plastics".Although the possibilities are impressive treatments.These include:

  • get rid of scars and stretch marks, scars;
  • inhibition of skin aging;
  • skin rejuvenation;
  • acne treatment;
  • elimination of wrinkles and pigmentation;
  • restore skin tone and its relief;
  • correction of facial contours, eliminating the double chin.

reviews fractional mesotherapy face and demonstrate the effectiveness of the classical method in each direction, but only if properly sized "cocktail."It may include hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, which will not only stimulate tissue regeneration, but also solve the specific problems of the skin.Naturally, select a cocktail and to ensure its correct introduction should be a doctor, so mesotherapy at home is not possible.

techniques mesotherapy face

almost always carried out the injection mesotherapy: subcutaneously injected the right amount of a substance using a syringe.It uses 3 techniques:

  • mezopunktura - enactment of the epidermis;
  • mezoinektsii - insertion depth determined by the physician;
  • mezoperfuziya - squall injection at up to 350 shots per minute (often performed by hardware).

Sensations during the unpleasant, painful procedures.To improve the comfort of patients, local anesthesia is used, which allows almost completely forget about the pain.After the procedure is not observed an intense redness of the skin, like after laser peeling face.On the contrary, it looks fresh, as if nourished by moisture.

appeared in recent years, so-calledMesotherapy.When it is executed composition injected under the skin the needle is not, and under a stream of high-pressure oxygen.The effectiveness of the procedure lower than injection, as the substance gets into the right "land" not completely.Moreover, to calculate the penetration depth and to realize it in practice impossible.But this method has a right to life, as an opportunity for people with extremely low threshold of pain to experience the almost all the charm of mesotherapy.

important feature of the method of mesotherapy - contraindications, or rather their absence.The only "taboo" is pregnant for him, and for reasons of discomfort.Another controversial point - individual allergy, but before performing the procedure every self-respecting doctor will conduct allergy tests to see if you fit a specific "cocktail".

Mesotherapy and biorevitalization

popular mesotherapy face, which reviews confirm its viability, often referred to as biorevitalization.However, this "unity" is erroneous.The latter method is the only one of the varieties of "beauty injections".Therefore, the question "mesotherapy or biorevitalization - which is better," it is important to find an individual answer and what problem you want to solve?

Both procedures are performed using a cocktail of hyaluronic acid.It is proved that it was she, standing out of the skin cells when they are damaged, stimulates tissue regeneration.The addition of acid under the skin it provides a visible rejuvenation.

This mesotherapy involves "crash course": first week - daily injections, then - an individual program.Your doctor may recommend several days of therapy during the second week, weekly visits for 3-4 weeks and monthly visits over the next six months.In this case provides strong result, which is the basis of almost 100% positive feedback on the face mesotherapy hyaluronic acid.

Biorevitalization involves less intensive therapy and the effect of it will last not so long.But as gentle and more affordable option, as well as ways to try a rejuvenating effect of hyaluronic acid has a right to life.

Mesotherapy face: Video