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  • 1 gentle and defenseless why lips first to respond to changes in the environment
  • 2 5 inflammation causes and peeling
  • 3 How to support the skin of the lips

If your eyes feelmirror of the soul, the lips can be called the main indicator of care.Banal inattention to themselves and their health reflects the development of cosmetic defects.Redness of the skin, peeling, discoloration, cracking ... Painful and not attractive state is easier to prevent than to overcome.But the problem with the solution, usually no difficulty.It is only important to determine why the peel the lips.And to solve the problem correctly.

gentle and defenseless why lips first to respond to changes in the environment

If the lips crack and peel, cause in most cases is a change in environmental conditions.They are the first to respond to a cold or hot, too dry air and lack of moisture.This is because in the lips no sebaceous and sweat glands, which control the condition of our skin .They do not have natural lubrication, which would have reduced the aggressiveness of external influences.

is why beauticians recommend the use of special funds for the lips, which allow them to moisturize and maintain healthy.In the winter, be sure to use chapstick.It creates a protective film that does not allow the skin to dry out.Before going to bed should moisturize lips balm. And still need to drink plenty of fluids, as dry indoor air during the heating season literally pulls the liquid from the inside, creating a dry skin, causing flaking lips. reasons, however, lie not only in this.Consider the basic conditions that itch and peel his lips.

5 reasons to inflammation and flaking

  1. chapping. Lick lips in the wind can not be categorically neither winter nor summer.In winter, the icy wind dries them, in the summer - hot.A sign of peeling due to chapping becomes gradual progression of the disease.Today, we feel that the skin is slightly pulled together (and again, and again licked her).And tomorrow it appear painful cracks.What should I do if lips dry and peel due to chapping?Caring for them!Be sure to moisturize, apply a quality balm several times a day.Before going to bed you can prepare homemade scrub, and then applied to the sponge active nourishing cream.
  2. allergy. In this state, the lips are constantly peeling, peel, as well as inflamed.Visually, it may be noted intense inflammation rim, which is painful to the touch.The cause of the problem is often the use of poor-quality cosmetics.It is enough to get rid of old or cheap lipstick to the lips regain health.If the problem persists, try a corticosteroid ointment.And it is better to consult a dermatologist, who will prompt treatment.
  3. Burn. If lips peel, the reasons must be sought not only in the supercooling.Summer is very easy to make burn this delicate skin area, especially if you are under the intense afternoon sun without protection.Burn manifests tenderness and swelling of the lips, also says dry mouth, itching and burning of the inflamed area.To resolve this issue, use tools Burns (Panthenol, Rescuer).And in the future do not leave home without brushing lips balm with filter UV.
  4. lack of vitamins. Identify this state allow cracks on lips and skin rash around them.Fix this problem will help the normalization of diet and taking a multivitamin, but only on doctor's advice.
  5. Unhealthy lifestyle.If constantly shelled lips and thus lose color, it is necessary to look for the cause in the lifestyle.Our lips are sensitive to alcohol surplus, caffeine and nicotine start to "fade" in times of stress and lack of sleep.By eliminating the negative factors, you can quickly restore them to a healthy appearance.

How to support the skin of the lips

situation: heavily shelled lips, what to do - often excites us when longer tolerate nowhere.And the problem is a cosmetic defect becomes painful inflammation.But it is much easier to avoid such difficulties.To this should be given to the lips just a little attention.

  • fed them vitamins - especially valuable A and E. They can be bought at a pharmacy in capsules every day to open one and lubricate the lips.You can use fish oil, if you do not mind the taste.
  • to massage - just 1 time per week with any vegetable oil. can massage a couple of minutes with your fingers, but you can with a soft toothbrush.This procedure returns the skin tone.
  • Grease honey - a simple home remedy works better than leaving the salon. Apply honey on the lips themselves and around them, wait until it is absorbed, wash with warm water.
  • Tone ice - rubbing the sponge in the morning with a piece of ice , you will always keep them in good shape and bring rich natural color.
  • Use balm - apply it alone or under lipstick. sure to use before going out in winter and summer.

These simple rules of care to maintain the beauty and health of the lips.And you will forget about the problem of peeling a long time!