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  • 1 Features chemical peel
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task eachpeeling - remove dead skin cells, which prevent its regeneration.With this work an excellent job mechanical and hardware techniques that stimulate the renewal of the upper layers of the epidermis.But chemical peeling has more features.Substances belonging to the peeling means, able to penetrate into the skin and act not only in its top, but also in the deeper layers.

Features chemical peel

In fact, such a procedure - a deliberate skin trauma to cause its accelerated regeneration and multiple reproduction of new cells.Injure the dermis acid, depending on which names refer to techniques such as glycol, almond, retinoic peeling.Each of them has unique features and in addition to the general stimulating action is able to solve certain problems.For example, retinoic acid peel is most effective when the skin hyperpigmentation.A glycolic -

to remove the mesh of wrinkles.

Combine all kinds of chemical peels following features.

  • Soreness procedure, as evidenced by the reviews on the chemical face peeling.However, since the duration of the effects of acid on the skin a small (typically 10-20 minutes), most have tried the method does not regret his decision.
  • need to perform under the supervision of a physician. This specialist should recommend the type of peeling composition, while its impact on the basis of the characteristics of the problem being addressed.Therefore, a chemical peel facial at home is not desirable.In addition, the independence of this issue may just be dangerous because of the risk of a burn tissue.
  • recovery period - from 2 to 14 days , depending on the type of procedure.At this time, the skin can be covered with red spots, often seen scaling, which indicates the update structure of the dermis, the appearance of crusts on the surface.
  • Seasonality - procedure removes skin upper protective layer, making it particularly vulnerable to the sun's rays.This vulnerability could cause the appearance of age spots.To prevent this, it is advisable to plan on peeling the autumn-winter period.And after use sunscreen.
  • Efficiency during the course of a chemical peel facial. Photos women in the second week after the procedure make envious sigh their girlfriends.But the effect will be short - no more than 2-3 weeks, if you make a one-time peeling.For a stable result is normally required from 4 to 10 procedures.Therefore, the question of how often it is possible to make a chemical face peeling, specialists meet 1-2 times a year, but the rate.

types of chemical peels

Depending on the intensity of exposure to the skin, are distinguished 3 types of peel.

  1. surface. least traumatic, running in the top layer of skin.This is done using fruit acids.It is recommended before the age of 30 years to address the problems of excessive oily skin, enlarged pores, acne, presence of "craters" acne.It improves the complexion, making it smooth and refreshes the skin and gives it elasticity.Reviews of superficial chemical peels have talked about his ability to remove fine facial wrinkles and suspend aging of the epidermis.
  2. median. Aimed at middle layer of skin regeneration, is performed using a salicylic or trichloroacetic acid.The painful chemical peels, reviews with evidence of its effective addressing wrinkles of medium depth, pronounced pigment spots, scars.Healing comes quickly, ensured Skin Rejuvenation for 10-15 years.
  3. deep. Aggressive, highly traumatic peeling, practiced only in a hospital medical institution.This is done using phenolic acids, which can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.Capable of correcting wrinkles, eliminate scar tissue rid of age spots and excessive thickening of the skin.

When you can do a chemical peel

Turning to the procedure, it should be remembered that every chemical peeling - it burns to the skin.Therefore it is impossible to practice it at home.And it should be as soon as possible to leave the beauty parlor, where you do not talk about the risks of the procedure and do not recommend to do allergy tests on the components of the composition.

should also take into account the presence of contraindications for chemical peel facial.

  • Individual allergy.If there is the slightest suspicion of an allergy, you should abandon the "experiment."Its presence can be checked, causing a small amount of money on an elbow bend.Fast intense redness will warn you of the danger.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.It is undesirable to practice at this time, even superficial peels, because there is a risk of complications of the skin condition and the negative emotions that are completely useless expectant mother.
  • presence of viral diseases in the acute phase (acute respiratory infections, herpes, etc.)
  • presence on the face of injured areas (scratches, irritation, sores).

addition to general contraindications, there are other limitations to each procedure.Therefore, before turning to chemical peels, should visit the consultation of an experienced doctor-cosmetologist.

Video: chemical peel facial