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  • 1 Care Lip
  • 2 Recipes against cracks
    • 2.1 Mask with cheese
    • 2.2 Honey mask lip
  • 3 Recipes againstpeeling
    • 3.1 Apple mask
    • 3.2 Honey mask for lips from peeling
  • 4 Recipes for humidification
    • 4.1 mask with gelatin
    • 4.2 sour cream mask

Care lip

Despite the fact that the skin there is very thin and delicate, care for her, many women begin only when there are problems.It restores the skin quickly, but it is better not to wait for pain and care for lips on a regular basis, otherwise problems can get chronic and get rid of them will have in a dermatologist's office.

Before you use one or the other method, dermatologists recommend to prepare the mouth for this procedure - namely, to remove these dead skin particles. for this purpose can be prepared or scrub with a soft toothbrush.Moisten with water and gently massage it into the skin for a few minutes.This procedure will ensure the flow of blood, so that the vehicle will operate more efficien


Recipes against cracks

How to get rid of painful injuries?This question will sooner or later everyone interested.If there was bleeding, and the ointment of the cracks on the lips was not at home, first aid to the injured skin are effective tools that you can do yourself.To the cracks have healed in a short time, use one of our recipes.

Mask with cheese

to create this effective mask for lips from cracking will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 tspsoft cheese;
  • 2 tsppumpkin or carrot juice;
  • 4 drops of wheat germ oil.


  1. Mix all ingredients until smooth.
  2. The resulting mass is put on a previously prepared skin and leave to act for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Rinse with a mixture of cottage cheese is better to warm water.

Honey mask lip

Honey ulterior motive called healer of one hundred diseases.Rezultativen it also in various lesions of the skin and lips as well.To make a mask from the cracking of the lips of honey at home, you will need:

  • 1 tsphoney (preferably not too liquid, but no grains of sugar);
  • 1 tspsoftened butter.


  1. prepared ingredients mix well to get a smooth mass.
  2. Apply the product for at least a quarter of an hour.
  3. Rinse water temperature pleasant.

Recipes against peeling

With the onset of inclement weather chapping of the lips is not uncommon.It is accompanied by redness and peeling of the skin and unpleasant painful sensations.Another cause of this unpleasant phenomenon may be the use of toothpaste, in which structure contains fluorine.Quickly back the smoothness and softness of your lips will help mask for lips, cooked at home.

Apple mask

shelled and cracked lips?Get rid of unpleasant sensations will help apple.Use these ingredients:

  • 1 small apple;
  • 100 ml of milk;
  • ¼ tspany therapeutic oils.


  1. must clear the apple from the skin and seeds and divide it into slices, boiled in milk until soft.
  2. resulting composition is necessary to rub through a sieve or grind with a blender.
  3. Cool to room temperature and applied to the lips with a thick layer.
  4. Leave on for half an hour, covering her mouth with a clean cloth.

Honey mask for lips from peeling

As mentioned above, the bee products are very effective in healing the skin.In the fight against peeling lips can be called vehicle number 1. To make the mask from honey lips, prepare:

  • 1 tsphoney;
  • 1 tspaloe juice;
  • 1 yolk quail egg or ¼ of the chicken.


  1. Thoroughly mix the components until smooth.
  2. resulting mush apply on cleansed skin of the lips and rinse for 20 minutes.
  3. Make a mask 2 times a day and you will be able to achieve smooth lips in just a few days.

Recipes for humidification

Many beauty salons offer services for lip care, intended for their deep moisturizing.Of course, they are very effective, but also quite expensive.Moisturizing masks lip is not difficult to prepare their own home.It is better to take care of lips on a regular basis, without waiting for the emergence of more serious problems.

mask with gelatin

quickly get rid of peeling help the so-called collagen mask for lips, plenty of reviews that talk about its effectiveness.Prepare the following products:

  • 1 tspgelatin;
  • 20 ml of cold water;
  • 1 tbspyogurt;
  • 1 tspoatmeal;
  • or nourishing moisturizer.


  1. Soak gelatin in water.When the water is absorbed, heat it in the microwave or in a water bath.
  2. Add the melted gelatin yogurt and flour, then stir thoroughly.
  3. Before applying the mask on his lips, brush them in any moisturizing or nourishing cream.
  4. Leave the mixture on your lips until it is completely dry.Lip-synching is not recommended at the time of mask steps.

sour cream mask

Moisturize the skin of the lips at home - the procedure is no less important than the application of moisturizer on your face.Make a silky mouth you will sour cream recipe on the basis of the following components need to prepare that you:

  • 1 tspsour cream;
  • 2-3 drops of lemon juice;
  • 5 drops of castor oil.


  1. Sour cream is better to take a fat, not too liquid consistency.
  2. Mix all ingredients until smooth - the mask is ready.
  3. Do not wash off the mixture earlier than 20 minutes after application.
As you can see, the preparation of caregivers and medical masks lip does not require much cost and time.Their main components - honey, oil, dairy products and fruit - there in every home.Funds made with their own hands, will help moisturize lips and relieve them of inflammation, peeling and cracking. However, tangible results can only be obtained with regular application of them.

Grease nourishing lip balm or grease at each exit to the street. If the problems have become chronic, it may be because it is not windy, and lowered immunity or a lack of vitamins. In this case, do not be lazy to consult a doctor.Dermatologists prescribe individual treatment, following which you will be able to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms.