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  • 1 How is salicylic peels
    • 1.1 Stages of peeling in interior
  • 2 Species salicylic peels
  • 3 Indications and contraindications to peeling
  • 4 How to spend salicylic peels at home
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How is salicylic peels

peeling salicylic acid - a procedure quite common today for this service provide the majority of beauty salons.He refers to a chemical process of cleansing the skin.Unlike mechanical impact after salicylic acid treatment causes no side effects in the form of redness and especially excluded microtraumas upper dermis.Under the influence of salicylic acid skin gently cleansed from dirt and a layer of dead skin cells, there is a general toning, increases the natural production of elastin and collagen.After a few treatments a person acquires freshness, even color and healthy appearance.

Stages of peeling in interior

  1. to start using specialist milk cleanses the skin of makeup residue and other contaminants.Soften the upper
    layers of the dermis, allowing chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin, and the necessary portions disinfected to avoid side effects.
  2. then applied to the basic structure of peeling.There may be slight discomfort such as burning.If they have a strong, sure to notify the beautician.
  3. At the end of the face treated with a soothing gel that secures the effect of the procedure and prevent a negative impact on the epidermis.

Some reviews of salicylic peels contain a mention of the discomfort after the procedure.Indeed, some women may experience slight redness or peeling - is a natural reaction to the stimulus sensitive skin.In this case, refer to a specialist who performed the procedure.However, if you have sensitive skin, it is best to say about it even during the consultations, and cosmetologist will select for you a gentle version of the procedure.

Species salicylic peels

to chemical peeling using salicylic acid solutions of 2%, 5%, 10%, 20% and 30%.Percentages may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer means.

There are several types of peels.

  • surface - using 5% -15% solution. more intrusive option that is well suited for young skin with enlarged pores, acne, or other rashes.
  • Mid-surface - using 20% ​​-30% solution. This concentration is recommended to prevent the first signs of aging, elimination of pigment spots, leveling the overall skin tone and elasticity of her return.

Chemical peeling - salon treatment, but about salicylic peels reviews indicate that it can be successfully done at home.But before we consider in detail the salicylic peels at home and recommend a recipe, read the indications and contraindications to the procedure.

Indications and contraindications to peeling

salicylic peels definitely benefit your skin, if you are concerned about:

  • acne first and second degrees, post-acne;
  • seborrhea of ​​all types;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • signs of skin aging.

Do not forget that salicylic peel is effective not only for the face.It is often used for rough skin elbows, heels and other problem areas.But from the procedure is best to abstain, if you apply one of the following:

  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • infections (including herpes), viral or acute respiratory diseases;
  • damaged top layer of skin (wounds, cuts, inflammation, allergic reactions, psoriasis, and so on. D.)

If you are completely sure that the procedure is absolutely safe for your skin type, offering to hold salicylic peels at home onour recipe.

How to make salicylic peels at home

Peeling facial at home salicylic acid should be carried out in the same manner as in the cabin. Clean the skin from makeup and dirt, and then apply the solution.The optimum exposure time - 15-20 minutes, then gently remove the remains necessary means and applied to the skin soothing and toning mask.A solution of salicylic acid can be bought at a drugstore or to order online, or to prepare himself.To this mix:

  • aspirin,
  • few drops of water,
  • teaspoon of liquid honey.

honey if desired, you can replace the aloe juice, egg yolks and olive is recommended to use 2 tablets of aspirin for especially oily skin - the result should come out relatively homogeneous and easy to apply the mixture.

Peeling salicylic acid is quite popular, and the reviews of it can be diametrically opposed.But remember: if you follow all of the recommendations and not to neglect the contraindications, the procedure will bring only positive results.

Videos about salicylic peels face