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  • 1 Features exposure mandelic acid
  • 2 Technique almond peeling
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Almond peeling belongs to the cohort of chemical peels that are based on fruit acids.Its active ingredient is almond (fenoksiglikolevaya) acid, obtained from the fruit of bitter almonds.A feature of the substance is increased size of molecules which can not penetrate the skin rapidly and will affect the structure has too aggressively.Therefore, the territory of "work" almond peeling - the upper horny layer of skin, and all that therein is: acne, fine wrinkles, enlarged pores, post-acne.

Features exposure mandelic acid

limited capacity of the active ingredient provides the benefits of almond peeling, reviews about it suggests the possibility of the procedure on the delicate and sensitive skin.

Other advantages of the method include:

  • lack severity and duration of irritation after the procedure;
  • no prohibition on the execution on a sun
    ny period and the risks associated with the appearance of age spots;
  • efficacy in the treatment of acne - in the almond peeling face ahead of other well-known methods of cosmetic medicine;
  • rejuvenating effect and solving skin problems - improving the complexion, smoothing out wrinkles, narrowing the pores;
  • short course - the average duration of treatment is 6-10 sessions every 10 days.But often enough 2-3 treatments to eliminate an exciting challenge.This almond peeling advantageous cast of face mesotherapy, which requires multiple visits to a beautician, as well as other expensive procedures.

Based on the characteristics of exposure to a substance, for almond peeling indications include:

  • excessive oiliness of the skin (seborrhea), post-acne, black spots;
  • hyperpigmentation, violation of a person of color, photo-aging;
  • hyperkeratosis, presence of superficial facial wrinkles.

Contraindications include pregnancy, irritation of the skin and its diseases in the acute phase, the presence of viral diseases, several weeks after sunbathing.

Technique almond peeling

Because the procedure is performed using an acid is not recommended almond peeling at home.During the period of application of the active substance doctor should monitor the condition of the skin and determine the exposure separately.As the reviews on almond peeling, the average procedure takes about 1 hour.

  1. cleansing. Running milk and tonic containing mandelic acid not less than 10%.
  2. Predpiling. Aligns the epidermis to evenly spread it incumbent peeling agents and to evaluate the risk of allergic reactions.Contains 5% mandelic, glycolic and lactic acids.Applied for a few minutes on the skin.
  3. peeling. Includes 30% mandelic acid is applied to the tool predpilingovoe and rubbed lightly with your fingertips.peeling time is 10-25 minutes.After that, chilled water wash composition.
  4. Soothing Mask. On the face mask is applied with calendula extract, followed by intensive moisturizer.

first week after treatment, the skin will appear dry and tightened, it will require intensive hydration.Can peel off, these "lumps" can not be frustrated.It is recommended to use soothing creams with collagen and seaweed extract, 2 times a week to make a mask with the same components.Before you walk in the sun you need to apply sunscreen.

reviews almond peeling

best to tell about almond peeling testimonials from those who have experienced it for yourself.

  • Pelagia: I - person with combination skin: oily forehead, cheeks and chin are normal, dry cheeks and very sensitive areas around the eyes and nose.From peeling expected to eliminate acne and wrinkles correction, and indeed wanted to bring her face in order before the new year.The feeling is very painful during the procedure: face flushed!I could not wait to be washed off.After her face ached, it was covered with red spots, not very intense.But the next day the redness is almost completely gone.Instead, it formed shine, to replace that on day 4 it IS peeling!Make him nothing may be shelled person per week.When it passed, 2 weeks felt like a queen: smoothed wrinkles, improved color, then it has become virtually invisible.Of the minuses: very painful;effect is short-lived, if you do not rate;the skin is very sensitive, it is necessary to pour tons of moisturizers.
  • Ulyana: I was terrified of the pain to endure simply impossible.When out of the office, he is wearing the surgical mask, so as not to scare people unhealthy fiery red spots.The skin was burning, I did not even once regretted that decided it.But after 2 days, and all was quiet: redness gone, acne disappeared completely, lined complexion.happy with the result.
  • Victoria: Painfully like effect when inflammation goes (and it is, unfortunately, an incredible, all the cheeks crimson spots).But then the skin is clean and smooth, tightened, it becomes soft and elastic.
  • Asya: after the procedure is really the face looks scary.On day 4 the skin slides just flakes.But when it takes place, the result is very good: smooth, bright face without blackheads.

Video: almond exfoliating facial