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  • 1 The method biorevitalisation
  • 2 Types face biorevitalisation
    • 2.1 Classical injection biorevitalization
    • 2.2 no injection biorevitalization
  • 3 Features rehabilitation period
  • 4 Video: biorevitalization face

for selection of rejuvenating treatments in the beauty clinic offers several areas: chemical peels, laser correction, mechanical microdermabrasion.Independently of them is biorevitalization face, which at first sight refers to a chemical type processes, but its essence is completely different.If the purpose of a chemical peel is to "burn" the unnecessary parts of the skin, thereby stimulating it to actively update, the main biorevitalization nourishes dermis regenerative substance - hyaluronic acid.And it does so without any aggressive action.

The method biorevitalisation

In 2001, Italian scientists have made an important discovery: after skin lesions on the surface begins to appear a special ingredient - hyaluronic acid.As its surface accumulati

on wounded begin to heal: Activates tissue regeneration process.

This fact allowed scientists to conclude that it was hyaluronic acid is the main stimulant skin regeneration.And to assume that if artificially increase the amount of this substance, it is possible to achieve not only rapid wound healing, but also intensive skin renewal.This statement formed the basis of the method of rejuvenation - biorevitalisation hyaluronic acid.Reviews of patients to try it for yourself, confirm the correctness of scientific research of Italian experts.

procedure is effective in the following areas:

  • restoring lost skin moisture,
  • giving young and healthy appearance,
  • toning and elasticity of the upper skin,
  • normalization of the complexion,
  • regeneration of the dermis structurecellular level,
  • improving metabolism and saturation of the epidermis with nutrients.

Types face biorevitalisation

Classical injection biorevitalization

biorevitalization Classical injection - is a course of intradermal injection, during which introduced structured hyaluronic acid.Perform injections can be on the face, décolleté, arms, eyelids.Typically, the course includes 4-6 procedures, it should be repeated once every six months 1.Reviews on biorevitalisation person confirmed its healing effect on the skin and maximum efficiency in carrying out support single procedure 1 every 2 months between the main courses.

classical procedure is often confused with mesotherapy - another injection technique solutions skin problems.However, the question of mesotherapy or biorevitalization - that better meet the experts as follows: methods involve the use of a variety of active ingredients.In the first case, this whole "cocktails", in which there are amino acids, trace elements and so on., As well as high intensity of the course.In the second case, it is only hyaluronic acid and intensity sparing procedures.

doctor struck gel with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and then processes it using multidiodnogo laser.

no injection biorevitalization

no injection biorevitalization - some discomfort, which may be experienced by patients during the injection, has led the development of type no injection procedures.These include the method of application of hyaluronic acid by the action of oxygen jet and laser biorevitalization person reviews confirm painless procedure.However, their effectiveness is not recognized by all the experts.After the introduction of the drug into the skin doctor clearly controls the volume and depth of injection.A drawing in air hyaluronic acid understand how much material will achieve the goal, it is impossible.

more productive laser biorevitalization about it reviews suggest its a good alternative, since the arrival of the active substance is activated by exposure to the laser.He heats the skin and increases the amount and depth of penetration of hyaluronic acid.

Features rehabilitation period

biorevitalisation important advantage of hyaluronic acid - a minimal negative consequences.The skin may be red or pale, at the injection sites in painful papules appear within 2 days.All this passes quickly, and the skin does not require any special care, except for the following:

  • 1 day - do not touch, do not apply makeup;
  • 2 per day - use antiseptics prescribed by the doctor;
  • to 14 days - no access to the sauna, steam room, solarium.

Although harmless procedures have biorevitalisation contraindications.But they are minimal:

  • presence of acute viral or herpes infection,
  • inflammation of the skin in areas of prospective injections,
  • skin diseases (dermatitis, acne and so on.),
  • receiving blood thinners,
  • autoimmune diseases.

As you can see, try to imagine the magical power of hyaluronic acid may be almost any woman.And to evaluate its anti-aging effects, which far exceeds some of the other popular cosmetic methods.

Video: biorevitalization face