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  • 1 Benefits Home balm
  • 2 How to cook
  • 3 3 home recipe
    • 3.1 With cocoa butter, shea and almond
    • 3.2 Choney and lemon
    • 3.3 with cinnamon and chocolate
  • 4 How to make a balm brighter
  • 5 Storage and use

Benefits home balm

Any girl holding a purse one buteven some chapstick, but often we remain dissatisfied with the results of their application. Typically, compositions of purchased assets include artificial wax - a cost-effective replacement of natural waxes and oils.

What treachery this lipstick?Not moisturizing and nourishing the mouth, it creates a film on the surface, which in most cases disappears within hours. Besides lipstick from the store, as well as any "streaming" cosmetic causes gradual habituation.

To avoid these troubles, and really start to moisturize and nourish the lips, you can prepare a lip balm with natural ingredients at home.This tool is completely natural, does not cause addiction and will moisturize the lips throughout the


How to cook

Many fear that the preparation of lip balm with your hands too troublesome thing.We hasten to please you - the nutritional agent is prepared simply and quickly, and does not require special ingredients in addition to those that can be purchased at your local pharmacy.

should remember that before trying out any prescription lip balm, you need to make a simple test for the presence of allergy to its components. For this drip a little oil on the inner bend of the elbow and see what will happen with the area of ​​skin during the day.

If the application site does not appear allergic rash, swelling or itching, you can safely use this component.It is also recommended to test each component separately, so that if there was an allergic reaction, to know what caused it.

3 home recipe

With cocoa butter, shea and almond

first lip balm recipe that we will open, including cocoa butter, shea and almond.We need 25 g of wax (any, but it is better to use natural beeswax), 15 g of cocoa butter, 25 g of shea butter, sweet almond 30 g (liquid oil), 15 g of vitamin E and a drop of tea tree oil.


  1. Melt the wax on a steam bath until it becomes soft.
  2. Add cocoa butter, mix well until dissolved and then add shea butter.
  3. Cook lip balm on a steam bath until the solid oil finally dissolved in the wax, then pour the liquid almond oil.
  4. Mix and immediately remove the mixture from the steam bath.
  5. Continuing to stir, a little cool and pour the resulting mass of vitamin E.
  6. Continue to stir the mixture until it is completely cooled down, otherwise not be able to avoid unpleasant lumps.
  7. Then barely warm balm drip a little tea tree essential oil (it has antiseptic properties, as well as give a pleasant fresh scent) and mix again.

with honey and lemon

next useful recipe - invigorating "winter" lip balm with honey and lemon.To make it, we will need 25 g of beeswax, 15 g avocado oil, essential oil of lemon, and a little honey.


  1. Melt the wax and pour it into a liquid avocado oil.Stir the mixture for several minutes.
  2. resulting mass Remove from the water bath and add natural honey.
  3. Put a little lemon to the mixture of oil, and put to cool in a cool place.

with cinnamon and chocolate

How to make lip balm not only useful, but also "delicious"?The answer is simple - add a bit of chocolate!To make a useful lip balm with cinnamon and chocolate, you will need a bit of petroleum jelly, dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa), without flavors and cinnamon powder.


  1. Melt a couple tablespoons of Vaseline in a water bath.
  2. As he fired, rub on a small grater chocolate.
  3. Add the chocolate to the melted petrolatum and wait until it is completely dissolved.
  4. then sprinkle in a pinch of cinnamon powder.
  5. Remove the mixture from the water bath and mix well again.
  6. Pour the resulting product in a suitable small jars.
  7. Leave them in a cool place for a few hours to fully cool the mass and thickened.
If for some reason, the mixture is left from the first (for example, it is too soft or hard) - it does not matter!Balsam can always melt "digested" for the second time by adding more solid wax (if need be thickened) liquid oils, or (to the contrary, give more softness).

How to make a balm brighter

To add bright colors balm, you can use natural dyes - bright berries (such as strawberries, cranberries, raspberries), sea buckthorn oil (it gives a nice orange hue) or fooddyes.

  • If you decide to paint a balm using sea buckthorn oil, a few drops will be enough, otherwise the result will be "mad" bright carrot color.
  • to paint lipstick home via red berries , enough to boil a little sliced ​​products in one of the liquid oils that you want to use for making lip balm with your hands.After maclo acquire the desired hue, carefully remove the berries with a fork, and strain.
  • If you decide to choose food dyes , remember that they need to be added to the ready means to the thickening stage.Add very little dye and mix thoroughly.

Storage and use

Ready cooled lip balm can be filled in a special container for lipstick or a suitable small jar.Do not leave it in the hot sun or other warm place, as it can quickly melt and "leak".Personally made lip balm, when properly stored in a cool place, will pass quite a long time - from six months to a year.

the Home balm is recommended to use regularly, evenly lubricating the skin clean and dry lips during the day and evening.

As you can see, recipes lip balms with their hands are practical.And the resulting mixture is completely natural moisturizing help to cope with a constant dry, chapped skin or unpleasant cracks in the surface of the lips!