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  • 1 reasons cheilitis
  • 2 How to prevent unpleasant symptoms
  • 3 Treatment
    • 3.1 cleansing exfoliation and a moisturizing mask
    • 3.2 Salt compress


cheilitis cheilitis - complex diseases, including a variety of inflammation, " 'll pick", irritations and cracks on the lips.By cheilitis include any inflammation of the red border of the lips, which are also often captures the skin around the mouth.

  • Adverse weather conditions. In the cold season - a strong wind and the cold, and in summer - the scorching rays of the sun and dry air.
  • allergy. Some food allergies (eg citrus) lead to inflammation of the red border around the mouth.Also cause chapped lips can be a reaction to cosmetics (incorrectly matched lipstick contour pencil, concealer or powder).
  • Lack of vitamin B, or an overdose of vitamin A. This often occurs when the course of treatment with retinoids.
  • Bad habits. established that smoking is directly linked to wilt and dry sensitive skin.

How to prevent unpleasant symptoms

Before we tell you how to get rid of chapped lips, here are some useful tips on how to avoid this problem.

  • Unfortunately, we can not influence the weather, as we would have liked, but be prepared for any weather - quite feasible. Use moisturizing balms with vitamins and hyaluronic acid. also in the pharmacy you can buy capsules or ampoules with vitamin E. This pure vitamin in liquid form can rub massage movements on the lips every day.
  • winter is better to refuse care cosmetics for lips containing menthol, alcohol or retinol. They are often dry the skin further.
  • summer do not forget the lip balms with SPF-filter. also always use a means-tested brands and read these carefully at the ingredients labels to avoid unpleasant allergic reactions.
  • Try to get rid of, or at least take control of the bad habits. If you quit smoking - is an impossible task, at least, give up smoking on the street in cold or windy weather - wet lips even more weather-beaten.
  • If you still turned out in the cold with chapped lips, and do not know what to do, in any case do not lick or biting rough skin .Doterpit home and in your medicine cabinet will be found than to cure chapped lips.
  • winter lips are often dry and cracked in the warm heated rooms. Heat batteries often "eats" all the moisture from the air, so the house, try to use a humidifier.
  • Sometimes, in order to prevent the need to treat chapped lips, you just need to reconsider the diet. For greater smoothness and elasticity of the lower part of the facial skin, eat foods containing vitamin B2. example, nuts, mushrooms and liver, as well as calcium-rich dairy products.


If the trouble still occurred, do not worry, we'll show you how to quickly cure the chapped lips!

In cold weather, delicate and sensitive skin of the lips is well help preparations containing wax or lanolin, preventing moisture evaporation. same effect have rich natural oils or creams fortified purchased or homemade salves dense consistency.

cleansing exfoliation and moisturizing mask

There is a proven algorithm, how to treat the lips, if you weathered them in the cold or in the hot sun burned.First, take a deep cleansing peeling:

  1. take a teaspoon of honey and mix it with a pinch of sugar;
  2. apply the mixture on the affected skin and gently massage for 3-4 minutes;
  3. honey rinse with warm water.

second phase of emergency assistance to the victims lips - moisturizing mask, are especially useful from a mixture of flax and amaranth oil.For greater effect, to oil-based, you can add a few drops of fresh aloe plant or a little sea buckthorn extract.

Salt compress

To make effective treatment chapped lips and reduce the number of cracks, you can prepare a salt wrap:

  1. dissolve one teaspoon of salt in 0.5 liters of water at room temperature;
  2. moisten a clean cloth or piece of gauze in the resulting solution;
  3. attach to his lips for ten minutes;
  4. remove the wrap and immediately smear the skin greasy nourishing cream such as petroleum jelly.

This procedure should be repeated every day before going to sleep for a week.

important to understand that it is not necessary at home to treat chapped lips hormones (eg, ointment "Hydrocortisone").After a temporary relief can begin more severe irritation, which eventually able to develop into dermatitis.Remember that dermatologists prescribe such funds only when other treatment does not bring results.Therefore, if you do decide to use hormone ointment, you should consult with your doctor!

Now you know how to quickly cure the chapped lips and restore their softness.No winter cold or the scorching summer sun can not affect your health and beauty!