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  • 1 Why microdermabrasion
  • 2 Features microdermabrasion
  • 3 What you need to know during the course of microdermabrasion
    • 3.1 Indications and contraindications
    • 3.2 Compliance with the rulesafter the procedure
  • 4 Video: microdermabrasion facial

Look at your baby pictures and remember how your skin looked at the age of 6 years.Today everything has changed, is not it?On the face of evident bad terrain, there are facial wrinkles, and color it is not so pink and pleasant, like a child.Why do today is so different from you yesterday?The reason for the peculiarities of functioning of the skin.

Why microdermabrasion

Nature has endowed the skin the ability to upgrade.Over a lifetime, a man more than 900 times "resets the skin."The upper epidermal cells die and are not going away ....They are layers lie on the face, creating the same relief "adulthood", which can not have little children.

What to do with these age-related deposits?Of course, to clean off!Withou

t this procedure is inconceivable modern facial and body treatments. Removing the top layer of dead cells not only improves the skin and smooths its surface. It stimulates renewal of the epidermis, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, makes the "drowsy" skin again wake up, look younger, you come to life!

This cosmetologist task put in front of a mechanical peeling, which is aimed at the removal of the upper horny layer of skin.And the most perfect of its kind is microdermabrasion, reviewed the evidence that you can literally see the transformation instantly.There will not give quick results biorevitalization any person or chemical peels.


microdermabrasion procedure is a hardware polishing the upper layer of the skin.As an exfoliating agent is applied aluminum oxide or diamond dust.In the first case microdermabrasion apparatus applies it to the skin under pressure, and then draws together with removed particles.

Diamond Microdermabrasion is performed with the instrument tip, processed diamond dust.The latter procedure is more delicate and provides a soft, clean, but also is more expensive.Which option is better, should be decided by only a specialist.However, the only recommendation in favor of diamond treatments can only be a high sensitivity of the skin and its tendency to irritation.

Other features of the procedure

  • absolutely painless - during the session, the patient feels no discomfort, only a pleasant tingle in places of treatment.
  • Speed ​​ - microdermabrasion facial is performed for about 30 minutes.
  • absence of rehabilitation period - after the procedure on the face will be a noticeable redness that lasts for 20 minutes to 5 hours.It is no accident it is called "procedure of the day," as it can be after the next day to go to work or an event.And your skin will look perfect.
  • Ability to make single or course. If you want to dramatically invigorate the skin before "the publication», 1 session is sufficient.If you refer to microdermabrasion to solve problems, it is required to pass the course.On average it is:
    • 1-6 sessions - skin rejuvenation, "run" recovery from deep layers, removing wrinkles and fine quality cleaning;
    • 6-12 sessions - remove wrinkles of different depths, correction of scars, pigmentation removal, elimination of scars, burn spots;
    • 10-20 sessions - removal of acne scars, post-traumatic expressed spots, mixing tattoos.

Reviews for microdermabrasion evidence of its effectiveness after the first session.But you can not dwell on it, if cosmetologist recommends a course of treatment to correct the problem.See your doctor regularly will have: about once every 7-10 days, because it is a period required for updating the epidermis.

What you need to know during the course of microdermabrasion

Indications and contraindications

Enable this procedure in the arsenal of self-care should be young girls and mature ladies.It is shown in the following problems:

  • fading skin;
  • spread network of wrinkles;
  • problem skin: acne, enlarged pores;
  • scars;
  • pigmentation of any kind.

help in eliminating these problems can as aluminum and diamond microdermabrasion.Responses also indicate that the use of high quality while regenerating creams and lotions, the effectiveness of the procedure is increased by 25%.Recommend suitable drugs able doctor.

contraindication for the procedure are:

  • skin diseases acute and chronic types;
  • herpes and other viral diseases in the acute stage;
  • tuberculosis;
  • tendency to rise keloids.

Compliance rules after the procedure

Since during the grinding removed the upper layer of the epidermis, the skin becomes vulnerable to environmental stress.Doctors recommend:

  • 24 hours - not out in the sun, if it is impossible to lubricate abundantly face sunscreen.It is forbidden to use any makeup except lipstick and eye shadow;
  • 3 days - avoid sports training, as the skin is particularly sensitive to the effects of perspiration.Suspend the use of Retin-A with, cosmetic creams with lactic and glycolic acids, scrubs;
  • 7 days - use more fatty moisturizers, because the skin after microdermabrasion is dry.

often girls want to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments and microdermabrasion are practicing at home with the help of cosmetic formulations.However, it should be borne in mind that the quality of "grinding" at home is much lower hardware, while the cost of peeling tools is high for her.Rate all the features of microdermabrasion can be only in specialized clinics, equipped with the necessary equipment.

Video: Microdermabrasion facial